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Sep 1, 2016

Why Do I Blog?

Sometimes the pressure of this blank page just about kills me.

I love writing for you all and I spend my day living my life and trying to figure out how to chronicle it for you and my family. Sometimes I get stuck just looking back through and thinking about nearly 2000 days of my life that are in the public view. Why would I do that?

To be honest, I have no idea!

Other than the fact that because a few of you are reading about me and my crazy family, it motivates me to write for another day. Most of my friends have switched to Facebook and I occasionally post things there, but I save all the good stuff for my blog.

Although I must admit that when I write a 2-sentence summary and put up one pic on Facebook, I get 20 comments and here I'm fortunate to get two in the same day. Why does the world seem to be more drawn to Facebook?

I would never share this picture except for you here. Remember that nice relaxing nap I had yesterday? After I finished my post, I tossed and turned for hours trying to get comfortable in a bed all by myself. Then at 3:28 AM my phone signaled a text and woke me up (except that it was an email... nothing important). Just before 5:00 AM, Baby Doll came in to use my bathroom and she turned on all the lights before climbing in bed with me and stealing my blanket. At 6:45 I had to get up and get kids off. Then it was crazy, run day until about 4:45 when I got back from dropping Curly for football practice. I thought maybe I could sneak in a quick power nap.

I was terribly wrong.

Baby Doll arrived about 5 minutes after I dozed off and wanted to talk to me. When I started babbling, she took off my glasses and started taking pictures of me. And talking some more.

I finally got her to leave, dozed for another 5 minutes before Scout came in complaining that she didn't want to go to the Hip Hop workshop with Crafty. After listening to her whine for 15 minutes, I sent her away. Still, I thought, I might be able to squeeze in half an hour...

Maybe tomorrow.

1 comment:

Cindy said...

Oh no!! Does it help to know you actually look truly relaxed and peaceful in that picture? :)


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