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Sep 17, 2016

Project Hallway

I promised you some pictures of the finished hallway we decorated for the Cupcake Club today. Bossy and her kids were making the gigantic Jupiter and Crafty and I were in charge of everything else.

I brought the raindrops and stars, word strips and tape when I arrived at the high school just before 3:00. Crafty was super stressed about the fact that her dance class started at 4:00, but without Jupiter, we couldn't really stick anything to the wall.

But we could make tape rolls... so we did. Well over 100 of them to attach everything to the tile wall. By the time Bossy and crew showed up, we had all the small pieces taped and ready to go as well as a couple of dozen extra tape rolls that Crafty enjoyed sticking to my bare legs. (She thinks it's unfair that at my age I don't have to worry about hairy legs anymore...one of the few perks of getting old.)

The Jupiter was in 3 pieces, so Bossy started assembling it. Crafty was watching the clocking as it ticked on past the 3:30 mark. She still had to get home, change, and make it to the dance studio before 4:00.

We frantically made tape rolls and it was 3:44 when we finally had everything on the wall. Crafty and I, along with Taco, rushed out the door. I called Bossy on the way back to the house and asked her to take some pics for you. (She was still stressing the fact that Jupiter wasn't perfectly round...)

I waited in the driveway while Crafty ran in and changed into her dance things and you know what? We got to the studio with 2 minutes to spare.

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

Your family project was amazing and I love how you all work together to accomplish great things. Hugs for all!


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