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Sep 22, 2016

Baby Doll's School Birthday

Baby Doll is turning 6 on October 2nd, but my kids go off-track on Friday, so her teacher asked us if we wanted to celebrate her birthday in class before then. We settled on tomorrow. It is quite a chore. We made each child a treat bag full of tootsie rolls and jolly ranchers and attached an invitation to her birthday party next week. That took an hour.

But the thing that took us the longest was going through pictures on my computer so she could make a poster to share with her friends. She used every one of these pics. The only thing I did was print them out for her in various sizes. She carefully cut and glued each one and then she colored between them. (I think she cuts straighter than I do...) In fairness, I did offer to cut them on the paper cutter, but she declined.

Look how cute she is and how grown up! It's hard to believe she is only turning 6.

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LeAnn said...

She really is a precious Baby Doll. I loved all her sweet photos. Wow, she is already turning six. Time does fly! I don't know if you remember this thought but Six is full of tricks; so new adventures to look forward too. Hugs for this fun girl; I'm sure she will have a great party!


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