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Sep 13, 2016

Be Prepared

I guess after the Court of Honor last night, Sport and I (ok, mostly me) got a little excited about working on a few of the required merit badges. So tonight he cooked dinner for the family (Cooking MB) and he helped review and begin the repack of our 72-hour kit for FHE (Family Life MB).

It was about 10 years ago that we put together the 72-hour kit when the Dog Walker was working on his merit badges. We had removed the food a few years ago, but it was almost like opening a time capsule when we looked at the stored away clothing.

I have this picture of The Beast and Dog Walker still hanging on my wall because I love it, but as you can see, it was before Sport was even born. Those BUM hoodies were new then and the kids loved them. A couple of years later, several of them made their way into the 72-hour kit box.

When I pulled out the one that had belonged to the Dog Walker, I asked Sport to try it on. It fit perfectly! We also found diapers (no need for them anymore), tiny clothes, and wipes. We pulled out all the outdated stuff and now for this week's project, Sport and I are going to try to refill the food supply and repack everything so it will be ready for an emergency.

I'm still trying to convince him to wear the hoodie to school...
... maybe for 90's day.

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

Oh, this is a fun post. I loved that you are replacing the items in your 72 hr kit. We need to do that; so this was a good reminder. I am sure the clothes I have in ours won't fit us any more. Thanks for this one! Hugs~


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