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Sep 18, 2016

Moon Festival

My girls were dancing with their performing teams today at the Vietnamese Moon Festival, so we thought it would be fun to support them. Besides, Sport needed to visit an international festival for his Citizenship in the World merit badge.

We got there about 5 minutes early and finally found a parking place. They had built a canopy in their church parking lot and set up food booths as well as seating places and tables for eating. The little ones found the bounce house right away. The rest of us listened to someone important speak for quite some time in a language we couldn't understand.

Then my sweetie and I walked Sport over to the food booths. I wanted him to try something just because we have never eaten Vietnamese food before. He was nervous about it, but he finally found a soup that looked pretty good so my sweetie bought it for him.

As it turned out, all the kids enjoyed the soup and the sesame cookies. We eventually bought enough for everyone to call it dinner. Teach joined us since Twiz was at work and she shared a bowl of soup with Baby Doll.

After the girls danced, we were each given a paper lantern shaped like an animal. It wasn't dark enough to light them up yet, so we brought them home. We waited for a while because the kids all wanted to try a moon cake, but eventually we had to leave.

It was still so fun to try out another ethnicity for a while, but if we plan on doing this regularly, I need to learn to speak a little Vietnamese.

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LeAnn said...

Well, I enjoyed that family adventure. I love how you support one another in everything. You are an amazing family. I think it is fun also to visit a different nationality. Vietnamese is not an easy language but I do like their food. Hugs~


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