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Sep 30, 2016

Baby Doll's Friend Party

We had so much fun today at Baby Doll's friend party! She invited her entire primary class and her school class. Of the 25 or so kids, we ended up with 18. It was a little crazy, but fun.

We started the kids off making these cute farm animal puppets. That kept them pretty busy for a few minutes and then we sent them outside to play. Duck, Duck, Goose was a favorite except that the Dog Walker left the sprinkler on the garden and the kids kept slipping on the wet grass.

So we started a rousing game of Farmer in the Dell. I even played that one so many times it made me dizzy!

In the meantime, Drama Queen came in wearing her Old MacDonald's Wife costume and she began making balloon animals for the kids. Then it was time for gifts and ice cream and cupcakes that Princess helped Baby Doll make this morning. They were pink and they looked like little piggies.

Then to top off all the birthday celebrating, Princess took Scout and Baby Doll back to her house for a sleepover. I ran up to Curves to set up the Tupperware display for the next few days while Drama Queen took the boys went down to Bossy's house. Crafty had rehearsal, the Dog Walker was at work, and my sweetie was in Sanpete County painting his mom's house, so Drama Queen took me and Grandpa to Zupa's for dinner. It was a fun way to end a rather exhausting day.

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

Oh the birthday party sounded like a good one. Not sure how you handled 18 children this age; but if anyone can do it you can.
Way to end another busy day at Zupas's. I love their soup and salads.


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