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Sep 4, 2016

Curly's Baptism

It was a beautiful day for a baptism!

We had family and food here in the morning. It was a bit hectic and crazy. Drama Queen made biscuits and gravy with sausage. I made toaster waffles...

That's pretty indicative of our cooking skills.

I sent my sweetie and Curly to the church at 9:30 and the rest of us got there just before 10. Princess gave the opening prayer and we all snickered a little when they called her "Sister Davis." The Dog Walker gave a very nice talk on Baptism and the kids all participated in an impromptu musical number.

It's funny, we stalled for a minute on the baptism, waiting for my nephew to get out of the bathroom. And then we stalled again on the confirmation because Gamer and the boys were coming over form the park and we didn't want them to miss.

But everything turned out just fine

We left right after the closing prayer so Curly could get out to the park for his football game. All of the boys won today, which was a first. There are definitely blessings for choosing the Right.

So proud of Curly and his good choices!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

What a beautiful moment in his life.

Marci said...

Happy baptism day, Curly! What a wonderful decision to make, and congrats on your win too!

LeAnn said...

Love the awesome baptismal photo. I thought the program sounds so nice. Baptisms are such sweet experience. Happy that they all won their games. Loved this one! Hugs for Curly~


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