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Sep 29, 2016

Happy Birthday, Crafty

Our beautiful Crafty turned sweet 16 today!

It was sort of a different birthday for her. It was Parent/Teacher Conferences at the high school, so she got to sleep in for a while. Then at 11:00 we ran to the library so she could take her final for the fitness class she has been taking online. She got an A, of course.

Our first appointment with her dance teacher started at noon. Two hours later, I was relieved to know that all of her teachers think she is amazing, hardworking, and top of her class! Not that I would have thought differently, Crafty has always been an excellent student.

She had so many birthday wishes on Facebook and friends coming to the door that she hardly noticed we didn't have a big party for her here. Wednesdays are so hard; the family is planning a big celebration on Sunday. I did give her a cute new outfit to wear today and I offered to take her for ice cream, but she asked for a raincheck. I think she wants to spread her birthday over the entire week.

Tomorrow is her opening social for Cupcake Club so we spent the evening after dance making and baking cupcakes. I think she has about 100 although she is planning to have them each decorate and take home several. I hope she has at least a dozen people there. She is pretty nervous about being in charge and I am so excited for her to have that opportunity.

Happy birthday, Crafty!

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LeAnn said...

Tell that Crafty girl Happy Birthday! I can't believe all the cupcakes you are making for different events. Just amazing you all are! Crafty is such a cute girl and I admire that she is studious and very talented.
Blessings and hugs for her!


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