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Sep 4, 2016

Guest Blog: My First Quinceañera by Crafty

Yesterday I had the fantastic opportunity of going to a Quinceañera with Drama Queen for a friend from school. Allison looked absolutely gorgeous and the party was a blast. I wasn’t able to attend the Mass because of Curly's baptism, so we went to the diner at 5:00. 

They served the teenagers pizza for dinner so we didn’t have to feel awkward eating something we didn’t like. During dinner we danced a little bit to a live Spanish singer before the official dancing began. After dinner, Allison came down the steps and made a dramatic entrance. They performed a cute ceremony where her mom put a tiara on her head and her dad changed her Converse to sparkly high heels. She then danced with her mom, dad, and a family friend from Kansas. 

During the daddy daughter dance, there was an unexpected change in the music and they began grooving to a remix of songs like Let’s Groove Tonight and Gangman Style. Then it was time for the official dancing. The dance floor was a collage of rainbow spotlights, strobe lights, fog, and a disco ball. They played both Spanish and English songs and we jammed out. 

They had chocolate covered strawberries, cookies, and birthday cake for dessert. At 11:00 we decided to call it a day, but the party didn’t end until 1:00. My feet were sore and my ears were pounding, but I had so much fun.

This was the first (and possibly the last) Quinceañera I have ever been to, and even though I couldn’t understand 99% of what they were saying, I could feel the love of the family and the excitement and anticipation of growing up and entering the world for my sweet friend, Allison.


LeAnn said...

I loved reading about this event. We have dear friends that have been part of these celebrations. This year their daughter was suppose to have one and instead her Dad took her to Paris instead. He said it was probably cheaper in some ways. It does look like quite the celebration. I think it is awesome you got to be part of it.

Marci said...

I imagine in a dozen years or so Emma may get to attend a Quinceanera if we're still in San Antonio. Such a fascinating celebration! Thanks for sharing with us!


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