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Sep 28, 2016

Give Me a Break

Becoming a Bobcat
Tonight was pack meeting and I have been stressing about it all week because they invited me to do an Arrow of Light ceremony. Normally this is no big deal, but today we were outside, so that made sound and lights a bit tricky.

When it became apparent that I would be in charge of my own staging, I asked the Dog Walker if I could borrow his Karaoke machine. He brought it upstairs and we plugged it in and burned a CD with the music and all seemed to be fine.

Then tonight he loaded it into the car for me on his dinner break.

Kneel and be Knighted
Unfortunately, he wasn't the only thing that had a break. For some crazy reason, the mic would not work. I could get the music up and running, but all of our hard work to make it so everyone would be able to hear appeared to be lost.

My sweetie showed up just before the meeting started and he tried to help me, but after we opened up the mic, we could see that a couple of little wires were broken and there was no way it was going to work.

We did our best without it. Curly still received his Bobcat and did a great job in his skits. And the Arrow of Light worked out just fine. Way better than I thought it would... I just stepped aside and let my sweetie do it.

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

How do you fit it all in?? I do find it amazing how you come out on top in almost all situations. I think you are receiving some tremendous blessings for your faithful love and attention to your children and other responsibilities. Way to go girl! I think your husband is awesome too.
Blessings and hugs~


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