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Oct 17, 2017

kinzd Makes a Great Wallet

I was approached by a little company named kinzd not too long ago to do a review on one of their minimalist wallets. Now you know me, there is nothing small about me, but I do love free things and Sport was pretty interested in getting a new wallet, so we agreed.

 It took about 3 weeks from the time we ordered them on Amazon until they actually showed up at my door and then, of course, I had pretty much forgotten about them. Sport grabbed the one that looked mostly like a regular wallet and that left me with this red thing I couldn't even figure out how to use. (Seriously, I had to pull up Amazon again just to look at it!)

But then I put a few cards in it and played around with it a bit and it wasn't long before I was a fan.I was impressed with the strap that pulled up my most important cards, but even more so with the fact that my coins didn't come out unless I wanted them to.

I always carry my purse, but there are sometimes when that just doesn't make sense. Like this would have been perfect for our Lagoon trips this summer. Or when I did take it with me a couple of weeks ago to Scary Hill. It is perfect for anywhere active when I don't want a big purse banging against my hip.

Nothing falls out. And it's "small."
Sport sent me a pic of his when I asked about it yesterday and he wanted me to tell you that he likes it. When I asked him why, he said it was "small." I think that's a pretty good review for a 14-year-old guy.

Oct 16, 2017

Visiting Grandma

We didn't have a family party today, but they were realigning the wards in our stake so we only had 2 hours of meetings at church. We got home just after 3:00 and my sweetie pulled together a nice meal. As we were sitting there, I felt so strongly that we should make a quick trip to see my sweet mother-in-law.

Crafty takes a great selfie!
By 4:15 we were loading the car and getting ready to leave. The Dog Walker had already made arrangements to spend the afternoon and evening with his girlfriend, so it was just the younger kids. The drive took us about an hour and a half and by about 6:00 we were sending the kids out to play so we could sit around and chat.

We stayed for a couple of hours, doing a bit of service and planning for a longer trip later in the week. It was so good to see her. Life is so precious and short. Families are definitely the most important part.

Oct 15, 2017

Donating to Build A Better Utah

Drama Queen and Baby Doll took care of our Build A Better Utah commitments while we were at the park with the football kids. It was a pretty quick delivery since Drama Queen had to leave for work just after noon., but they still had fun eating donuts and hot chocolate after unloading all the food and diapers donated by my generous neighbors and friends.

We should have spent the afternoon working on something useful, but instead we all piled in the van and drove down to the free theater and watched Cars 3. We got back home about 7:30 and shared the delicious chile verde my sweetie had been simmering all day in the crockpots. It was perfect. All except for the fact that the Utes lost by one point...

Oct 14, 2017

Build A Better Utah Service Project

Such a busy day today and I only took one picture. Thank goodness Drama Queen bailed me out with a few you haven't seen before.

This is how I feel today...
I started the day chasing around running errands. Sport was out of school for the day so we had an eye appointment for him. He also helped me put away all the tablecloths we borrowed from the church for Catwoman and Batman's wedding and we dropped the suits by the cleaners.

Thought you should see the front of Baby Doll's cute birthday dress.
I helped a nice little guy pass off a Disabilities Awareness merit badge. He drove all the way over from Taylorsville because he couldn't find a counselor any closer. At 3:00 my Girl Scout troop drove our neighborhood picking up food for the Build a Better Utah service project. (Drama Queen will drop that off for us in the morning and hopefully get a few pics for you since I will be at football and she had to work today so she couldn't help us gather.)

All dressed up as Monsters, Inc characters for a Halloween party... what?! Already?

Then it was straight off to the Cub-o-Ree. My co-leader for Curly's cub den already had the boys there and was terribly happy to see me. We finished up at 5:30 and Curly went with me first to wash and vacuum my car and then to the store for groceries.

Little Warrior looks so cute, but hasn't been feeling well today.
Paperwork finished off my evening. It was nice just sitting with Drama Queen and working through some things together. My sweetie made an amazing dinner with the produce from the garden and he has plans to cook all weekend!! Yay!!

Oct 13, 2017

Picnic in the Canyon

My sweetie has been anxious to take a drive up the canyon to see the fall leaves and we finally got the opportunity today. Sadly, many of them had already fallen, but the yellow ones were still beautiful and it was fun to take off with our 3 youngest and Twizlet for a picnic up Provo canyon.

We had originally planned to go on a little hike at the park we had been to before. My sweetie even brought the backpack for the baby, but strangely, when we first arrived, there were several people dressed as soldiers lounging on the lawn.

It wasn't long before they had assembled about 25 of them and we figured they were running a drill so we finished our lunch, packed things up, and headed back to Vivian park. It was too cold and windy to hike there, so we had to satisfy ourselves with driving the Alpine Loop.

Gotta have football at a picnic!
It was fun and relaxing for me since I wasn't driving all the switchbacks...

Twizlet wants to drive home!
We got home just in time for Scout to get to Activity Days and for me to pick up Crafty from her Cupcake Club meeting. I have so many things to do tomorrow! How does life get to be so complicated?

Oct 12, 2017

Guest Blog: Behind the Scenes by Drama Queen

Hey Bloggersphere,  Momma is sleeping so I thought I would quickly hop on and write a quick post.  Twizlet and I thought it would be fun to share some pictures from the last week or so.  Hope you enjoy this behind-the-scenes!

Sport's hair is the best thing. 

Waiting for Catwoman's wedding to start!

That dress I'm wearing totes has pockets! 
Great way to scare Twiz!

Twizlet loves taking selfies!

Working on frosting letters!

Poor Catwoman fell down in the middle of her photoshoot!

Oct 11, 2017

Best Smells on Earth

If I could bottle and sell one smell on the earth that would make me millions, it would be hard to choose between a newborn baby and concord grapes. My sweet neighbor, Pauline, let us pick more grapes yesterday and I have spent half of my day at SuperCuts smelling hair dye and product, and the other half juicing grapes and making jelly.

Both were great!

Scout and I headed out this morning and it took us 4 hours (ok, it only took her 2 and then she had to wait for me) to look this beautiful. I'm not sure how the sun picked up her red tints and transferred them to my hair for the picture, because I promise I don't have them in real life.

I still have one more bucket of grapes to juice tomorrow and lots more jelly to make. This week has been a little less crazy, but I have still managed to fill it completely up with things to do.

Oct 10, 2017

Birthday Weekend for Baby Doll

As you know, we had an amazingly busy weekend! Baby Doll turned 7 on Saturday, but because of the wedding, we announced that she was celebrating for an entire birthday weekend.

We started her birthday on Friday with a friend party. The kids colored pictures for the Color A Smile service project and then they made beaded necklaces. After that it was time for some outdoor games. Curly and Scout took care of that while I cleaned up and got ready for cupcakes and ice cream. The party ran smoothly with only about a dozen kids and no hiccups.

On Saturday, we gave Baby Doll a new dress and shoes to wear to the baptism. She was so excited for her cute cousin! She also wore her dress to the wedding in the afternoon where she was the lead flower girl. She even had plenty of treats because it was a wedding, after all.

Then on Sunday we had our typical huge crazy family party. Our newlyweds showed up and opened all of their wedding gifts and Lil Sis and her family came over. Baby Doll loved being the center of attention. She even blew out her candles halfway through the birthday song.

It was a wonderful birthday weekend and now she can quit giving me a bad time for calling her 7 because she actually is 7. Love you, Baby Doll! Happy birthday weekend... and many more...

Oct 8, 2017

They are Married!!

Yesterday was a beautiful day as we witnessed the marriage of Catwoman (formerly Fajita) and Batman. The day started early with the baptism of my sweet little niece. Lil Sis had a party at her house early so we could get off to the football games. Sport had a bye, so he went camping with the scouts, but we still had games for Curly and Scout, Taco and Burrito.

Then we converged back at the house where Drama Queen had finished up the wedding cake and the chili. After that it was time to load last minute things for the luncheon and the cake into cars and head for the church. My sweetie helped kids get ready while I set up the luncheon in the multipurpose room. Thankfully, everything was already set up for the ceremony and the reception from Friday night.

There is always a little drama, but eventually we got everyone seated and Catwoman walked down the aisle with Bossy on one side and Gamer on the other. Bossy dropped off when they got to the seating section and Gamer walked his beautiful daughter the rest of the way and after a tender hug, passed her off to her new husband.

After they were married, we reassembled in a room off the kitchen of the church and we shared chili and a few other things brought by some of their friends. We had a little over an hour to finish getting ready for the reception. Drama Queen placed the cake on the base and I plated the cookies and sandwiches. I'm not even sure who reset the tables and chairs, but we had plenty of time for pictures before the first guests began to arrive.

Time flew, cookies were eaten, dances, pictures, cutting the cake, and tossing of the garter and the bouquet all were completed. We blew bubbles on our cute departing couple. With so many hands helping us, everything was cleaned up and we were heading home by about 10:00 pm.

I'm so grateful for all those who supported and loved these kids. They remind me so much of Bossy and Gamer when they were first married... no, I'm not going to sing "The Circle of Life" again...

Oct 7, 2017

It's the Final Countdown!!

Only about 16 hours before Fajita gets married and changes her name and her blog name. I've told the kids the only way they can officially change their blog name is by getting married. So Fajita will be known as Catwoman and her almost hubby will be Batman.

We had a long and hard day today, setting up the wedding at the church, having a birthday party for Baby Doll, and getting my Tupperware booth set up at the holiday boutique in Glenmoor. When we had finally finished the wedding prep, we headed back to the house for a fun little bachelorette party for Fajita. We were missing Prima Donna and Princess, but other than that, we had all the girls here.

Fajita got some lacy, racy, impractical things, but more than that, she had the love and support of the women in our family. She seems so young at barely 18, but that's how old I was, and we have managed to make 34 years. Hopefully they can do the same.

So excited for you, Fajita!!

Oct 6, 2017

Painting a Halloween Tote

Baby Doll was so excited to get a package in the mail today!!

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I told you about the cute ColorTime Crafts? Baby Doll could hardly wait to get it to the table before she was pulling out the fabric markers and getting ready to go. At almost 7, she really should be renamed to Crafty. She just loves anything creative.

It didn't take long before she had finished her tote. She was so excited to show it to me! It didn't take her any more time than a regular coloring page and now she has something fun to use for Trick-or-Treating. And did I mention that it glows in the dark? She kept going in the bathroom, shutting the door, and turning out the light just so she could see the cool spiderwebs.

It's too bad her birthday party is tomorrow, these could have been perfect for our little group. Good thing there is always next year.

Oct 5, 2017

What's New?

Did I tell you Crafty invited a boy to Bingham Ball? She was so nervous about it, but it worked out just fine. He returned her question with the answer she was hoping for... YES! wrapped around a gumball in this gigantic dish.

"Bubble gum, bubble gum, in a dish, 
look for the answer that you wish!"

The other new thing that happened today and totally shocked me, was Sport asking me if we could take a picture with himself, Scout, and Curly all dressed up in their football gear. He even let Baby Doll stand in the center in her dance clothes.

Fourteen-year-old boys are definitely still a mystery to me...

Oct 4, 2017

Planning the Wedding

I told you we were in for a crazy week, and in spite of that, I'm feeling pretty good about the day. Part of the garden froze last night so we picked 4 huge bowls of tomatoes and made them into sauce. I used some of it for dinner and my sweetie is going to use the rest to make chili for the wedding party on Saturday.

Bridal bouquet made by Drama Queen.
 While I was in the kitchen, I made 3 layers of the wedding cake and should be able to get the other 3 done tomorrow. I was nervous about it, but honestly, it was about the same as making birthday cakes only bigger. My off-track kids worked on Reflections stuff. Curly and Scout made beautiful wreaths and Baby Doll used her flowers to make an arrangement in a glass vase.

This is my favorite bridal pic.
Crafty was throwing up this morning so she stayed home from school and got in on the fun as well. She didn't feel well enough to finish her wreath, but it has some real potential. Thankfully, she still has a couple of weeks before her deadline. Drama Queen used her flowers to make the bridal bouquet for Fajita.

Finally finished the guest book today. You ever try to sew paper with a needle and thread?
The wedding is pulling together steadily and I'm hoping to have everything together by Friday night. Did you like the preview pics? We keep adding a few things here and there, so I'm guessing we might still be throwing stuff together as we head for the church!

Oct 3, 2017

Visiting SCARY Cherry Hill

It was an incredibly busy day as I expect this entire week will be, but we were so excited to spend Family Home Evening at SCARY Cherry Hill!

It was pretty cold and the forecast suggested rain, but we stayed dry and a light jacket was good enough for almost everyone. We picked up Sport's friend, Kaitlyn, at 4:00 and then we drove across the valley to pick up the Cat Lover. There were 9 of us altogether. My sweetie was stuck at work, and you know Crafty, she would rather dance than breathe.

It was about 5:30 when we drove up to the nearly deserted Scary Hill. We started on the miniature golf course and it wasn't long before a couple of other families were following our lead. The course was the same as the one we enjoyed in the summer except that they had all kinds of fun Halloween decorations, all completely family appropriate.

After golf, we saw that the wagon ride had no one waiting so we climbed aboard. The lady giving out our tickets at the store told me it was best after dark, but we sure enjoyed it both times we rode. They have more than 100 skeletons dressed up as various characters; from cartoon people like Captain America to Star Wars to Pirates. My favorite was the chess players because all the little pieces on the board were also skeletons! Even after traveling the course twice, I'm not sure I actually saw everything.

Then it was time for rock climbing. Only Curly and Baby Doll were up for it this time and both of them quickly scaled the wall to the top and rang the bell. The kids loved the Aeroball game and we all enjoyed the maze except for the brief couple of minutes when Baby Doll was lost, although it wasn't really that scary because foot traffic was light and we were able to climb the stairs to the top of the maze so we could look for her easier.

Bounce houses were fun for the kids, but not so much for the adults. We played 3 games of Blasterz and enjoyed every one! There were some other things for little ones like the ball pit and bumper boats, but since Baby Doll will be 7 on Saturday, we didn't really have any little ones with us.

We climbed back into our van about 8:30, only slightly chilled, and happy for another fun family adventure.


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