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Sep 24, 2018

Happy Birthday, Princess

Twenty-two years ago today, our sweet baby Princess was born. She was my reward for a difficult couple of years that included Dog Walker's entrance into the Jordan District's Cluster program and an ACL replacement for me with nearly a year before my leg felt somewhat decent.

She is still a wonderful gift; an amazing daughter and mother to her darling Tadpole (who is getting so big!). She has it all, a husband, a child, a new home, a college degree, and a family who loves her.

On Sunday we all drove to her new home even though it was over an hour away  so we could celebrate and share dinner and dessert. My favorite part was holding the babies...

Princess even made her own birthday cake. It was so pretty, we should have taken a pic before I cut it; and so delicious that I grabbed an extra piece for the road.

Happy birthday, Princess!
Here's hoping for many, many more.

Sep 23, 2018

First of Its Kind

I've had 5 kids play tackle football and today was the first time any of them actually caught a pass. You have to understand that all 5 have been X-men (women, sorry, Scout) and in the youth leagues, they are not allowed to carry the ball.

Today Curly was doing his usual fantastic job on the O-line when he looked up to watch the pass being thrown over his head. It was deflected by one of the defensive players and it started spinning end over end in the air. There was no way the intended receiver was even going to have a chance at it, so Curly snatched it up and even managed to gain a few yards before the five guys surrounding him pulled him down.

It all happened so fast that even if I would have had my camera out, I wouldn't have been able to capture it. Unfortunately, the kids don't get instant replay, but they did have someone there today filming things, so hopefully it will end up on the end of the year video.

But even if it doesn't, Curly can have bragging rights with his big brothers (and sister) and that is definitely worth something.

Sep 21, 2018

1st Match for Scout

I think I told you that Scout has been looking for something new in her life. She didn't love tackle football and now she is disenchanted with softball. So in the spring I signed her up for a little volleyball league here at our local rec center. It turns out that she is a natural and she loves it!

Scout wears #14.
A few weeks ago, I signed her up to try out for Bingham's 9th grade team. She was upset at first, but quickly came around and decided she would go and do her best. As a 7th grader, she didn't have much chance making it on the 9th grade team, so she was excited to become an alternate. Then the alternates were pulled in for one more team and she made the 5th team rather than the 6th.

Wednesday was her first set of matches, the first with West Jordan and the second with Riverton. They won the match against West Jordan in the 3rd game. Then they played again right after that and lost both games to Riverton, but not by much.

I was so proud of Scout! She worked hard and supported her teammates. Maybe the volleyball court really is the place for her.

Sep 20, 2018

Excited About the Car Seat Key

You all know I have all of these cute little grandbabies right now... 4 in all. Twizlet is the oldest at 19 months followed by Little Warrior at 13 months, Tadpole at 7 months, and our littlest, Skittles at 2 months. I love watching them, so much so that I finally had to acquire my own one-size-fits-all carseat.

I don't generally have much trouble with my hands, but sometimes those buttons and latches are just too hard to push. That's why I was so excited to hear from US Family Guides that the kind folks from Namra wanted me to try out The Car Seat Key.

This device is especially made to easily push in that stubborn red button when a crying baby is making me a little nervous. It's pretty cool, actually. It slips right over the top and with its amazing grip, lets me push down and release the latch before I'm the one that stats crying. I'm excited to try it out!

advertising pic, obviously not my hands

I can get you a deal if you want one now, before I post my review. Buy (2) Save $4.00 Buy (3) Save $9.00 Buy (4) Save $14.00 Buy (5) Save $19.00 Discount is automatically applied at checkout! Let me know what you think and I will post mine too.

I love having one less thing to stress about.


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