Oct 27, 2016

Grilling Fish

During the beginning of the summer my sweetie decided we were going to have "Fish Fridays." We did a pretty good job for a while and then had our staycation and then the wedding...

View from the top
This past month we decided maybe we needed to get back to our goals, so when Cave Tools asked me if I wanted to review the Large Fish Basket, I responded immediately. Then I started watching for salmon to go on sale. I know, how boring, but it is the only fish I can really get my kids to eat.

After a week or so of high prices, I expanded my search and I ran across sockeye salmon. I had never heard of it so I immediately called my sweetie and he gave his typical "Let's try it!" response. So I brought home four pieces of a brand new kind of fish to use with a brand new product. I have to admit I was nervous.

View from the bottom
I shouldn't have been. My sweetie had it all under control. After marinating the fish in some teriyaki sauce, he laid them neatly in the box. Even on our open grill, they cooked evenly and without burning. None of it slipped off and landed in the fire (which is what usually happens when we cook with foil). There was no sticking to the grill or anything. When they were done, he lifted the whole thing onto a cookie sheet and brought it in the house.

The kids devoured it! I have to say, sockeye was much better to me than the Atlantic salmon. It tasted more like the trout I grew up on. I think I want to try it again with an even lighter marinade this time. I also want to try roasting veggies in this basket because the instructions say we can. Unfortunately, we have had cooler weather and we haven't wanted to cook outside. Oh and maybe it has something to do with my sweetie working late every night this week.

But we have one nice sized zucchini left and I want to try it. Zucchini in foil is always so mushy, but this basket should let that all drain as it cooks. Grilled veggies are one of my favorite things and this nifty basket keeps them together and out of the bottom of the grill.

If you would like to try this amazing Large Fish Basket, you know I can save you some money. Our friends at Cave Tools wanted to make it even easier for you to buy them, so they gave me a coupon code to save you 15% at Amazon. Just enter L8WIFQPU.

Amazon or at Cave Tools

***We were given a free Large Fish Basket for our open and honest review of the product.***

Oct 26, 2016

The Ghost Story

Jennifer asked me to share The Ghost Story with you. Can you believe that thought never crossed my mind? But I am happy to share, so here you go. (Thanks www.sandytoesandpopsicles.com for letting me borrow your text so I didn't have to retype it!)


Once upon a time, there lived 5 little ghosts. As everyone knows, ghosts are white and are supposed to stay white. They can only eat and drink white things such as cottage cheese, vanilla ice cream, milk, string cheese, and cauliflower. One day when Mama ghost went to the refrigerator, there was no cottage cheese and no milk. So she had to go to the grocery store to get some more. Before she left she said, “No matter how hungry you get, do not eat anything or something dreadful will happen.” The ghosts had visitors and so they had some leftovers in their fridge, but no cottage cheese or milk.

The first ghost became so thirsty and he looked in the refrigerator and saw a little glass of grape juice and thought, “just one teeny sip wouldn’t hurt.” So he took one teeny sip of grape juice and guess what happened? He turned purple! The other ghosts looked at him and said “Mama told us that something dreadful would happen and she was right.” The little ghost did not want his Mama to see him all purple so he ran upstairs and hid in the toy box.

The second ghost became so hungry and he looked in the refrigerator and saw some blueberries and thought, “just a few won’t hurt.” So he ate a few blueberries and what do you think happened? He turned blue! The other ghosts looked at him and said “Mama told us that something dreadful would happen and she was right.” The little ghost did not want his Mama to see him all blue so he ran upstairs and hid in the closet.

The third ghost became so hungry and he looked in the refrigerator and saw a bowl of spinach and thought, “just one teeny bite wouldn’t hurt.” So he took one teeny bite of spinach and what do you suppose happened? He turned green! The other ghosts looked at him and said “Mama told us that something dreadful would happen and she was right.” The little ghost did not want his Mama to see him all green so he ran upstairs and hid under the bed.

The fourth ghost became so hungry and he looked in the refrigerator and saw a bowl of strawberries and
thought, "just one teeny bite wouldn't hurt." So he took a one teeny bite of a strawberry and what do
suppose happened? He turned red! The other ghosts looked at him and said "Mommy told us that something
dreadful would happen and she was right." The little ghost did not want his mommy to see him all red so
he ran upstairs and behind the door.

The fifth ghost said, "I'm so hungry but I will not do what my brothers did. I'll look in the freezer and see
if there is just maybe a little vanilla ice cream left." When he looked in the freezer there was some ice
cream....and it was almost vanilla - it was chocolate chip ice cream. So the ghost said, "This shouldn't hurt
me - those chocolate chips are so tiny." So he ate one spoonful and became a chocolate chip ghost! He
certainly didn't want his mommy to see him all spotty so he ran upstairs and hid in the bathtub.

When Mommy ghost returned, she knew something was wrong when she didn't see her children, so she
started looking for the little ghosts. She found the first one upstairs in the toy box, and an 2nd one in
the closet, and the 3rd one under the bed, the 4th one behind the door and the 5th and last one in the
bathtub. When she found all of them, she said, "Little ghosts, I told you that something dreadful would
happen and it did." Whatever can we do to get you white again for Halloween?

Mommy Ghost called the ghost doctor and this is what he told her to do. Keep all the little ghosts in bed
for five days and give them nothing but vanilla ice cream and milk to eat. If you do this, they should be
ready and all white again for Halloween. So that is what she did and by Halloween night, the five little
ghosts were all white again to go out haunting and spooking and shouting "BOO!" And they never again
ate something they shouldn't.


There are plenty of ways to make the ghosts. Bob's original story was made of felt. The one Scout made at Activity Days was done with cardstock and craft sticks. Just make it fun so the kids can participate.

Happy Halloween week!

Oct 25, 2016

Costume Fitting

While everyone else is being fitted for their Halloween costumes, Baby Doll is doing another sort of costume fitting. Today we drove to Ogden a little early for her rehearsal. You remember she is in a play at Weber State with Prima Donna called 6 Characters in Search of an Author?

After picking up Prima Donna, we drove to the Browning Center and found the costume shop. That place is incredible! I wish I would have taken pictures of their thread wall. It was covered with cones of different colors. I so want a wall like that. All my cones are just thrown in a box.

But I digress...

We waited for a few minutes while they finished the fitting before us and then Baby Doll and I entered a tiny dressing room and I helped her into this mock up of her actual dress. The fitting lady came in and started pinning and unpinning, adjusting here and there, dropping a hem, ripping a seam... It was pretty amazing to watch. I think I even learned a few things.

Baby Doll then skipped off for her 3-hour rehearsal. She didn't complain a bit, just mentioned that she was tired and hungry afterward. She even suggested we could drop Prima Donna at her apartment first so we didn't waste extra money on her for chicken nuggets at Burger King.

I thought it was funny, but Prima Donna wasn't very amused. We did take her with us and we even bought her a chicken sandwich. Then I gave her the change so she could actually do her laundry. She knows she has to get a job, but her availability is awful. She had two interviews today, but one of them dismissed her immediately when they found out about all the rehearsals. I'm sure she will figure it out. She can afford to pay her rent through February, and that is only if she doesn't buy any food... which is pretty unlikely with Baby Doll around.

Oct 24, 2016

A Family Tradition

Why is it that even when we don't have a Sunday birthday party, my sweetie comes up with some reason to get all the kids together for what he called a "not" party?

It happened like this. Remember our friend, Bob? He was/is our home teacher and has been since we moved into this neighborhood in 1994. I say it that way because technically he is no longer in our ward since he has been called to the bishopric in the YSA ward.

The kids absolutely love him and they love his Halloween ghost story. In fact, I'm not sure it can be Halloween without it.

So Bob called me earlier in the week and asked if he could come over for our annual tradition. My sweetie immediately planned a nice meal with sweet pork burritos and told me to see if any of the family wanted to come over... a NOT party. Of course they didn't want to miss out on the ghost story, so at 5:00, all but Beauty and The Beast, Gamer, Fajita, Bean Dip, and Prima Donna showed up at our door.

After we all stuffed ourselves on my sweetie's good food, we were sitting around waiting for Bob when he texted me to tell me he couldn't find the ghost story, but he would be over as soon as he did. Half an hour later he called. The story was officially lost and he was devastated.

Fortunately, a tender mercy was already in place for our wonderful, over-worked friend. Just this week at Activity Days, Scout had prepared this exact story as a family home evening lesson for our family, so she had all the props and even though they were slightly different from what we were used to, Bob was relieved and happy.

After our story and a nice visit, Bob rushed off to another church meeting. He can stay our home teacher for a long time.

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