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Feb 26, 2017

Looking Beautiful

One of my favorite things on the planet is having someone do my hair for me. That's one of the reasons I love going out to SuperCuts for their free classes. But since I would be bald within a month or two if I went out every week for a class, I let my kids do my hair.

Drama Queen and Crafty love trying new braids; the more intricate, the better.

Baby Doll is into the bling. She loves getting out the box of clips and putting them all in my hair.

When it's just me, I wash it and pull a brush through it. It's not quite the same...

Cookie Day!

Today was it... time to pick up all the Girl Scout cookies from the warehouse. This year we had just over 4000 boxes of cookies and that meant 3 tall pallets. Thankfully my friends brought along a trailer to haul them all back to my house.

Slowly the girls from the troop have picked up their orders and the house is looking a little more reasonable. We didn't get any delivered. By the time the troop coolies were all collected, it was time to get ready for stake conference and by the time we got home it was after 9:00 pm.

Guess it will be a few days (weeks, months... who knows?) before we have our living room back. If you need a treat, you know where to find me. Otherwise, I will see you next week.

Feb 25, 2017

Teaching School

The Dog Walker stepped totally out of his comfort zone today. He taught his very first art class at the elementary school this morning. He was pretty stressed even though he has spent plenty of time preparing his powerpoint on Mo Willems. He didn't really relax until he began to read the stories to the kids. This group of third graders (that included Curly), love his voices!

I was so impressed with how he handled the kids. If he can just finish up school, he will be a great teacher some day.

Then tonight we went over to Teach and Twiz's apartment to have dinner with them and Twiz's parents. We took Grandpa and the Dog Walker with us so they could see baby Twizlet. I think the Dog Walker would have been content to just hold her all evening rather than share pizza and stories with us.

Now if he can just find a wife, he will be a great dad someday...

Feb 24, 2017

Bringing Home Baby

Teach brought home Twizlet from the hospital this morning. Not long after that I picked up Baby Doll from kindergarten and we loaded up their little puppy and some Tupperware deliveries and headed out. Most of the Tupperware went to Teach's school, so it was fairly close to her apartment. The ladies in the front office were so excited to see the pictures of the baby!

We stayed at the apartment for a little while while Abigail got used to this tiny human that was about to replace her in their household. So far, so good. They seem to like each other. Baby Doll was totally thrilled with the opportunity to hold Twizlet and then do some service for her big sister. She refolded some of the baby's clothes and did some other tasks she was assigned while I ran one last errand without her.

It has been a fun and rather exhausting day. I had a den meeting for the cubs, three parent/teacher conferences at the elementary school, groceries, dance runs, dinner and then my basketball game. I've been helping with homework, getting kids off to bed, and cleaning up since I got home around 9:30. At 1:00 AM, Teach sent me this cute pic of Twizlet sleeping. At least one of us is sleeping when she should be... I was on my way to Bossy's house to pick up a book the Dog Walker needed for an art class he is teaching tomorrow in Curly's class.


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