Jul 23, 2016

And Shower Prep Continues...

You know when you get to the point where you will just be glad when something is over? I'm definitely there with the shower.

It's been a rough week. I've had a tooth break and be repaired, several cars in the shop, my washer went out (I have still been mostly without it since we got back from our Staycation) and we are getting a new one delivered tomorrow courtesy of our extended warranty.

We had to move and repair a freezer which took considerable effort. We ordered a giant dumpster from the city with the idea that we would likely have to throw it away, but my sweetie pulled off a miracle and managed to make it work so we filled the dumpster with branches instead.

My sweetie said they couldn't wait so I put up 18 pints of beets and I'm just praying the apricots will hold off until next week.

Grandpa is moving in with us on August 1st so we have been painting and recarpeting Prima Donna's room. Teach and Twiz are moving to a bigger apartment next week (any guesses why??) And Princess and The Frog (I'm so sorry, Jay, maybe it is official now) are storing things here and they will also start setting up their apartment after August 1.

My little ones are at camp. Bossy and Gamer got a new foster child yesterday. The girls have 3 parades this weekend, we are prepping Sport for Scout Camp next week, and we always do fun pioneer things for the 24th of July. School starts on Tuesday for my little ones, as well as football and dance, and then there is the wedding and the shower.

I try to live my life by staying one step ahead all the time so I can adjust for changes, but this week has been a real challenge. Thank goodness I have such amazing people to help me. Prima Donna's friend, Kamryn is here helping them paint the last of the decorations. The quilts are ready to go and in the car. I just have to make a couple of pots of soup. That should be doable.

Jul 22, 2016

Getting Ready for the Shower

My day has been pretty full of wedding and shower prep. I think I told you I am piecing two quilts so that our friends and family can help us tie them at the shower on Saturday. After I finished getting the first top ready, Drama Queen and I went to JoAnn's and bought a whole roll of batting.

Table Games... check!
Now I just have to finish piecing the other top. It's pretty special, because I found part of it in the boxes of quilt fabric from Grandma. I love working with the things she has already pieced. It makes me feel so close to her and the legacy she has given to me that I am now passing down to my daughter.

Drama Queen has also been incredibly busy making decorations and table games. When Princess got home from work, she and Jay made sugar cookie dough. Tomorrow it will be all about the food and finishing up the quilt. Honestly, I will be so glad to have the shower finished so we can concentrate on getting the reception together.

Teach, Drama Queen, Crafty and I went to a reception tonight for one of our basketball friend's daughters. It was at a reception center and the food was all catered and the tables were done by someone else. I'm still in favor of the inexpensive receptions that are held at the church with homemade decorations, but there are some days when it would be so nice to have someone else in charge of the planning and implementation.

Or at least the cleanup...

Jul 21, 2016

Time for the Veil

Crafty modeling the veil.
Princess's wedding is coming up so fast now! We are only about 3 weeks out and we still have so much to do. This weekend she is getting her bridal pictures done (after her big bridal shower on Saturday). I still have to make her a little white jacket for her shoulders, but at least I don't have to make her a veil.

The director of our dance studio loves to make her long-time students a veil when they get married. The problem was that she didn't know Princess was getting married until just over a week ago and she was heading to girls' camp at the time. She was pretty clear that she would not be able to get it done until the first of August since she was planning to be out of town.

Then she called me today and asked if I could come by and get it before she left at 6:00 for her trip since Princess was at work. It is beautiful! Crafty wanted to model it for you. It will probably look a little different over the dress than over her yoga pants, but she still looks like a cute bride.

I wonder how it will look on Princess?

Jul 20, 2016

Days of '47 Float Preview

Yesterday we had a lot of fun taking the kids to the float preview for the Days of '47 parade. Usually my sweetie can get off early and go with us but because he went with me to take Baby Doll and Scout to camp, he felt like he would have to miss out this year.

So Gamer came over and we took all the boys with us. Honestly, I don't remember the last time I was in a car so full of boys that were all related to me. Gamer had his 5 and I had Curly, Sport, and the Dog Walker. We didn't have any females with us because most of them (that were home) were marching in the parade.

Yeah, that's right, the parade. They have the float preview at the Expo Center, so it is all inside and just the SLCC band marches around the floats for about an hour. They spend a few minutes on the stage being silly and they play all of their songs over and over. I love it because it is air-conditioned although Crafty told me yesterday it gets a little boring because they just march around in circles the entire time.

It was super fun to see Bossy marching again. She signed up with Fajita and Crafty and she did a great job with her sax. She marched so much in high school that it was a real blast from the past. Bingham doesn't do the parades anymore, so SLCC band is the only way to see them although Crafty is mostly planning to dance at the high school, not support the bands.

They have 3 parades to go, Bountiful on Friday, the Days of '47 Children's parade on Saturday morning, and then the Days of '47 parade on Monday. It will be on KSL if you are interested in watching them. That's how I'm going to do it.

At home.

With air-conditioning. I'm thinking Crafty would much rather do the preview than the actual parade even if they do march around in circles, but I guess we will find out.

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