Jun 28, 2022

Excellent Court of Honor

All the time we were traveling, Curly was working on one merit badge or another. He even passed two off via Facebook Messenger. So when Sunday rolled around and it was time for the Court of Honor, he had racked up 6 merit badges!

Burrito also had 6 and Taco had 4 as well as advancements and various other camp patches. 

It was a great day to recognize all of their hard work. Great job, guys!

Jun 26, 2022

Traveling Together - Fort Bridger

We spent the night in Rawlins. It was our last hotel room and we had about 5 hours until we were home. But I hate just a straight drive, so we had a few planned stops to break it up. First was the Little America and a delicious ice cream cone. Curly found another bison to pet...

The Wyoming sky is so beautiful!!

We drove through the pretty little town of Lyman where Curly bought a $5 bag of caramel popcorn off a cute little girl doing a bake sale. It was the perfect treat to get us further down the road to Fort Bridger.

We enjoyed walking through all the old buildings, especially the museum and giftshop.

Then we were homeward bound, set to arrive several hours earlier than we had planned. This trip has been so much fun! Thanks, Coach, Omaha was a great idea.

Jun 25, 2022

Traveling Together - North Platte, Day 2

North Platte was proving to be much more fun than we expected. We bought a 4-in-1 pass and headed off to Buffalo Bill State Historical Park. Curly was excited to learn more about Buffalo Bill, but he was even more stoked to see the baby bison.

(I'm going to be in SO much trouble!) But my pics of the baby bison aren't nearly as good.

The rest of the house was pretty cool too.

After that, we took the short drive to the Lincoln County Historical Museum. Since we were just beginning to learn about the area, I knew nothing about the Canteen area. I love this story!

I spent most of our time in the museum learning about the Canteen while Curly and my sweetie wandered all over the grounds.

Finally, we were off to the Gold Spike Observation Tower. My sweetie was so excited to see the largest working railyard in the country.

Then we were off. We stopped by Cody Park on our way out. We still had 5 hours on the road before we could sleep.