Jun 30, 2016

Tarzan at Tuacahn

Yesterday was the day my Girl Scouts have all been waiting for... we made our annual trip to St. George to see an outdoor play at Tuacahn. We took off about 1:30 with 4 vehicles. This year several of the families opted to join us, so we ended up with 26 in our group.

But that's counting Prima Donna who decided after we left that she would make the 4-hour drive by herself in her little old Corolla. This turned out to be a bad idea. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

We arrived about 6:00 and that gave the kids about an hour to play in the pool before my sweetie and Gamer brought back pizza and it was time to get ready to go to the performance. We were seeing Tarzan and I was excited to see how they would portray the beasts.

Some of our party stayed at the hotel while 20 of us drove out to Tuacahn Amphitheater. Of course all the characters were human and they wore long hair coats and pants. The men had open chests and the women wore black bras. They were surprisingly realistic, especially the one that played the father of the entire gorilla family.

They did plenty of jumping and flipping and swinging through the trees. It wasn't my favorite show we have seen there, but it was certainly fun to watch. We got back to the hotel just before midnight and sent everyone off to their rooms.

This morning some opted to get up and go swimming and some opted to sleep in. Either one was great with me. We checked out of the hotel just before 11:00 and got on the road. Prima Donna had Drama Queen, Baby Doll, and Scout with her.

Just outside of Scipio, her car broke down. We caught up to them about 20 minutes later and babied it along off the freeway and halfway to Nephi on the back roads. Then the engine actually seized and I'm afraid she is now without wheels. Thankfully, we had enough room in our van to put them in with us except for Baby Doll who climbed in with Little Sis and her family.

We drove to an automotive shop in Nephi and they agreed to pick it up, but I think it will likely be headed to the junkyard. Prima Donna is devastated, of course. She is supposed to take possession of her apartment this weekend and it will be much harder without a car for her to move, but I'm sure we will figure it out somehow.

Jun 29, 2016

Coming Home

Every time I go somewhere that messes with the time zones, my sleep schedule is crazy and I feel like I can't get enough sleep no matter what I do. Sorry to disappoint you yesterday, but I did want to fill you in on our final day of our trip.

We spent Sunday night in Connecticut and checked out of the hotel late on Monday morning. (Not too late, you know I'm cheap and I didn't want to have to pay extra...) Our first stop was a WalMart to buy an extra bag. It's not that I bought a ton of extra stuff or anything, but one little gift for each person in my family can add up pretty fast. We repacked all the bags in the parking lot and then got on the road.

Our flight wasn't until 7:50, but with the traffic around Boston, we were worried about being late. Then of course we got there way too early. So we decided to get off the freeway and see if we could find a little ice cream shop where we could sit for a few minutes.

The GPS led us to a little creamery right across the street from Boston College. What a beautiful campus! We took a walk up the street and then decided to drive around a little more. After a while we made our way into the city and to the airport.

The airport was crazy busy, but we finally got our bags checked and we bought a little something to eat on the plane. Then our flight was delayed by 45 minutes. This airplane was not nearly as comfortable as the one we flew out on and my leg was killing me by the time we finally arrived.

We got to the house about 1:00 AM and all the kids were still up and waiting for us which was a little troublesome since I have 2 that are still in school. (They assured me both had an afternoon nap.)

We talked and visited for another hour and then fell into bed. It was so nice to sleep in my own bed I never wanted to climb back out!

Today we are off on another adventure, but that post is for tomorrow.

Jun 28, 2016

Guest Blog: Zebra Popcorn by Curly

Hi bloggers, Drama Queen here for just a second.  Mom and Dad got safely in just a bit ago, but Mom won't be up for posting until tomorrow.  In the meantime, you guys get to watch this really awesome tutorial that Curly made for school.  Enjoy!!

Jun 26, 2016

New York City

My sweetie was disappointed that we didn't get to see the Statue of Liberty yesterday when we went to the Yankees game. So today after we went to church and had breakfast with Twiz's family, we drove to Philadelphia to put Grandpa on a plane for Utah, and then we drove to Liberty Park.

It took us an extra hour or so to make the detour, and we saw the Statue from the New Jersey side, but it was worth the effort. The sailboats on Hudson Bay were beautiful and the skies were blue and the sun was shining. My sweetie even joked about walking into downtown Manhatten, but obviously it was too far so we just had to enjoy the skyline.

We walked to the end of the pathway until the road turned toward Ellis Island and then we retraced our steps and climbed back in the car. We still had several hours before we would get to Connecticut and our last hotel room of the trip. Since we are flying out from Boston tomorrow, we thought it would be good to break up the drive a little.

Anyway, we plugged the address for the hotel into the GPS and blindly followed its directions. It wasn't long before we found ourselves in the craziness of the lines for the Holland Tunnel with little opportunity to escape. We were on our way to downtown Manhatten, like it or not.

Our little detour took us an extra hour and a half. There were thousands of people milling about from the Gay Pride parade that had just ended. I have never seen so many police officers in my entire life!

We finally got through the insanity and ended up on the open road. By 9:00 we decided we had to stop for dinner, so we pulled off and happened upon the Blue Colony diner. The food was delicious and we could have easily shared a meal with the amount that was served. They also had an absolutely amazing bakery and we each chose a dessert to go.

We are finally in our room now and I decided to sneak a taste of my baklava... yeah, it's pretty much gone. If you ever get to Sandy Hook in Connecticut, it's right off Exit 10. Bring me some baklava, would you?

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