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Feb 16, 2019

Welcome to BYU!

Crafty was so excited to get an email today from BYU! Some of her friends had already heard from them and she was starting to get a little nervous about her application. I have helped my kids put together many, many scholarship and admissions applications and I have never see one as difficult as the one for BYU.

Another time I will tell you about my adventure with BYU, but so far, Crafty is the only one to even bother to put in an application there. To be fair, she has already received a letter of welcome from Utah State as well as 2 scholarships to help her get settled in Logan, so I don't know what she will choose to do. Those two schools are the only ones in Utah that offer the dietetics major and she would like to become a dietician, so it will likely be whichever one can give her the best offer.

Honestly, I'm just proud of her. She is an amazing girl with so much ahead of her as she gets ready to graduate from high school. Her Sterling Scholar interview is on Tuesday, so scholarship money from that venture will certainly help with her decision as well.

Congrats, Crafty! May all your dreams and wishes come true.

Feb 14, 2019

Sharing Pictures

Today Twizlet and I were coloring in the office when Gamer brought Skittles in to play with us for an hour or two. It wasn't long before he wanted to participate in whatever it was that we were doing, so I grabbed a clean sheet of paper and traced his little hand. Twizlet was pretty excited to make a "turkey" out of her hand as well, so I traced it next. Then, just for fun, I traced my own over the top of them. When I was finished, I held out the paper to Twizlet and asked her to show it to Skittles.

"Show the picture we made to Skittles."

"Yes... show him the picture."

"Look what an awesome job we did, Skittles!"

"It's OK... let him see it."

Oh no!

It looks like Skittles is planning to eat our turkeys.

 ...and it's not even Thanksgiving.

Happy Valentine's Day!!💕

Feb 13, 2019

Gold at Region for Sport

So last week was the Region FCCLA Star Events Competition. Crafty is a pro, of course, at getting all of her things ready and presenting an amazing project. Sport, on the other hand, was brand new and very needy!

The previous week he told his teacher he wanted to compete in the Reduce & Recycle category because he had a great idea about how he could make a quilt out of all of his old football jerseys. This idea has been percolating for a while in his brain, but he hadn't actually done anything about it yet.

Three days before the competition, he decided maybe he better get busy. Two days before the competition, he began cutting the squares from each of his old jerseys and planning the layout of the quilt.

Somewhere I had seen that a display was required, so I made the trip to Walmart to pick up a display board and while I was there, I bought a black piece of fleece for him to use as the quilt back. At that point, he still wasn't worried about anything but putting the quilt together and he diligently sewed each block.

It was about 5:00 pm the day before the competition that I asked him what went on his display board and he had no idea!  Crafty emailed the teacher and she sent back a bunch of requirements, none of which had we planned to do. Suddenly everything was up in the air,. Sport was freaking out, and time was ticking.

Somehow, he managed to get by with a little help from his friends... thanks to Dog Walker for running to the 24-hour Walmart in Riverton at 2:00 AM to buy more rubber cement, and to Crafty for actually figuring out all of the requirements, and to Mom for helping interpret those requirements and assisting in layout of the board...

Sport was running on little sleep and super-nervous about the interview, but it turned out that the judges loved his idea and even took pictures so they could show it to their family members and colleagues. All of this culminated in a Gold at Region. Now all he has to do is finish the quilt and get ready for the State competition in March. Nationals are in Anaheim this year and he and Crafty have already set their sites on taking that trip together. Crafty also has a little work to do to transform her Silver into Gold, but I've no doubt that they will achieve their goals... with a little help from their friends.

Feb 12, 2019

Eggo Waffles for Lunch

It seems like every day we have to eat lunch around here. Skittles is fine with baby food, but that leaves me and Twizlet out, so today we came up with something we all could agree on... waffles!

I had mine with strawberry jam and a little whipped cream. Baby Doll wanted syrup until she saw how I had mine all decked out and then we added jam and cream to her plate as well.

Our sweet Skittles is fine with pretty much anything, so he took his plain (with a little whipped cream on the side). But mostly I just love having these sweet babies here to keep me young, otherwise I might not eat lunch at all.


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