Feb 5, 2016

Wedding Preparations

Here we are, just a little over a week away from the big day! Can you believe it?

Teach and I played basketball tonight and she kept saying, "Now I can't have any injuries, I'm getting married next week." Then a huge grin. It's definitely coming fast. I thought you might want to see some of the things we (OK, mostly Drama Queen) have been trying to put together for the wedding.

We have several different ideas for the table decorations including some beautiful wood circles sent from Twiz's mom and dad. So Drama Queen was practicing different ways we could set things up. The flowers aren't legit, Teach has already ordered baby's breath to go in the vases, but the little frames are already done. We have several pieces of purple fabric in various textures, so the tables will not all be the same.

Another thing she has been working on is trying to cover the walls so it doesn't look like we are in a church gym. She has been painting 14-foot trees but you only get a folded up version so you can't really see it. You want to be a little surprised with the final pics of the real wedding, don't you?

Then Twiz asked her what we were doing for favors for the guests. Honestly, I wasn't thinking to do anything specific beyond what we had already planned, but she pulled another rabbit out of the hat and came up with these beautiful hand-painted valentines for each guest that they can take home and give to one of their own loved ones. Can I just say that Drama Queen is much more creative than me?
Love this fun pic of their hands.

Feb 4, 2016

Simply Wednesday

I did it! I finished writing the grant proposal for Giselle, and just in the nick of time. Our deadline is tomorrow.

I'm not a happy person when I put things off like that. I don't even know why I was struggling so much with it. Once I sat down by myself... alone... with everyone in bed but me... it didn't take all that long. I remember a couple of specific times today when I was trying to listen to and participate in 4 conversations at once. Sometimes I feel like my head is going to explode.

I had my first experience as a den leader today (I almost wrote den mother; that's a blast from the past). We only had 3 little guys there and Sport, our brand new Den Chief. The other leader had prepared a campfire and we made s'mores and told stories. Yeah, I know, it's February. There were piles of snow 18 inches high around the area where she had set the fire pit, but one of our boys needed this last little requirement to earn his Wolf Badge before he turned 9. So we made it happen.

Fortunately, I don't have to plan a meeting until the 3rd Wednesday of the month and that will be AFTER the wedding is over. Drama Queen made an amazing video for us to play at the wedding. I know she linked it up on YouTube, but it is private, so I don't think I can share it with you, but I will ask her.


When I'm not sitting here in my office... alone... dozing over my keyboard.

Feb 3, 2016

A "Cheap" Move

Drama Queen owns a truck and it has been pretty much parked all winter (except for the day I took it out to pick up a couch or two). So when The Beast called me last week to see if his friend could borrow it to move, I was totally fine with it, I just had to call my insurance agent to get a policy put back on it.

I hadn't realized how long the truck had been gone until Princess's car went on the fritz and nearly left her stranded in a 7-11 parking lot. Bossy still has one of our cars since her van has been in the shop for over a month now, so that was leaving us a little short of vehicles. I know, crazy, huh?! My driveway looks like a used parking lot on any given day.

Sorry for the bad pic, it came home after dark.
That's when I called The Beast to see what was taking so long with this move. It was only across town, so it shouldn't have taken more than a day or two. He told me that his friend had finished with the truck and driven it back to their apartment complex to park it for the night, intending to return it the next day. When he went outside to bring it over, he discovered that because of the snowstorm, he had inadvertently parked over the line and one of the tires had been slashed.

He was planning to pick up a new tire for it and install it before returning the truck. So yesterday he got the tire and replaced it and then, would you believe it? he got a flat on a different tire driving it out of there. I don't know if both tires had been slashed or not, but that move turned out to be awfully expensive. I think a U-
Haul might have been cheaper.

And I think I'd better call and offer him some cash.

Feb 2, 2016

Happy Ground Hog Day!

Last night for Family Home Evening, we decided to have a laundry folding/movie party as well as making valentines for our missionary friend. Since Princess has a new boyfriend, we have put Daylen in the "friend zone," but he is still important to us and we want to support him as much as possible while he is on his mission.

Drama Queen and Scout made cute Ground Hog cookies for us using the No Bakes Cookies recipe for the ground and then making the ground hog from chocolate Oreos and vanilla chips. They were SO yummy and creative!

Today was actually a nice down day for me. I know Sunday is supposed to be the day of rest, but my sweetie and I had to speak in the Adult meeting for SOY Sunday and then I spoke again about Cub Scouts in the Great to be 8 meeting.

I fed the kids cold cereal for dinner and went upstairs with my sweetie. We watched a couple of basketball movies and a special on Pete Rose while I finished binding the second quilt for Teach and Twiz. I'm glad that's done! So today I cleaned the house and ran errands.

Remember I told you we have a new missionary in the family? Well, Bossy started her Church Service mission in the family history department today. It was fun to see her snazzy new name badge. Oh and the results for Giselle were posted. Scout was put in the Peasant 1 group and Crafty is a Willi (or a dead princess as she tells me...) Fajita scored a major role as Bathilde, so that was pretty exciting. I'm still working on the grant proposal for the city, but I'm hoping to get that done up tomorrow.

I borrowed some beautiful serving trays from one of my neighbors and Drama Queen says we have to set up a mock table tomorrow to see if our settings will look good for the wedding. I'm also thinking I want to go over to the church and measure a chair so we can put together the bows for the chairs before we are sitting there stressing them the night before the wedding. I think it's finally time to make that one last big master list to see if I forgot anything.

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