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Feb 20, 2017

Happy Birthday, Burrito!

On Saturday, my cute grandson, Burrito, finally achieved the decade mark. I can't believe he is really 10 years old. Where did the time go?  When we started this blog he was almost 4. I'm so glad Bossy and I took the time to set up this chronicle of our lives so we can look back and see all the fun and crazy things we have done.

Like most typical boys, Burrito wanted corn dogs for his birthday dinner. In an effort to please everyone, Bossy and I decided on baked potatoes with all the fixings as a side dish. We also threw in salad, fresh pineapple, and some green beans just to make it a little more healthy. It seemed to go over well; at least no one complained.

Burrito is such a good kid. He was sweet and grateful about every gift he was given, even the half-eaten box of popcorn from Curly. Although my cute Curly knew how much Burrito enjoyed his popcorn at the Jazz game so he carefully tucked away the rest of his so he could give it to him today.

Beauty and The Beast found a quiet corner to cuddle.
Gamer had to leave for work before we got to cake, so Twiz lit the candles. Burrito was so funny, covering his own mouth so he didn't accidentally blow them out before they were all lit and the birthday song was over.

My sweetie left about 9:00 to run Prima Donna back to Ogden. We worked on cleaning up the party, reading scriptures, and getting kids to bed. Now the house is finally quiet. The Dog Walker is working on an assignment for school while I write this post and my sweetie just sneaked downstairs for a midnight snack. Love these happy family days.

Feb 19, 2017

A Little Bribery

Today was so nice.

I wasn't unproductive, but every once in a while I like to be able to choose what I do instead of having it thrust upon me. That's not entirely true of the day. I still had to finish up the tax search this morning, but by noon I finally had all the documents together and the Dog Walker took them to my tax friend.

My sweetie is building a bathroom in the basement for my dad and he got almost all the tile set in the shower today and the floor leveled so he can lay the floor tile on Monday. Since he is in such a confined area, he is limited on how much help he can use, but we did spend a couple of hours cleaning up the utility room and the food storage area to make it easier for him to work.

Teach's baby was due today, but nothing is happening yet. I'm guessing Monday or Tuesday. If she makes it all the way until her appointment on Thursday, I think they will schedule an induction, but we will just have to wait and see.

Sport went to a merit badge pow wow this morning and came home with yet another unfinished badge. I was so frustrated with the fact that he had almost a dozen merit badges mostly done that I bribed him. I know, it's so unlike me... I offered him a new pair of joggers if he could finish all three of the Citizenship badges before bedtime.

He can be bribed!
He groused around and complained a bit and then got started. Before 10:00 pm he had finished the last requirement! So proud of him! Even if it wasn't all self-motivated, he did the work by himself. He has nearly finished the ones he needs for his Eagle now. I think he has 3 left and they are all in various stages of completion.

Hmmm.... maybe he could use a new shirt to go with those joggers???

Feb 18, 2017

Another Friday

I hesitate to tell you that I spent almost the entire day getting ready for my tax appointment. It really shouldn't take that long! The appointment was at 8:00 and by 3:00, I was doing so well I decided to take a break... Scout and I drove out to the DMV to get new plates for this little beater car we got for Crafty.

Really, it's not that bad, but it looks like the same car Princess's old boyfriend used to drive, so every time I pull up to the house my mind immediately goes to "What's he doing here?" especially since he is still serving his mission in Minnesota for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

I even decided I had time for groceries so we stopped at Sam's. The kids were very grateful to have milk again...
Sure love this guy!

Our tax appointment ran smoothly except for the hiccup about Prima Donna's school expenses. Her phone is broken and that makes it incredibly hard to get hold of her, but even without those final numbers, we should still be getting a nice refund. We celebrated by stopping at Red Robin for a late dinner before we went home.

Can I please have a few minutes to relax now?

Feb 17, 2017

From Taxes to Nuggets

I've spent a good part of my day working on my taxes. I don't love sorting paperwork since we have a couple of small business-type things as well as all the school expenses and stuff, but I do love it when my hard work reaps a nice refund for us.

When I haven't been camped out in my office, I was busy preparing for my cub scout meeting. I don't know why I get so stressed over that sort of thing. Really, it's ridiculous, they are only a half dozen small boys. Sport was even nice enough to bring one of his boxes full of Legos and that kept them entertained until it was time for us to pack up and go home.

Sport and I spent an hour at the middle school talking to his teachers at parent teacher conferences. He's an excellent student, so usually we just get to hear people say how amazing he is. That's pretty much what it was tonight. Then I picked up the girls from dance and we loaded up to take the kids to McDonald's for free chicken nuggets. It was this phone app from the game last night that if the Jazz stole 6 balls, then we could get a free 6pc nugget. The app was a bit difficult to download, but it finally worked and we were able to collect our prize.

I tried to play basketball tonight with my women's team, but I didn't do very well. In fact, Sport even asked me if I thought I would ever be too old to play with the women... you think maybe that's a hint?


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