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Nov 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

What a crazy, crowded day!!

I love having my family around me and today was one of those days when we had everyone here... just not quite all at the same time so we couldn't take any pictures. Lil Sis and her family also joined us for the day and the fun. The total number of people who ate or passed through my house today was 34.

We started with our Charlie Brown Thanksgiving feast about 12:30. The kids had been eating pie and picking at the rolls all morning, so they weren't as hungry as usual. Scout played Peppermint Patty since today is actually her 12th birthday.

Hungry, Scout?

After we cleared away lunch, I helped my sweetie with the potatoes and the kids played games. It was so beautiful outside that most of the kids played football and basketball or jumped on the trampoline.

Twizlet and I took a little nap for an hour during the middle of the day and when we got up, we were in full time feast preparation mode. It was 6:45 when we finally got everyone seated. I (as Grandma) chose to keep the little ones all together in the kitchen and we had way more fun than those who were at the big table.

Things are finally cleaned up and most of the kids have drifted away to their own homes or off to shop somewhere. I am boiling down the turkey for soup and the ones still here are playing board games. Grandpa, Dog Walker, and Cat Lover are all watching It's a Wonderful Life. Princess and The Frog are staying the night again tonight and Sport and Curly are staying at Bossy and Gamer's house.

I hope your family enjoyed being together, sharing food and love and building memories.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us.

Nov 22, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving Eve

Princess has been cooking up a storm! She and The Frog are spending the night with us and first they made these yummy dinner rolls that were impossible not to snitch.

Now she is making pecan pies and the shells for Crafty's peanut butter cup pie. I, on the other hand, am having a difficult time getting into the baking spirit. It just doesn't feel like Thanksgiving here. We have had unseasonable highs and I ran around to stores and other errands in shorts and a t-shirt.

It's been a pretty quiet day other than that. I went to Smith's 3 times, so I hope I finally got everything we need. I spent the evening in my room wrapping Scout's birthday gifts first and then Christmas stuff afterward. My sweetie put on a sappy Christmas movie (which I thoroughly enjoyed).

We have all of the family coming up tomorrow and Lil Sis and her family. We are planning to eat around 5:00, so we have plenty of time to get things cooked up in the morning. I think I'll head back upstairs and turn on another Christmas movie...

Love Those Kabobs

You all know that Cave Tools is my favorite brand for barbecue tools, so I was pretty excited when they offered me another new product to review... their Kabob Set. We have had kabobs before, but my old skewers were hard to use and even harder to clean. We always had stuff fall off and land down in the grill and that made for even more cleaning.

One of the best things about Cave Tools set is that it has a little rack for the skewers to lay on. It keeps them off the grill (so things don't fall down in or get stuck) and it makes everything easier to transport from prep area to grill to table.

I must confess that my sweetie did all the cooking the night of the kabobs. I did help him skewer the veggies a bit, mostly so I could see how easily they pierced right through raw carrots. We even put on cauliflower just so we had a challenge and it went on easily without breaking things up. My old skewers would never have done that!

My compliments to the chef!
Things were easy to turn and even easier to push off when we had them at the table. I was surprised how quickly they were cool to the touch. In fact, I was pretty impressed with the entire setup. The only problem is that we didn't have enough skewers for everyone. I just might have to get a second set for my sweetie for Christmas.
Those mushrooms were my absolute favorite.

And you know I have a coupon code so we can all save a nice little chunk of change at the Cave Tools website. Just click here to order directly from Cave Tools and use the code KABOBSET15 to save 15% or if it's more convenient you can click here and order the set directly from Amazon.

Happy grilling!

Nov 20, 2017

Cookies With Santa

Our city advertised Cookies with Santa at the Gale Center for tonight. Teach wanted to take Twizlet over so I offered to bring Baby Doll and come with her. As it turned out, the Dog Walker, Scout, and Curly all piled in the car with us.

When we arrived, the line was incredibly long! Santa was only supposed to be there until 8:00 and that left us about 35 minutes. We climbed out of the car anyway.

Just waiting...

It wasn't long before the lady in charge came out to tell all of us that Santa was leaving right at 8:00 and it was possible that we would not make it through the line by then. We discussed it for a minute, but then decided to take our chances. No one else left either.

More waiting...
By 7:45, Teach was getting nervous. She sent Scout and Curly inside to check the progress of the line and make sure they still had cookies. (As it turned out, there were no cookies... it was simply a ploy to get us to vote for our favorite gingerbread house.)

At 8:00, there were still about 5 children in front of our group. Baby Doll started to panic, but that sweet Santa remained until every last child had a turn. Our group crowded together for a quick pic and then Teach put Twizlet on Santa's lap.

She took one look at him and screamed as loud as her little lungs could possibly muster.

Now we know why Santa wears that big furry hat down over his ears. Maybe someone should have given her a cookie...


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