Oct 25, 2016

Costume Fitting

While everyone else is being fitted for their Halloween costumes, Baby Doll is doing another sort of costume fitting. Today we drove to Ogden a little early for her rehearsal. You remember she is in a play at Weber State with Prima Donna called 6 Characters in Search of an Author?

After picking up Prima Donna, we drove to the Browning Center and found the costume shop. That place is incredible! I wish I would have taken pictures of their thread wall. It was covered with cones of different colors. I so want a wall like that. All my cones are just thrown in a box.

But I digress...

We waited for a few minutes while they finished the fitting before us and then Baby Doll and I entered a tiny dressing room and I helped her into this mock up of her actual dress. The fitting lady came in and started pinning and unpinning, adjusting here and there, dropping a hem, ripping a seam... It was pretty amazing to watch. I think I even learned a few things.

Baby Doll then skipped off for her 3-hour rehearsal. She didn't complain a bit, just mentioned that she was tired and hungry afterward. She even suggested we could drop Prima Donna at her apartment first so we didn't waste extra money on her for chicken nuggets at Burger King.

I thought it was funny, but Prima Donna wasn't very amused. We did take her with us and we even bought her a chicken sandwich. Then I gave her the change so she could actually do her laundry. She knows she has to get a job, but her availability is awful. She had two interviews today, but one of them dismissed her immediately when they found out about all the rehearsals. I'm sure she will figure it out. She can afford to pay her rent through February, and that is only if she doesn't buy any food... which is pretty unlikely with Baby Doll around.

Oct 24, 2016

A Family Tradition

Why is it that even when we don't have a Sunday birthday party, my sweetie comes up with some reason to get all the kids together for what he called a "not" party?

It happened like this. Remember our friend, Bob? He was/is our home teacher and has been since we moved into this neighborhood in 1994. I say it that way because technically he is no longer in our ward since he has been called to the bishopric in the YSA ward.

The kids absolutely love him and they love his Halloween ghost story. In fact, I'm not sure it can be Halloween without it.

So Bob called me earlier in the week and asked if he could come over for our annual tradition. My sweetie immediately planned a nice meal with sweet pork burritos and told me to see if any of the family wanted to come over... a NOT party. Of course they didn't want to miss out on the ghost story, so at 5:00, all but Beauty and The Beast, Gamer, Fajita, Bean Dip, and Prima Donna showed up at our door.

After we all stuffed ourselves on my sweetie's good food, we were sitting around waiting for Bob when he texted me to tell me he couldn't find the ghost story, but he would be over as soon as he did. Half an hour later he called. The story was officially lost and he was devastated.

Fortunately, a tender mercy was already in place for our wonderful, over-worked friend. Just this week at Activity Days, Scout had prepared this exact story as a family home evening lesson for our family, so she had all the props and even though they were slightly different from what we were used to, Bob was relieved and happy.

After our story and a nice visit, Bob rushed off to another church meeting. He can stay our home teacher for a long time.

Oct 23, 2016

Football and Basketball

Today was the last day of the regular season football games. Sport's team and Curly's team both beat their opponents without any nail-biting on my part. Curly even recovered 3 fumbles from the poor little team they were playing. Honestly, I don't think they even knew what hit them.

Sport played an excellent game as well. That puts his team in 2nd place with only one loss for the season. Curly's undefeated team is in first place; different age groups, of course.

Tonight I finished up the grape jelly and 7 1/2 quarts of tomato sauce. Then my sweetie and I took off for the movies. It's not often we have a date like that, but I really wanted to see Spirit of the Game (Mormon Yankees). It was awesome!

I don't think it will be in the theaters much longer, but if you get a chance, I highly recommend it, especially if you love basketball like I do. Such an amazing group of men and it validates my church calling as the sports director for the women. Sports can bring people together and open doors to different ideas and viewpoints.

It's nice to know that my Tuesday and Thursday nights at volleyball are important to more than just me.

Oct 22, 2016

Breaking Jars

I really can't take much credit for our day of canning. I was mostly rearranging the basement in the morning and my bedroom and the office in the evening, but in between I did do all the processing. With a little help from my sweetie, I also got a pot of tomato sauce on the stove although it's going to have to wait until tomorrow to finish.

Bossy made 28 quarts of green enchilada sauce except that when I was taking them out of the canner I dropped one on the floor. It was almost like slow motion watching that bottle fall and explode and there was nothing I could do about it. Boiling sauce and glass were everywhere. Thankfully none of the kids were here although they would probably have enjoyed the action.

It took a bunch of paper towels to sop everything up and get rid of the glass. I'm still not 100% sure I won't find a little piece with my bare feet.

The second batch came out fine and then I put in the two little pint jars of beans Bossy made for Princess and The Frog. They pressured for their 20 minutes and didn't even slip into the red zone, but sure enough, when I opened the canner, one of the jars was broken.

Fortunately, the grape jelly came out beautifully and the kids have already devoured nearly a quart of it.
I will have to make the rest tomorrow after the football games. It is actually the last Saturday for league games and next week we get to start the playoffs. Where has the season gone?

And what happened to the month of October?
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