Jul 6, 2015

Pics from Princess

My sweetie dropped Princess off at the airport yesterday morning. She has been terrified about the flying part of this trip since she has never been on a plane before. I'm pretty sure she was teasing herself a bit when she sent me this selfie right before takeoff.

Turns out flying wasn't so bad.

I wish I could tell you everything about her trip. I only know a few things, but I wanted to share some of her pics with you. They went to the Washington Monument as a group to watch the fireworks in the nation's capital. Princess said they were spectacular, but not the longest show she had ever seen.

Her favorite part of the whole evening was catching a firefly which is something she has always wanted to do. Too bad she couldn't smuggle it home in her suitcase! Her brothers and sisters were a bit jealous. When we went back east, none of them could find one and she did it on her very first night!

I don't have any info on these other fun pics, other than they are the contingent from her high school and one of her good friends.

Hopefully we can get the whole story from her when she gets home. Have a terrific week, Princess!

Jul 5, 2015

4th of July Activities

I know it was a holiday, but it was another busy day for us. My sweetie took Princess to the airport at 5:00 this morning so that she could get on a plane for Washington DC, and then since he was nearly there, he went to work.

Teach had to be to work at 6:00 AM and Bossy picked up Dog Walker about 6:30 AM so he and Fajita would be on time for their parade in Murray. I took Sport over to the church just before 7:00 AM so he could help set up flags this morning. (As a fund-raising project, our scouts put out flags for every home in our neighborhood on certain holidays.) It helps them pay for scout camps and activities.

When Bossy came back, she rousted most of the rest of the kids from bed and they all took off to find good seats for the West Jordan parade. I decided to skip that one. Since Fajita and Dog Walker were marching with the band in 3 separate parades today, I chose the one at 6:00 PM in Sandy. (It seemed appropriate.)

In between those two parades we had lunch, worked on the Citizenship in the Nation merit badge for Sport, and weeded the garden. Crafty, Prima Donna, and Drama Queen stayed home from the parade and cooked us a festive dinner of chicken tacos and patriotic bean dip. Prima Donna also made red, white, and blue swirled sugar cookies that were super yummy!

After dinner we cleaned up and piled in the van to head over to the West Jordan fireworks. They had tons of people there and we had to park about a mile away, but we had good seats and the fireworks were amazing.

It wasn't our typical 4th of July BBQ and then family fireworks, but we had fun and worked hard to build memories. That's what it's all about, isn't it?

Jul 4, 2015

Antelope Island

When I was a 5th grader way back in the dark ages, one of my favorite field trips was going to Antelope Island. I don't remember much about it except that when we got in the water we actually floated very easily. It has always been somewhere I wanted to go as an adult and take my children, but we always have an excuse to do something else.

So I put it on the Girl Scout calendar.

When I put things on the scout calendar, they are pretty much set in stone. That said, we were supposed to go in April, but when I called out there to make arrangements, they told me about the biting gnats and I decided we could just move our trip until all of those gnats were gone.

The date we chose was today, July 3. The Ranger's name was Charity and she was happy to do a 1-hour class with us before we got in the water. We arranged for 3:00 and we showed up at the appointed place about 2:50 pm. It was hot!

We took a few minutes slathering sunscreen and spraying for bugs and then we made our way to the pavilion. Her class was fun and informative! Even my sweetie was impressed. Then we made our way to the beach.

I think he should enter this one.
The water level is very low this year and it was about half a mile walk to get to the water. There were tons of brine flies and some of the kids were pretty upset about them, but we pushed through and got ourselves in the water. We had to wade out quite a ways before the flies left us alone, but once the kids got past the fact that they were swimming in dirty water, they loved the buoyancy of the salt and they played and splashed for about an hour.

When they were finally finished, we hiked back up the beach and some of the kids showered before we loaded into the vans. We drove around the island, exploring the different lookout points from the window since it was getting late. My sweetie wanted to get a good picture for his work's photo contest, so he kept stopping to take pictures. We were pretty excited to get this close to a real antelope!

The girls opted to leave the island and find a park to grill our hot dogs and eat dinner. They didn't want to share their food with the brine flies. It was a good choice. We found a quiet little park in Syracuse and we had the place to ourselves.

Most of us were still covered with salt and sand, but the kids really enjoyed this adventure. My sweetie says we are going back for Labor Day. I can think of a few (hundred) other places I'd rather visit without quite so many bugs.

I'll let you know.

Jul 3, 2015

Hold on to What You Have

We finished all these names.
Bossy, Gamer, Teach, Dog Walker and I spent a beautiful evening in the temple doing sealings for some of Gamer's deceased ancestors. We were scheduled for the 8:00 pm session and Bossy had an envelope full of names that were cleared and ready to go.

Although Bossy and Gamer have spent many evenings in the temple, this is the first time they had done sealings since they were sealed as a family back in January. The cool thing is that it is pretty much the same ceremony. I love listening to those beautiful words and promises.

Temple Selfie
I have some dear friends who live up the street. Her husband was diagnosed with cancer the day after he retired and they have not had much success with treatments. They were in our sealing session today and watching them together and their love and tenderness with each other as they knelt together was something I won't ever forget. They are amazing examples of living and loving in the now and trusting in God to decide their future. I admire them so much!

Bossy's high school friend is burying her newborn tomorrow after a heartbreaking loss. Life is just so fragile. We need to appreciate what we have. I'm the queen of wrapping myself up in too many activities and projects. Am I really listening to what my kids say? Am I telling them I love them often enough? Am I taking the time for a hug or a laugh or a spontaneous adventure?

Life can just change so quickly. Hold on to what you have.

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