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Mar 29, 2017

Little Gold Box

Lots of fun things have been happening for Scout lately. A couple of days ago she got this adorable little gold box in the mail. All the kids were super excited to see what kind of treasure it might hold.

I finally let her open it.

She was so surprised to see these cute ballet slipper earrings from SmitCo. One of my favorite parts about blogging is finding out about new companies and trying their products. I had never even heard of SmitCo before, but they have dozens of products and they are available on Amazon, one of my favorite sites.

And I was right. Now they all want something...

Mar 28, 2017

DARE Graduation for Scout

It's hard to believe that Scout is in 5th grade and old enough to graduate from DARE! Here in Utah some communities have this anti-drugs, alcohol, tobacco program for their elementary schools. Our city happens to be one of them.

I love that they come into the schools and teach the kids all of these great things, but mostly I love that the kids are getting to interact with police officers in a good way so they aren't afraid of them and they feel comfortable talking with them.

Our high school has a dedicated officer and the middle school also has a police presence. Over her high school career, Fajita has gotten to know the officer at Bingham quite well. He even knows I am her grandma. The good part is that Fajita always feels safe talking with him and he always has time for her. It's almost like having another counselor, but this one wears a uniform.

At the very end of the graduation program, the kids from all 3 classes all wore their green DARE shirts and sang a catchy tune written just for the occasion. It was all pretty fun, relatively short, and they served cookies afterward. I'm thinking very likely the best graduation program I have ever attended!

Mar 27, 2017

Shower for Savannah

Today all the girls (except Prima Donna, Bossy and Fajita) rode down to Utah County for a bridal shower for my cute niece. She is getting married on April 8 and we are pretty excited for her.

Baby Doll was so happy to be included in the grownup festivities she could hardly sit still. My sister-in-law throws a fantastic party with tons of amazing food. The younger girls were stunned when they realized that as long as they weren't sitting by me, they would be allowed back to the desserts as many times as they wished.

Twizlet was the hit of the party, of course, and they just loved passing her around. She endured it all with mostly good spirits. This coming week is spring break for Teach and then she goes back to teaching full time. My kids are all off track now and we are trying to get things in order so we don't waste all that time together.

I always have these great and grand plans. Sometimes they work!

Sometimes they don't.

Mar 25, 2017

The Big Announcement

Sorry to be so slow posting today, but I have been waiting for the big announcement! Beauty and The Beast went in for their 20-week ultrasound this morning and we have been waiting all morning for them to take guesses on Facebook.

I'm just thrilled with another new grandchild. In truth, I did not really care if we were going blue or pink, but I know it is a big deal to the parents.

So are you ready? Drum roll please...

In The Beast's own somewhat inappropriate words:

"Its a grand ol'flag, it's a high flying flag and forever in his pants may it stay!


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