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Nov 16, 2018

Are You as Busy as I Am?

This week has been absolutely exhausting!

Today was no different. I got up early after going to bed late. I helped get the kids off, took a shower and set off to run the same errands I've been running all week.... hanging posters in the schools for our Nutcracker coming up.

I had 11 posters left to do from a stack of 40 extras, but I only hung 5 even though I visited about 10 schools in my 2 hours out and about. I also dropped some papers at the middle school and Grandpa's shirts at the cleaners. It was 10:58 when I pulled in for my 11:00 drop dead time, but Twiz was already here with Twizlet.

After getting her some pears and cottage cheese, I took 10 minutes to breathe, and then I headed for the craft room. I had 6 blankets that had to be embroidered, clipped, and bags stuffed for our cute cheerleaders before the 6:00 football banquet for Curly.

It was slow going, but got even slower when Skittles showed up about 12:30. He was not having a good day, and even holding him nonstop didn't make a difference, but it did matter to my embroidery machine... I finally put him down and made a little progress. This pattern required 5 thread changes and lots of clipping.

At 3:15, Bossy showed up and then we were able to get things moving. She was joined by Drama Queen so they could clip for me and help stuff the bags. At 5:50, I sent my sweetie and Curly out the door without me. I still had one blanket to go. Drama Queen was still helping me every step of the way.

At 7:15, I finally pulled out of the driveway. Six darling bags were in a larger one and ready to be delivered. The kids loved them and since things were so crazy, there aren't any pics, but after I get the one done for Baby Doll tomorrow, I'm put it up for you.

Someone said, "You're amazing!"
I said, "No, if I were, I wouldn't have been over an hour late."

Happy Friday! Hopefully it will be just a bit easier...

Nov 14, 2018

Tadpole's First Haircut

Today was a special day. Princess had something to do in town so she drove the hour up here and I got to babysit Tadpole for the first time. At family parties, he hasn't been all that excited to see me, but today he was perfectly content to play with toys and read books until his mama got back.

Two of my favorite guys
Princess was meeting Drama Queen after work to go to Ikea and needed to kill an hour, so I offered to help give Tadpole his first haircut. After getting the go-ahead from daddy, we proceeded to take some pics and then he sat nervously on my lap while Princess made the first couple of cuts.

A little nervous
Just finish already!

So traumatic!
Then we moved Tadpole to her lap and I finished him up. He looked cute as ever! Then I offered to cut Princess's hair and she was thrilled for a trim. It turned out to be a little more than that, but she was very pleased with the results. (It seems I'm not the only one with breakage during pregnancy...)

I loved spending the afternoon with my sweet daughter. She is such a good mom and I'm so proud of her. Tomorrow is the big gender reveal! So much excitement!

All done!

Nov 13, 2018

Come and See The Nutcracker

I am so excited about our version of The Nutcracker this year!!

First of all, Crafty is the Snow Queen and one of the Chinese dancers. Curly is in Russian again this year, and for the very first time, Baby Doll will get to be part of all the excitement. Like Crafty, she has two roles. In Act I, she is a Party Girl and in Act II she is an Angel.

If you are close by, come and see their performances! And don't worry, I will remind you again in a couple of weeks when it is time for the show. This poster should have all the info you need. If not, leave me a comment and I will get back to you.

Since we are talking about comments, I want to publicly thank my sweet friend LeAnn. Honestly, she comments on every single post! I love it when someone comments, so don't be shy; I will answer.

Nov 12, 2018

Oquirrh Community Powder Puff Derby

Every Saturday in my life is just so busy and this week was no exception. This time we had practice starting at 10:00 AM for the Primary kids including me. After that it was straight to Nutcracker rehearsal for Baby Doll.

The Derby started at 2:00 and we were worried that she wouldn't be finished with rehearsal in time, so we got her car all checked in and Scout promised to be Baby Doll until we got there. Then Sport and I took off to pick her up from the dance studio. We got back to the church about 2:30, just as they were calling for the first race.

Baby Doll's car ran in 4 heats and she took 1st place every time, but because the races were timed, she come up with 4th place, just being edged out of a trophy.

At 4:30, they began checking in cars for the older girls. They didn't have as many entries, but still Scout was nervous. Finally, it was time to race.

She won the first two races by a wide margin, but on the third race, her car was in lane 1 and at the bottom of the drop, it jumped the track and did not finish the race. Scout said she didn't care, but I knew better. A zero on her track time would keep her completely out of the top 3 for sure.

Then the guy placing cars asked the guy in charge to check the track. I took advantage of that moment to remind the racemaster that when other cars had jumped that he had rerun the races. I also pointed out that so far she had posted the fastest times.

What could he do? He reran the race and she placed even faster than usual with a 3.52. So far, none of the others girls had posted a single speed that was faster than her slowest time. She was trying to play it cool, but the corners of her mouth kept tugging upward.

Only one race to go and she mastered it without any technical problems. As expected, she took home the 1st place prize which consisted of a small trophy and a certificate, neither of which was nearly as good as the bragging rights that came with her 1st place finish..


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