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Jan 17, 2017

Martin Luther King Holiday

Sorry I didn't post last night. We had another exciting day here! Since all the kids were out of school for the holiday, we decided to drive the couple of hours to Sanpete County to visit my cute MIL. I don't know if I mentioned that I have been helping in the final editing of my sweetie's grandmother's history, but this book is almost ready for the publisher.

There were two of these beauties right in the middle of town!
My MIL and her brothers and sister are planning a huge family party to release this book and of course we are right in the thick of things. Drama Queen has been asked to write a play about this incredible woman's life and then we are responsible for recruiting actors (I think because we have the most kids!), arranging props and costumes, and staging the final event.

Thank goodness we have until May! Although much of the work will need to be done upfront. That was one of the main reasons we headed south. After visiting for a while, we loaded Curly, Sport, Drama Queen, and my sweet MIL into the car and we drove over to the church where we will be having the party.

We checked tables and chairs for the meal as well as the lights, sound system, and stage. Drama Queen started planning things in her head and the boys searched for a basketball. They finally found one that was totally flat. It was pretty funny watching them try to shoot it and then giggling as it fell like a rock to the floor without even the tiniest bounce.

When we were finally finished, we headed back to the house where my sweetie had concocted a delicious creamy potato soup.After that the kids went sledding. We talked costumes and my MIL sent a whole box of things home with us so that we could see how they might work out.

We were later getting home than we had planned and my little ones were late for their dance classes, but it all worked out. Drama Queen is also thinking of buying a house so we went to look at one and got visiting there until almost 8:00 when we had to pick up Crafty from dance.

Back at the house the kids had made mac n cheese for dinner, so my sweetie swept me away to Herriman to get more cookie forms for the troop and then to Kohl's to buy me something for my birthday next week and then out to a late dinner at Chili's.

After getting the kids off to bed, cutting my sweetie's hair and beard, and finishing what had to be done, I was too tired for anything else. It was a fun, exciting day, but exhausting as well. One of these days I might have to think about slowing down a little...

Jan 16, 2017

Guest Blog: Our Honeymoon Cruise by Princess

I promised you a peek into Princess and The Frog's honeymoon cruise, and here it is. Princess has always been a fantastic journal keeper, so other than the names and moving the pictures around a bit, I'm not changing anything. They look so cute and happy, just like newlyweds should be!


Jan 2, 2017
We are on our cruise! We drove to the airport in the snow (mom and dad took us). Our flight was delayed nearly an hour while trying to unfreeze and various other things, but we got to the shuttle and then the ship. The Frog upgraded our room without telling me so we have a beautiful view. Food has been good and they had a fun opening ceremony. It’s been a really rocky ride and I’ve been dizzy and walking funny, but hopefully I get used to it and can relax more. Oh, and also I love my husband.

Jan 3, 2017
Just an at-sea day. We took naps, read, saw an ice show that was awesome and an Eagles (the band) tribute and then the Love and Marriage Show. I got escargot today just to say I did. We had a good day :)

Jan 4, 2017
We woke up early so we could have breakfast in the dining room which was kinda fun. I don’t think we will do it again. Then we went swimming and on the water slides; we had drinks on the lounge chairs by the pool and it was so cruisey. We went to Costa Maya today and bought flutes for all my family, a pair of maracas (for me) and a nativity (also for me). I had pasta, spinach dip and creme brulee for dinner. We went to an acrobatic show that was really fun. Oh, and I love the coconut macaroons and I’ve been eating them all day (and proceeded to eat them the rest of the cruise). We’re having a blast!

Jan 5, 2017
We woke up early today to get to Belize. The water was too shallow for the ship so we parked it a ways off and took boats to shore. Then we took a 2.5 hour boat ride down the Belize river (on a third boat). We saw iguanas, birds, mahogany trees, dolphins, a croc and manatees. (Supposedly, I’m not sure if they really were. It was just kinda ripples of water and little black spots that were supposed to be their noses.) The shopping was slim but we bought a spoon for Grandpa and another nativity. We came back and were so tired we took a nap until dinner. Then we went to a really bad comedian. Now we’re in our room early because we’re still tired from the day in the sun and there wasn’t anything interesting going on. (Yeah, Princess, we believe that... you are on your honeymoon after all! ;)

Jan 6, 2017
I can’t believe today is still the day we were in Cozumel, Mexico! We also went to the Quest performance which was quite interesting. We watched a movie in the pool (it was freezing!) but fun. For dinner I had roast beef, soup, and Baked Alaska. We bought toy crossbows (with suction cups for arrow points) and they took them away in security (since they were weapons) and said we would get them back once we left. (Isn't that crazy?!)

Jan 7, 2017
Today we went through a storm and it was bumpy! I went out of the room for lunch and could barely eat anything and have been in the room since. I was all dressed to go to dinner and then I threw up so The Frog went by himself and brought me a piece of pie. I’m just lying in bed watching tv and still feeling like crap.

That was the last full day of their trip and we picked them up at the airport on Sunday night. We are grateful that The Frog's parents treated them to such a memorable and fantastic trip.

Jan 15, 2017

Cookies and Basketball

My day was pretty much filled with 3 things: selling Girl Scout cookies, coaching basketball, and making treats for Teach's baby shower next week.

I managed to get the kids up about 9:30, hoping and assuming that Crafty and Baby Doll could get a bunch of cookie orders while I took Scout to her basketball game. That was coaching assignment number one, although to be fair, I asked Grandpa to step up today and be the head coach. He chose the teams and did the substitutions, but that didn't stop me from pacing the side of the floor and hollering instructions to the girls. They played a great game, but we still ended up losing.

When we got home just after 11:00, the kids had sold a few cookies and the house was a disaster. Drama Queen put things in order while I grabbed a bite to eat and then dropped Crafty at her rehearsal on my way to the second game. Dog Walker is technically the head coach of Baby Doll's team, but I'm afraid I tend to get a little excited and forget that sometimes. I should really step aside and let him do all the substitutions and things, but every week it doesn't happen. He had to be at work at 2:00 so he was a little nervous anyway.

They don't keep score in the kindergarten leagues, but I think these two teams were pretty even. Baby Doll made 4 baskets! She and one of the other boys were the only ones who shot the ball although the game was much better than last week. Maybe that is because I sent an email to the coordinator of our league...

I got back home just after 1:00 and had a minute to sit down and send a few texts and inquiries about cookies before we were off yet again. Sport's game was at 2:00 and his coach was out of town. Nobody wanted to step up, so when the coach's wife asked me last night at practice, I agreed. I tend to stay away from coaching the older boys. They don't seem to trust or respect me as a coach. You can figure out what that means.

But Sport was willing and I just took charge and put the boys on the floor. They played well and when one of the boys kept trying to overrule my coaching decisions, I finally put him on the bench to cool off for a couple of minutes. Honestly, when the other team is much faster, a zone is the best defense! We lost 35 - 19, but it was one of the better games the boys have played. One of the boys actually asked me if I would always be their coach!

Back at the house, Salsa was waiting around getting later and later for his 3:00 game, so we hopped in the car and sped off. We got there at 3:08 so he only missed the first half of the first quarter. Did I tell you Bossy started her new job as a cake decorator at Sam's Club? This was her first entire shift, so we had to help her kids get where they needed to go.

Back at the house by 4:30, I worked the phone for over 2 hours recording cookies orders from my friends and relatives. Thank you everyone for being so supportive! My sweet girls got a few orders of their own. Drama Queen made dinner and the orders became more sporadic so I worked on these cute favors for the shower in between texts. Oh, and Crafty got her answer for the Sweetheart's Dance.

Still so much to do.

That makes today pretty much like every other day of my life.

Jan 13, 2017

Her First Date

Can you believe my cute Crafty is 16 years old now? She's not really interested in driving and I haven't been able to convince her to go on a date...

...until now.  That's right! All it took was a trip to WalMart for the supplies to make the invitation and a $9 hoodie. Yes, she truly is that shy. Did I ever tell you that I paid Princess $10 to accept her first kiss?

But I digress...

So after our trip to WalMart, we came home and Drama Queen wrote a cute letter (she is really good at that sort of thing) that used all the candy bars to form the invitation. I helped Crafty tape them all on and then Scout did the delivery because Crafty was sitting in the chair with her hair half done for the dance concert.

Once the asking was finally over, I was thinking the fun part would be next as she planned what to do and what to wear, but buying a dress was incredibly painful. It was like the weddings all over again. Too many girls to help her choose and too many stipulations on what was modest, long enough, the right color, too formal, not formal enough... you get the idea.
Amazon Model

Finally, we came to some sort of momentary agreement so I quickly ordered the dress before she could change her mind and it's done. The girl in this pic is obviously not Crafty, but the model from the Amazon site. When we get the dress next week, I'll show you a pic of it on my own beautiful girl.

Now to plan the day activity...


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