Sep 18, 2014

Blast from the Past: Power Wheels

My kids LOVE Power Wheels! Just recently my sweetie ordered a couple of new batteries and the kids (especially Curly) have been riding them all over.

I had forgotten how much Sport and Scout enjoyed them when they were little until Bossy sent me these pics of them. These are from 2009, so they would be almost exactly the same ages as Curly and Baby Doll are now.

Why is it they grow up so fast?
Hey wait, Bossy just sent me more. Where does she come up with all of these? Hope you enjoy all my little riders from May 2009.


Crafty and Bean Dip

Scout and Taco


Sep 17, 2014

Not Worth It

Last night I told Baby Doll she had to eat a bowl of cereal because she wouldn't be able to eat after midnight. It wasn't long before reality dawned on her. With tears glistening in her brown eyes, she asked, "Why can't I eat, Mom?" The same thing came up two weeks ago and for exactly the same reason.

The dentist.

My sweet girl has had some real issues with her teeth. Two weeks ago she got a shiny silver crown and several other fillings. Today was supposed to be much easier with just two small cavities to fill on the other side of her mouth.

The process was the same, she still had to drink that medicine that made her a little loopy and unable to stand up straight. Then she sat in the big chair and watched Frozen. She was a real trooper through the whole thing and when it was over, the dentist confessed to me that the one filling was much deeper than he had expected it to be.

She got to choose 3 prizes and all of them were cute little rings like this one. She loves them, but I'm thinking they are just not worth it...

Sep 16, 2014

Guest Blog: CES Devotional Choir by Elder Dog Walker

I know that I should always talk about my mission, but I've been asked to talk about an amazing thing that's ever happened to me in my life, and of course, Sister Teach's life. She and I got to be in a combined Institute Choir for the CES Devotional with Elder D. Todd Christofferson. It was broadcasted throughout the world for everyone to see and hear Elder Christofferson and the choir.

For the past three weeks, Sister Teach and I went to rehearsal to make sure that we were all set with the other members to sing two of the best hymns from the hymnbook Be Still My Soul and God Be With You Till We Meet Again. She sang Soprano while I sang Bass.

After we sang the first song, Elder Christofferson got to give his talk about service and how we help everyone in the world to feel more faithful and to know that it's true. I wanted to embed the devotional from, but they didn't have a link that said embed, so I could just link it to you and you can watch it whenever you have the time. It was a great talk and to watch out for me and Sister Teach being in the choir. Teach is on the back row and I'm in the middle.

Sep 15, 2014

It's That Time of Year Again..

That's right! It's September and even though we are crazy busy and the deadlines are about 2 weeks earlier than normal, my kids all still want to enter the PTA Reflections contest. So today after a fun and exciting birthday party for my dad at Li'l Sis's house, we got home about 8:30. The hour or so window that followed was my opportunity for the kids to do something for 3D Art.

I remembered how much fun they had when we worked with clay for the Festival of Trees Christmas tree we donated last year, so I bought some different colors of Sculpey and let them have at it! Since I don't want anyone to borrow their fun ideas, I'm not going to show you the finished projects right now, but I'm sure glad to have one more category out of the way!

Now if I could just figure out a way to get them to extend all the deadlines by a couple of months...

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