May 3, 2016

South Pointe Ballet's Giselle

I wanted to share with you about last weekend's performance of Giselle.  It was a new ballet for South Pointe and my girls were so excited to be a part of it!

Once again we split up our attendance to try to get someone in the audience for them at every performance and that almost worked. Fajita played the part of Bathilde, Crafty was one of the Wilis (which means one of a group of dead dancers that likes to kill off men by makeing them dance until they die...yeah, the story is a little sketch...), and Scout was a peasant. I'm so proud of all of them! They did a great job!

Fajita's part required a lot of acting and a little dancing. In the story it is her fiance' that falls in love with Giselle. I was pleased to see that she wore a dress that I made originally for Sleeping Beauty but it was never used because I was given the wrong size.

Crafty and Scout didn't come out afterward in their costumes for me, so you only get to see the pics that were taken by Bossy when she and Drama Queen were in the audience. I love that South Pointe offers more opportunities for my kids to dance although I still prefer the Nutcracker and my all time favorite has been Coppelia.

So far.

May 2, 2016

Birthday Party for Gamer

We celebrated Gamer's birthday today even though he isn't officially a year older until next Saturday. He wanted to defer to Mothers' Day, which is probably a good thing.

My sweetie made him a huge pot or 2 of chili and according to Bossy, he made this lovely "chili fort," although when I asked him about the pic, he said he was just trying to soak up the extra liquid and it just happened to look like he was being super creative. (He wouldn't want to smirch his reputation, although I happen to know he has way more creativity than he lets on...)

He's not a big cake fan, so we had Klondike bars and presents. Bossy's favorite gift he got was a silly book of "Man Cave" jokes and she kept sharing them at ridiculous intervals. He was pretty pleased with the set of Tupperware bakeware full of chili that I sent home with him (keep the container!) even though he would never admit it.

He's a pretty good guy, although he would never admit that either.

Happy early birthday, Gamer! You will always be my best first son-in-law!

Apr 30, 2016

Another Comcast Day of Service

A couple of months ago, Bossy asked me if we would like to help with the Comcast Day of Service at her neighborhood school. We had so much fun helping with the one at Bingham last year, that I finally agreed to sign up. It's amazing what my kids will do for a donut and a free t-shirt!

We started in the cafeteria at 7:30, eating donuts with milk and all donning our green Comcast t-shirts. Bossy and her family showed up a few minutes later. We managed to get the bunch of us assigned to two different teams, the guys outside planing trees, and the girls in the library.

It was easy work; we were assigned to pull all the videos off the shelves, wipe everything down and then replace it in the same order. The work was fun and went quickly. Baby Doll and Chips were excited at first to be included, but got bored after a while.

When we were finished in the library, we moved back to the cafeteria and helped wash down all the folding chairs from the racks. Then we decided to join the boys outside with the tree-planting group. They were nearly finished with their task, but we found a bunch of dandelions that needed to be uprooted from the field. By the time we had dug them all up, stuffed them in our garbage back and replaced the divots, it was time to head back to the cafeteria for pizza and a farewell.

The kids were given several boxes of pizza to take home as well as a couple dozen donuts. It was nice to have lunch covered for everyone.

The kids finished their service project at my house, helping my sweetie dig all the weeks and tiny bits of grass out of the park strip. We are going to add wood chips to it and stop fighting with the grass and trying to get it to grow.

It would be nice if we could get the kids to work this hard every Saturday. Maybe I could bring home donuts and t-shirts for everyone...

The Amazing Mother's Day Purse Project

So I have an amazing friend named Heather and she sent out this letter from Instagram several months ago.

Every year for almost 20 years (Wow! Crazy that it has been that long.), my Mama, sisters and nieces have all gathered together on the Saturday before Mother's Day for a service project and luncheon (my Mama's beautiful and selfless idea, of course). Each year, we take turns planning what we will all be doing for the service project and where our luncheon will be. After what has seemed like a very long wait, it is finally my year again!!! Yay! Over the holidays, I had some pretty amazing experiences that all seemed to lead to the inspiration for the project I decided on for this year. I have personally been in the very humbling position of requiring assistance from others. It was so challenging to put my pride aside and accept help from others when I had always been the HELPER and not the HELPED. Every day since then, I have realized what a beautiful thing it was, for a period of time, to accept service from others. I have always loved serving others, but after experiencing first hand the true MIRACLES and tender mercies that came to our little family as a result of the angels who have served US through the years, I can't seem to get ENOUGH of service. I. Am. Hooked. This year, I felt strongly that I wanted our project to be "Women Serving Women." Not only did I want us to work to provide daily necessities for women in need, I wanted us to also provide the little extras that make us FEEL as beautiful on the outside as we are on the inside. When things are rough, those extras are unnecessary luxuries when babies need clothes and food isn't on the table. But they are also the "little things" that can remind us for a moment that we are strong, beautiful and capable of enduring the challenges we are currently facing. Trust me. I have been there.

My cute Girls (and nephew) buying makeup bags for the purse project.

This year, all of the Dahlquist women of all ages will be getting together on the Saturday before Mother's Day to put together purses for women in need. Necessities and little luxuries, all packaged in FABULOUS purses that will help these good women forget, for even the briefest moment, that life is so very challenging for them at the moment. I put together this SAMPLE PURSE to show what we will be collecting for each and every purse. Each purse will contain the following: 1. PURSE (NEW or VERY GENTLY USED CONDITION, Large enough for all items listed know we all have 2 or 3 in our closets that we aren't using, right? ;-)) 2. HYGIENE KIT (Full-size Shampoo/Conditioner [can be both or 2 in 1], Brush, Deodorant, Toothbrush, Full-size Toothpaste, Bar of Soap, Razor, Lotion, Small Tissues, Small package Tampons/Pads [the small ones found in travel sections or at the Dollar Store]) - in a gallon size baggie 3. BASIC MAKEUP KIT (Neutral Eye Shadow, Blush, Mascara, Lip gloss, Nail Polish) - in a quart size baggie or inexpensive makeup bag (Dollar Store has great ones) 4. NECKLACE, BRACELETS OR EARRINGS - wrapped nicely in a little box or cellophane bag 5. $20-$25 GROCERY GIFT CARD to WALMART or SMITHS and 6. COMPLETELY OPTIONAL EXTRAS: anything we'd like to add in order to make it more personal (gum, small first-aid or sewing kit, wet wipes, bandaids, q-tips, tictacs, perfume, manicure set, etc.
This year, instead of keeping it within the family, I have reached out to the community and friends in a service group I belong to. I feel such conviction about the importance of this project and know that obviously the more hands we have, the more we can do. There is great need.

Our goal is to collect and fill 150-200 purses by the Saturday before Mother's Day. A lofty goal, perhaps. However, over Christmas, I witnessed firsthand how the Lord absolutely MAGNIFIES the efforts of those who wish to serve in ANY capacity. He will provide.
If you'd like to get involved.....whether you are able to donate a completely filled purse, an empty purse to be filled or ANY of the elements to go inside of the purses....please let me know. Anything we can do is a blessing.

Today my Girl Scouts got involved. We went shopping and purchased 23 makeup bags and 42 necklaces from our troop account for this awesome service project. Heather confided in me that with such an outpouring of love from the surrounding community, she has been able to assemble over 400 purses for the women's shelter. Thanks, Heather, for helping us to remember to take care of our fellow man... uh woman.
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