Aug 27, 2016

Girl Scout Awards Picnic 2016

We managed to survive our Girl Scout Awards picnic. It was actually so fun to have all of my girls except Princess there and mostly wearing their scout vests and being happy that they share that sisterhood.

We had sloppy joes, chips, and salads with Brownies for dessert, of course.

Baby Doll loves that her little cousin is in the troop and they were so excited to bridge to Brownies so they can earn some of the "big girl" badges. We bridged all 5 of the older girls to Ambassadors. The only one not moving up was Scout and she just moved last year. Most of the ranks take 3 years to change.

Prima Donna earned her last three patches as a girl and we presented her lifetime membership from the foundation.

I wish they would have had that when Bossy was a girl in scouts. I couldn't afford her lifetime membership when she graduated from high school even though it was half price. When Drama Queen and Teach came along, we were prepared and we had the money available. Then the foundation picked up the costs for Princess and Drama Queen.

The last lifetime membership I paid for was $175 at half price, so it's a big deal. But now they can be leaders without ever having to pay membership again. Someday I might even cough up the money to buy one for myself.

Aug 26, 2016


I sure feel scattered today.

It's like I can't feel finished with anything. I hate that feeling; you know, where you run from project to project and nothing gets done? Not even your blog post?

All week I've been trying to prepare for the Girl Scout Awards Picnic. Buy the awards, prepare the awards, buy the food, prepare the food, gather the vests and all the tableware... did I forget serving spoons? The picnic is at the church pavilion, so it's not far away, but I just want to feel like I'm on top of things.

Curly is getting baptized next week and I'm trying to get everything together for that. Today they brought over his white jumpsuit. Yesterday I bought him a new white shirt to go with his new suit that needs to be hemmed. And I haven't even begun to think about food for that one.

And my sweetie's birthday is on Sunday, so I grabbed ice cream and stuff to make coconut pecan frosting while I was at the store buying ice and a little fridge for Grandpa is keep his insulin in. He is all moved in now and enjoying the luxury of a king-sized bed.

Princess and The Frog are seeing Newsies at the Capitol theater and Baby Doll was all upset because she forgot her blanket to sit on for the Teddy Bear Picnic.

Then there is football and Cupcake Club, Tupperware orders to deliver, homework, Youth City Council for Crafty, dance; it just never ends.

Anybody know how I can lose 20 pounds before my sweetie's high school reunion on Saturday night?

Aug 25, 2016

Riding the Course

Tuesday should have been Curly's first pack meeting for Cub Scouts, but instead he was at a mandatory dance rehearsal for production team. Remember when Princess was Mulan? Well, this year they are doing Peter Pan and Curly was cast as one of Captain Hook's pirates. Scout is also a pirate and Crafty is Captain Hook!

But I digress...

You probably remember that I'm a den leader for the Wolf Den, so I had to go to pack meeting anyway. Our Cubmaster had arranged a bike rodeo with the city and she was pretty disappointed with the number of kids, so I ran home and picked up Baby Doll (and the Cub Country patches I left laying on my desk...).

Baby Doll has only been riding without training wheels for about a month, so I was a little nervous about her ability to make the tight turns of the course, but she handled it like a pro. She is definitely not a spoiled youngest child. Her problem is that she is way too worried about other kids breaking the rules.

Aug 24, 2016

When Does It Get Easier?

Do you ever have one of those days when you just really don't want to get out of bed?

It's the first week of school and you probably remember that the Dog Walker has Autism. He doesn't like change and a new semester is definitely all about change.

We set his schedule back in April, but shortly afterward, they changed the time on one of his classes except that we didn't see it and the time change conflicted with his work schedule. So yesterday we were trying to fix the problem and of course we had already bought books and everything...

We did finally get him approved for a different class although that took me a half hour on the phone with the department and an exception. Then last night after I picked him up from work at 11:00, we were trying to get disclosures and stuff done for Crafty and Sport when they discovered they needed notebooks. After a bit of persuasion, the Dog Walker took Sport back to Walmart so he could buy what he needed. They got home just before midnight and we sent the kids off to bed.

Finally it was time to print stuff for the Dog Walker and make sure he was ready for classes.

He wasn't.

He needed a flash drive with at least 64 gig and he needed it today. So I sent him back to Walmart at 12:30, but he couldn't find what he needed. This morning he was beside himself so my sweetie took our backup flash drive and dumped 92 gig of pictures from it so the Dog Walker could be prepared.

I kept telling everyone that things would slow down after Princess's wedding. Remind me again... when does it get easier?

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