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Sep 24, 2017

Happy 21st Birthday, Princess!

We had a fun family get-together tonight for Princess. It was her real and actual birthday today and she insisted on making us all a delicious pumpkin cake. My sweetie made a pork roast and baked potatoes with a bunch of fresh fruit and salads, mostly from the garden; and my favorite, his homemade french bread.

He bought a ginormous watermelon from the Farmer's Market yesterday; we only used half of it and still had plenty more. The kids had fun playing a card game and visiting. As you can see, Twiz was working on his balancing skills.

Princess in the striped dress
He's pretty awesome! I think he might have been trying to be a layer cake...

Look Ma, no hands!
It's going to be a busy week. I told you the elementary kids are off track, so of course they will want to do some fun things and Dad wants them to do some work projects plus they have their preschool job and we have Twizlet to watch.

Crafty has her 17th birthday on Thursday and a party on Friday. And Fajita is supposed to be getting married on October 7, so I think we will be helping with the planning there. Not much time, so we will keep it pretty simple, but when the day is over, the important thing is not how the cake looked or the number of guests we served; but that these cute kids are married.

Busy Weekend

See what happens when you take a Drama Queen to the store with you??

Seriously though, we had fun!

Today was full of football. Three straight games and it was pretty cold out there. I was bundled up in my lovely heated coat and I felt bad for all those crazy guys who were still wearing shorts. Baby Doll spent the day with Lil Sis and her kids after they spent the night here with us. It was a crazy cousin party and they were all so excited to watch the Descendants movies.

Some of the girls went with me to the General Women's Conference. I know we could watch it on TV, but I love going to the church and seeing it on the big screen with so many beautiful women from my stake and their daughters.

When we got home my sweetie had a yummy dinner ready for us. After stuffing ourselves, Scout and I braved the rain and ran to WalMart to buy her a new pair of piercing studs. She has had so much trouble with her ears during football we decided that until the season is over, she will just wear the studs.

We got back and decided to dive into cleaning up the little girls' messy bedroom. It took us a couple of hours, but it looks so much better! I think we will have to get Curly's cleaned up next. It is much nicer, especially during off-track if they have clean rooms. Maybe I can even get my sweetie to clean carpets. That makes a huge difference.

He has been so busy this week helping Curly with his Pinewood Derby car. The race is on Tuesday. Don't worry, I'll certainly tell you all about it!

Sep 22, 2017

Crazy Life

Life is back up to its typical whirlwind. Last night, Crafty was inducted into the National Honor Society at Bingham High School. I'm so proud of her! She works so hard to get amazing grades and still take care of her club responsibilities.
Crafty on the right.

I finally finished and turned in the Grant Proposal for Nutcracker I have been working on all week. Yay!! So glad it is done.

We took our cub scout den to the Gale Center Museum today. They had so much fun looking around and being led on a tour by one of the oldest and most continuous scouters I know. He did an amazing job with them! So good, in fact, that Sport and I sat down at the checkers table and I proceeded to trounce him. He was a little annoyed.

I'm so glad my elementary-aged kids are going off track tomorrow. It will be nice to have them home to help me with Twizlet for the next 3 weeks. Maybe we can even find time to get their rooms cleaned.

Sep 21, 2017

Who Has a Birthday Coming Up?

It is almost Baby Doll's birthday and you know I am always looking for fun party ideas. When the kids hit middle school, they know they have to plan their own parties, but since she is only turning 7, I guess the planning will be up to me this time.

That's why I was so excited to get an email today from US Family Guide. They are working with a group called Colortime Crafts and Markers.and they offered to let me review one of their products. Of course, I pulled up their website and it looks like they offer all kinds of fun activities for kids for pretty affordable prices.

I'm excited to get a cute bag for Baby Doll to try out and I will let you know if she likes it. In the meantime, you can get one for yourself with a 15% discount. Just use this code.


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