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Sep 6, 2016

An Actual Emergency?

The cut is quite long.
We had just finished setting up the volleyball net when my cell phone rang for the first time. Curly was on the other end. "Just wanted to say I love you, Mom, and I've finished my job and I'm going to bed." I could almost feel him smiling through the phone. How could I be upset about a call like that? I wished him goodnight and stuffed my phone back in my pocket.

We bounced the ball around for another 20 minutes or so when my cell phone rang again. This time it was Prima Donna. Before she could say anything, I asked (somewhat impatiently), "Is this an emergency or can I call you later? We are in the middle of a volleyball game..."

I was a little surprised when she replied, "Actually, it is. I was making myself a grilled cheese sandwich and the knife slipped."

Unfortunately, one of the things we forgot to pack for her apartment was a first aid kit. She found a small piece of fabric and some electrical tape and concocted a makeshift bandage. After she finally got the bleeding stopped, she sent me a couple of pictures.

 We decided to wait it out and see how it looks in the morning, but I told her if she had been home, we would have been heading to the Instacare.

What do you think?


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Ouch! So that was yesterday when you posted that. How is it now? With the bleeding stopped it looks to me like it will be okay.

LeAnn said...

Wow, not a good things at all! If she cleaned it up good and the bleeding stopped; I think it is OK. If I had a bigger picture I could tell more. I'm a nurse and I have seen a lot of wounds and this appears to be a small one. Blessings and hugs for her!
I hate emergency calls for children. Hugs for you!


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