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Dec 18, 2013

2nd Quarter 2013

Grab button for Emmy-MomHere I am, linking up again with the year end review. It has truly been an eventful year for our family!

In April the girls were part of the Cinderella ballet. Dancing is just so important to them, and I love watching them perform!  Princess got her driver's license and the kids had breakfast with the mayor, but I think my favorite post is the one about Baby Doll and how big she is getting.

We played a lot of baseball and softball in May. Curly, Scout, Sport, Taco, and Burrito were all on various teams and that kept me at the ballpark nearly every night! My gall bladder decided it was time to part company, so I had surgery the same day as preschool graduation for Curly and that kept me down for half the month. Bossy and Gamer had their truck stolen, and my sweetie and I attended my 30th high school reunion. But I think my favorite post was cashing in our prize and spending the day with Thomas the Tank Engine in Heber City. Curly and Baby Doll just loved it! Good times.

June was full of swimming lessons, the dance recital, and various scout activities including the Cubmobile race, the cookie party, and jewelry boxes. My favorite post was about Scout's softball team. Her coach was an awful lot like me. I sure hope she chooses Scout again next year!

I just love these link ups, but I have to tell you these trips down memory lane take me a LONG time!! Is it prideful to want to reread everything I have written?

I'm so grateful for blogs! There are so many of these stories and just little things that happen every day that would have been erased from my memory by now.

Thanks for sticking with me. You all are the reason I try to post regularly, one of the main reasons I remember to grab the camera when I go somewhere.

Thank you for helping me keep these memories of my family alive.


Marci said...

I don't remember all of these ones--must've been because I had Emma and then spent more time at the hospital! I love rereading your posts, it is so fun!

LeAnn said...

Thank you for all the fun posts; I always enjoy them.You have such a busy and interesting life. There does not seem to be any dull moments.
Blessings and smiles!

Emmy said...

They take me a long time too as yes, I totally get caught up in rereading old posts, but that is what is so great about blogging, that we have all those things and moments documented.


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