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Apr 15, 2013

So Big

On Saturday night my sweetie and I took a little time to ourselves and went out for the evening. We started at Kohl's since some of the kids had a few needs we had to satisfy. Crafty and Prima Donna needed black sports bras for their performing team costumes and they have a competition this week. Princess had torn her white cami and really need a new one to keep herself modest, and Sport blew through the bottom of both gym shoes this week.

If it's not one thing, it's definitely another.

We wandered the store after we had gathered the needed items to see if we could reasonably satisfy some of the wants. Scout was still short a couple of pairs of jeans, and Baby Doll has transitioned from a 2T to a 4 in the last couple of months so we always have an eye open to add to her wardrobe from the clearance section. I can't believe how big she is getting!

She had her half birthday last week and at 2 1/2, she is definitely in charge of her world. In fact, I'm starting to worry about that. I was repacking my Tupperware bags for a party a couple of days ago and she took out the little Princess lunch set and her first words were, "Mine!" as she clutched it tightly to her chest. After several moments of trying to reason with her, I finally gave in and let her have the set. (I know, that is the point of my confession, I'm spoiling her rotten!)

Sometimes she has this little selfish streak that is hard to break. Like today, she went to my room and found my hidden stash of Cracker Jack that I was saving for a movie party. She brought me a box and demanded that I open it for her. I did (I know, I know...), but then I only offered her half a dozen popcorn kernels. She came unglued!! Talk about a two-year-old tantrum. She wanted the whole box! But you will be happy to know that I didn't give in. I shared the box around with the other kids until it was gone and the only pieces left were hers and they were sitting on my desk. She finally came around and ate them, but it took a while.

Prima Donna - Helping??
Then there are the other days when she is so stinking cute I can't hardly stand it. Like tonight, my sourdough starter was finally ready to mix into some bread dough. She pushed the chair over to where I was pulling out the bowls saying over and over, "I help! I help!" And she did (maybe a little too much). She mixed and stirred and then when Prima Donna and I finally had the dough almost ready, Baby Doll pinched herself off a little piece and questioned, "I eat?"

I smiled at her sweet innocence and nodded my head. I thought she might spit the dough right back out, but she didn't. She loved it! Half a cup later, I took the bowl away and set it to rise. I'm thinking a child is like a bowl of sourdough, growing and growing until it is time to bake it into a beautiful loaf. Will it be too sour? Too sweet? Crusty or soft? Each loaf turns out a little differently, but they are almost always delicious.

It must be time for bed, that was way too philosophical for my tastes. Must have something to do with the fact that the Dog Walker is busy reading to me from his Marriage and Family textbook while I'm writing this post...or maybe a little too much dough...


LeAnn said...

Oh those last babies bring such joy. My last little girl was totally in charge. This brought back a few memories.
Blessings and hugs!

Shell said...

Aw, I like your sourdough analogy!


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