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Apr 14, 2013

Lots of Blogs

Some days it seems like I am always bragging about my kids and how awesome they are...

But I'm going to do it again. I'm sure you have noticed the blog buttons on this page before. The Dog Walker has his own blog called the Art of Autism and he updates it pretty regularly. Teach also has a blog called I am Teach, Teach Me. I'd like to be able to say that she takes her blog seriously (or at least did before she left on her mission, but her posts were few and far between).

Then there is Bossy's blog, Letters to My Stepdaughter. I have to confess, some of those first posts even made me cry and I already knew the story!

Did I ever tell you how our blog came about? So one day when the Drama Queen was in college, she had to create a blog for her class. She was so proud of her work and she sent me the link. When I showed some interest, she decided to make a family blog for us. It was called TAC and it was a private blog for only family and close friends.

I updated it once a week for over a year, using it mostly as an online calendar to keep my kids aware of what was going on in the family. I forwarded it to my grandma who only had a fax machine but was so excited to keep up on our family doings.

Then one day in January I decided to do something different. Bossy had been out of school for about 6 months and she had not been able to find a job. It was a hard time for her and I wanted to help her focus on something other than the never-ending job search. That's when together she and I created Twelve Makes A Dozen.

We started by posting pretty much every day and as the followers grew we started getting excited about making tons of money. (Funny, huh?!) Sport drew our fabulous picture and Bossy was in charge of all media, including blog buttons and pictures. My sweetie was adamantly against using our regular names or faces on this totally public blog, but eventually he relented and let us do as we pleased.

 After a while, Bossy got her regular job with the state and Teach took over the blog helper duties. I didn't realize how much the kids liked our blog until they started writing their own. And now we have another new one. Princess has set up her own blog called Just an Ordinary Princess. Bossy hasn't had time to create her a button yet, but she is so excited to see where her readers are coming from as she watches her readership grow!

If you have a minute today, will you please stop by and say hello? She had 11 pageviews yesterday and she just couldn't stop talking about it. Thanks for supporting her! Y'all are awesome! (Just practicing for Teach...we don't want her to feel like she is speaking a foreign language when she gets home.)


Amanda Taylor said...

That's great that your family is actively involved in your blog!

Cindy said...

That's awesome! Our younger girls have blogs but they rarely update them and Beth doesn't want anything to do with blogging. Trust me, I've tried!


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