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Apr 4, 2013


When we were first working on the blog, we tried some different features and ideas. One of those was Food for Thought where I shared my favorite recipes one at a time with a story. The very first one I wrote was about my somewhat famous Sourdough bread. That was way back in March of 2011 when life was good and I had a brand new sourdough starter.

My old one had exploded and been eaten by the dog while we were out of town. Unfortunately, this new starter didn't seem to like what I was feeding it and after a few weeks, it died a sad death. That was about two years ago and I can't tell you how many times the kids have asked me about sourdough bread since then.

Today my sweetie got up early and put a roast on to cook. He also mixed up his own bread recipe, attempting to make something similar to sourdough. Then he went to work. I had to punch down the bread four times during the day and then form it into balls and cook it just like sourdough. It looked beautiful and tasted delicious, but it didn't have that tangy sourdough flavor.

But guess what happened this afternoon?

My sweet neighbor, Gerri, called me up. "Hey Sandy," she asked. "I was wondering if you would be interested in another sourdough starter." This is where we got our last one. "Of course!" I nearly shouted. When we lost our first one I had called Gerri about a replacement, but she said hers were all gone. Now she had more and she was happy to share.

The kids are so excited! We won't be able to use the starter for 10 days, but I guess we can wait that long.



Anonymous said...

The starter is great, I had some for years then it died..since I don't bake much my oven died in 2000 Christmas the broiler unit just fell off its screws I have not used my oven at all, instead I have used a countertop oven that does most everything it is huge but not too huge to sit and bake and bake, it is just the hubs and me, so baking for a big crowd is not in our lives..But I read with kind of an envy when you have your celebrations, going away dinners, birthdays, and holidays, I do cook for many at a food pantry & that is a lot, 25 pound turkeys, huge hams, fish too..pies oh the pies, cakes and buns yeast buns, I make the whole shebang, of course the range is huge and I can bake them all at once in the two huge shelves that is enough baking for me and sometimes I slip our meat, poultry, or fish into the ovens at the same time and fetch them out when they are done..it is a win situation, many are fed and we get to use the huge oven(s)!!!

Anonymous said...

My huge countertop oven only is used for toast and some other things needing a slight brown topping..the pantry lets me use their ovens (commercial) since I do most of the cooking, hand holding of the wee ones and giving out much needed food to the hungry it is more rewarding than the over 30 years I worked for a living, it truly is, most work jobs and pay their bills the clients and they have no food in the middle of the month and don't qualify for any food assistance in our state..it is getting worse here, the area is gorgeous but one cannot eat the ambience or beauty so we feed many lots of working poor human beings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marci said...

I have never made sourdough before, but that sounds amazing. I do like to eat sourdough bread :)

I haven't ever even been to Ft Worth, so I've never heard of White Settlement. Looks like White Settlement is about 280 miles away from where we live. We have been to Dallas/Arlington/Grapevine before, just for a BYU football game... But wow! I can't believe that Teach is already out of the MTC--it seems like just yesterday that you blogged about dropping her off. I'm sure it doesn't feel like that to you though.

LeAnn said...

Oh how I enjoy a good piece of Sourdough bread. I am sure your mouths are watering on this one.
Loved the story!
Blessings to you all!!

Saimi said...

Ah! That's going to be sooooo good and Sourdough bread makes the best toast!!

Messy Musings said...

My Mom used her sourdough start a lot... in bread, and my most favorite: sourdough pancakes, drenched in butter and syrup!! Thanks for the good memories :o)


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