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Apr 27, 2013

The Treasure Hunt

Last Tuesday was Pack Meeting and if you remember correctly, it's a big huge hairy deal here at my house! My sweetie is the cubmaster and I'm the cubmaster's helper. We had planned a treasure hunt for six teams. I ordered chocolate coins from the Oriental Trading Company and we filled each plastic treasure box carefully.

My sweetie went over to the church early to hide the boxes before the scouts got there. Curly was so excited, he was beside himself! He helped me fill the boxes with all those yummy treats. But while his dad was over hiding the treasure boxes, Curly fell asleep on the couch.

My sweetie came home, changed into his scout shirt, and tried to wake Curly up. But it wasn't happening. Our 4-year-old was out for the count! So my sweetie left him with Princess, dreaming about the treasure hunt that would be long finished by the time he was awake.

Curly finally awoke about 11:00 and of course he was devastated! The candies were long gone, devoured by the cubs and their little brothers and sisters. Not even Sport thought to bring home a couple of coins for a sleeping boy. Curly was inconsolable.

Until my sweetie offered to make a treasure hunt just for him.

So on Wednesday, my sweetie procured a different treasure (we couldn't wait for more gold coins to arrive) and he hid clues around the house for Curly, Scout, and Baby Doll to find. Sport and Crafty came along just for fun. As they ran outside to check for a clue on the trampoline, he stuffed his treasure into a "hot box," or the oven as it is more commonly called.

The kids raced back in the house, searching frantically for the final clues. Their first thought for "hot box" was the dryer (which I thought was pretty good reasoning) until I pointed out that it was a box and the dryer wasn't square. They ran for the oven and discovered several boxes of Dominoes Pizza!

They were beyond excited. We rarely have takeout pizza and when we do it is usually something cheaper, so this was a rare treat. My sweetie grinned as he was once again successful with his treasure hunt. I gave him a big hug on my way to the pantry to find the paper plates. The kids thought they found the treasure, but they were wrong,

I'm the one with the treasure and I found him just about 30 years ago.


Marci said...

Adorable! I love that Sweetie put together this treasure hunt for Curly (and the rest of the fam!)!!

Anonymous said...
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LeAnn said...

Yes, I think your husband is the treasure. I loved the different activities you do with your children. You are such a fun family to follow. I remember the cub scout days well. We had three boys in scouting and for many years we were in scouting positions. It was fun but I was happy when my youngest son finally got his Eagle.


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