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Apr 9, 2013

Kiylee's Christmas - Chapter 13

Baby Scout on her first Christmas
We heard from Teach today. She had exactly 30 minutes on the computer to check and send email. I guess I didn't think about that part because I have been emailing her all week. By the time she read all of our emails she had time to write about 3 sentences before her time expired. I was so disappointed! I guess I've learned my lesson...don't email more than once. Just type and print letters for her. Then send them snail-mail. She can read them anytime, not just for 30 minutes on a Monday morning.

Only two more chapters of Kiylee's Christmas. I know you will think this chapter is too short, but let me know what else you think.

You guys are the best!

Chapter Thirteen – Christmas Eve
    I could hear the phone ringing, but I guess Grandma couldn’t. She must have taken out her hearing aids because after about eight rings she still hadn’t answered it. I dragged myself out of bed and down the hall to Mom and Dad’s bedroom. Nathan was still asleep on their bed, so it must have been early. I hadn’t grabbed my glasses, so it took a minute to get my eyes to focus on the numbers on the clock, 9:15. “It’s pretty early,” I grumbled as a picked up the still ringing phone. “Hello?” I croaked.
    “Kira?” It was Mom.
    “Yeah?” I sat down on the side of the bed and yawned.
    “Wake everybody up and get them dressed. Dad will be there in half an hour. Kiy is coming home today!”
    “All right!” I yelled. I could hear both Mom and Dad laughing on the other end of the line. Nathan sat up and rubbed his eyes. “Well,” I said into the phone, “that’s one.”
    “What?” Mom asked. She was still laughing. 
    “We managed to wake Nathan up already,” I said, pulling him into my arms for a good morning hug.  Suddenly, my tired brain understood what Mom had just said. “What happened? Is she fine? How does she look? Can she talk now?” The questions tumbled out of my mouth before Mom could answer any of them. 

    “Slow down,” she said, “one question at a time.” Mom laughed again. “Kiylee had a peaceful night. This morning, our regular pediatrician came in to see her. After looking her over, he said, ‘I think after a few more hours of observation, she can go home today!’”
    I squeezed Nathan and he stared at me with his big brown eyes. He probably thought I was crazy! “I’ll get everyone ready. Tell Dad to hurry!”
    “I will,” Mom promised.
    “Oh, and Mom?”
    “Does this mean it’s Christmas Eve?” I held my breath.
    She laughed. “Of course!” she exclaimed. “Tell all the kids that tomorrow we are going to celebrate Kiylee’s Christmas.


Marci said...

Ahh! You leave me hanging for another week! I like it except for the length, but you already guessed that!

LeAnn said...

You are a very good writer; so I thought this chapter was great.


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