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Apr 23, 2013

More From Texas

I got to email with Teach today! Since Monday is her P-day (or preparation day) she gets to email for 30 minutes at the local library. I don't get her full attention, because she has to email her mission president and today one of her friends, but I do get a bit of her time.

Last week she was on around 10:30 in the morning, so I expected something similar this week. Silly me! I had to wait until after 12:00 to hear from her. I thought you might want to hear a little more about her mission.

The bike is great! (: I get bikers butt on the seat but it's really not to bad. I just have to pin my skirt and that works out. We have a "no drive day" once a week. and sometimes we'll bike on the weekends just so it's easier to contact people on the streets. it's kinda creepy when we just pull up next to them in a car!

The single biggest expense for her mission was a sturdy bike. It cost about $750 to purchase and have it shipped to her mission. I was hoping that she wouldn't need one, but her mission president said that every missionary in Texas needed to have a bike. I'm glad to know she is using it....a little....

We caught a cockroach this week and I about died!!! It was just chillin on the floor and Sister Kutie (name has been changed) trapped it in a cup. You can't squish them because then more come so you have to put them in a box and throw them away. we threw him away this morning. We named him Sherman. I kinda miss him. (:

We don't really see many cockroaches here in Utah, so that has been a totally new experience for her. She was worried that she would freak the first time she saw a big bug. Sounds like she handled it ok.

Remember I told you she was visiting the stockyards? 

So the stockyards were awesome. A member named Kayla (she's 18 and is going to UVU) was down for spring break. Her family owns 2 stores down in the stock yards and so she took us there to tour the place. We went into her store and I came to the conclusion that there was no way I wouldn't be able to get souvenirs and this might be the only chance so I loaded my arms and got something for everyone. Mom. it was insane. I'll send you the stuff... probably next week. I want you to know that she only charged me $23. I probably left with over $200 worth of stuff. It was such a generous miracle. I was so grateful and I prayed that Kayla and her family would be blessed for such generosity to the missionaries.

You know I just had to ask her about food!

Crafty and Sport writing to Teach.
We eat with members about 4 times a week. Other than that I make a bag of chicken and put it in either sandwiches, wraps, tortillas, etc. I have rice and black beans. We eat turkey sandwiches for lunch, and I have Greek yogurt. I buy frozen steamer veggies because they're easy and delicious. sometimes I eat tuna on crackers. I don't buy too many desserts. (does trail mix count?) but then I ALWAYS eat the desserts that the members give us. They're usually the best part. (:
We had brisket the first night at the Mission home.... and then Katie's grandparents cooked us steak last Sunday... (they feed us lunch every Sunday) it was good... and the bishop made us ribs. they were yummy. the bbq is pretty legit around here. (:

We spent part of our Family Night writing letters for Teach, but I still miss her beautiful smile. So I don't know about you, but I'm ready for some of that legit BBQ. Anybody got any frequent flyer points they want to donate so I can spend next week in Texas?

Just kidding, as much as I would love to see her, she doesn't need the distraction and I have too many baseball games to go to next week anyway.


Marci said...

I love me some Texas BBQ! Oh man that makes me want to go to Rudy's (my fav BBQ place here) and get some brisket and creamed corn. Yum!

Sounds like she is doing well! I love these updates. I don't know why but I always love to read letters from missionaries, even if I don't actually know them!

Messy Musings said...

sounds oh so familiar... riding a bike (with skirt hem clipped to the bike), and of course cockroaches. just hope she doesn't encounter huge ones that can fly like I did!!

only differences are, we didn't have email access and no bbq in Japan. sounds like Teach is doing great! love reading about her, and the rest of the clan!! :)

Cindy said...

I've never heard that about cockroaches. Interesting. Glad she's doing well.

Anonymous said...

I knew she would be eating well and lots of beef and bbq in texas..The members are generous and kind afterall these young women and men are spreading the word of your faith and they are members, bishops, etc. right?right! We know you miss her lots, we see many men missionaries on bikes riding in all kinds of weather, we are not members of your faith but we give hydration and food to them, it is a great faith and lots of sacrifice on the parents and families not to mention the great faith of the women and men! If only others of many other faiths had this type of program, it would alleviate young people who get lured into trouble and make terrible decisions.GOD'S continued blessings to your daughter and to your family she will be so rewarded from the Lord and your family too!!!


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