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Apr 11, 2013

Student of the Month

A couple of weeks ago Prima Donna was lamenting the fact that she is in 9th grade and the year is nearly over and she had not been nominated to be the Student of the Month. At our middle school, that is a huge deal! We have 1500+ kids that go there and for each month of the school year, only 12 are chosen, 2 boys and 2 girls in each grade.

Teach was the first of our kids to receive that honor and Princess was also chosen. Prima Donna was hopeful but realistic. The only way to win was to have a teacher like you well enough to submit your name. Then the letter arrived a couple of days ago.

She was so excited!

This morning we got up early so we could be at the school at 7:00 for the awards. They gave us a nice breakfast of sweetbreads, yogurt and fruit and then they called up the students one at a time. I was really glad I took a minute to type my thoughts out since mornings are not my favorite time of day.

Prima Donna was presented with a plaque and a tiny Snow Leopard which is their school mascot. We are so proud of her and her achievements!

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Emmy said...

Yea!! What a great proud moment! It really does say a lot about her that she was picked. So awesome.

Thanks for linking up


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