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Apr 17, 2013

Breakfast with the Mayor

Do you remember way last summer when we all headed off to our CountryFest celebration? Princess and Prima Donna were in the parade with the marching band and Sport led his group of helmet wearers on their bikes. The Dog Walker had his dancing filmed and entered into the contest by Utah Dave, and the kids all participated in the Pinewood Derby that was set up at the park.

They love racing their cars any time they get the opportunity and this time was no different. After they raced each other, they had the opportunity to race with the mayor! He had an amazing car made to look like a city golf cart (I wonder if he made it himself?) and it was much faster than I expected. He beat all of our kids, but promised them a consolation prize of having breakfast with the mayor. That was in June.

When the email finally came mid-March, we had pretty much given up thinking it would ever happen. So last Saturday was the big day. We dressed the kids up cute and headed for the University of Utah medical center at Daybreak. I know, weird place for a breakfast, huh?

We met in a conference room and helped ourselves to muffins, eggs, bacon and sausage, fried potatoes, and juice. The muffins especially were delicious. We sat with our tables in the shape of a U and the mayor sat with us. He answered informal questions and asked the kids about their activities, particular ball and things offered by the city.

After we were finished eating, he took a few minutes to talk to the kids in a more formal way. He and his assistants asked us how they could improve the Pinewood Derby and increase participation. The kids were full of suggestions! I was proud of their ability to speak up in their first-ever political forum.

After the talking was over, they spent some time making a little video to go on the city website. I was planning to put this whole post up when the site was live, but honestly, if it takes as long as the breakfast invitation did...

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Cindy said...

What a great opportunity! Not everyone can say they've eaten with the Mayor!


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