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Apr 30, 2013

Busy Monday

Sport at bat
We had one of those crazy evenings lined up before us. Sport and Curly both had baseball games, Scout, Crafty, and Princess all had dance, and Prima Donna had a concert and rehearsal. The logistics of getting everyone where they needed to be and then supporting them was a nightmare!

I typed up a whole list of instructions for the Dog Walker, so much so that he went into meltdown and I had to rearrange the plan. My second plan had me meeting my sweetie at the concert with Baby Doll in tow. My sweetie put the nix on that plan.

Prima Donna's in there somewhere...
By then I was starting to get a little frustrated, but like any good composer, once more I rewrote the song. I just had to get everybody to come in and out at the right times. I knew it could work, the order just had to be perfect.

We had a breakthrough when the Gym Rat changed his plans and offered to run Prima Donna to the concert at 6:15. Suddenly everything fell into place with only a couple of minor mishaps. The first one came at 4:15 just as the Dog Walker and I were leaving to gas up our vehicles. One of the girls in our dance carpool hadn't been picked up and her mom was in Oklahoma. I sent the Dog Walker to pick her up and drop her at the studio and then meet me at the pumps. I had planned to squeeze in Curves before I taking the boys to the park, but the change in plans gave me only one time around the circuit instead of two (Mishap #1).

Then I raced back to the house, picked up Curly and Sport and we headed for the baseball fields. Meanwhile, the Dog Walker picked up Prima Donna from her last rehearsal before her musical on Wednesday (I'll give you more about that one after we see the show), but they are doing Once Upon a Mattress. He also dropped Crafty at the dance studio, then headed back to the house for a little more homework.

I kept score at Sport's game until his second at-bat was over and then I handed off the book to the team mom. Curly was about 5 minutes late for his t-ball game and he was very unhappy with me. He literally left me in the dust as he took off the hundred yards to his little ball diamond set up by the playgrounds. (That was mishap #2.)

Back home, the Dog Walker loaded up Scout and Baby Doll and headed once again for the dance studio. He dropped off Scout and picked up Crafty and the three of them ended up at the park to watch Curly's game. Right after they arrived, I climbed in my car and drove 30 blocks to the middle school to watch Prima Donna's concert with my sweetie. He went there straight from work. Thankfully, I hit all green lights and I arrived inside the auditorium with 5 minutes to spare.

After Sport's game was over, he walked over to Curly's diamond and then they all piled in the van for one more stop at the dance studio to pick up Scout. Meanwhile, back at the concert, my sweetie and I enjoyed a few moments together without the kids (except that it was a middle school and the seats were way stinkin' small!).

When it was over, I sent my sweetie to the Home Depot for a dowel Prima Donna had to have for a homework assignment and then he drove to Wendy's. I guess you figured that one out too...no time for dinner in this schedule. Prima Donna and I drove to the dance studio, and picked up Princess and her friend from the carpool. I dropped off the girls at the house so they could change while I ran their friend home.

Then it was back to the house to load everyone up in two vehicles (because the big van is still full of charity stuff I haven't had time to drop off) and we made the quick drive to Wendy's. I had some awesome coupons that made it more tolerable, but I still don't like taking 10 of us out to dinner without a celebration of some sort. I just couldn't face another bowl of cold cereal for dinner.

Back home it was no rest for the weary. After scriptures and family prayer, I got the little kids to bed and the Dog Walker back on his homework and then I headed for my sewing machine. Prima Donna needed her banner-sized Coat of Arms to have a backing and a casing put on it so it could be hung from the dowel my sweetie bought.

Finally I can finish my post and head for bed. If we ever manage to finish the Dog Walker's homework...

Then it just might be time for me to take that final bow.


Messy Musings said...

Oh.My.Stars! You are one seriously busy Mama!! Don't blame you for reluctance in taking the family out to dinner too often - it can get very expensive very fast.

Maureen | Scoops of Joy said...

Sounds like a really busy Monday indeed. Boy, you're one super mama! :)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

What a day! My head was spinning just reading about all that you did.

LeAnn said...

OMG I do not know how you keep it all together. I would be nuts. I wonder when you breathe sometimes. I do hope you get a nap once in awhile.
I can hardly wait for when you have 30 grandchildren all living near. You will still be running full steam ahead.
I have five grandson's in sports right now up in Heber; which is an hour drive for us. I just received the calendar for the games. Please life slow down.
Blessings and huge hugs on this one!

Shell said...

I can't imagine how busy your days are. Mine seem exhausting with just three kids to coordinate!


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