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Apr 7, 2013

The Cinderella Ballet

 I don't think I've said much about the ballet this year. We have had so much going on it sort of slipped my mind. The auditions were way back in November and things didn't really start rolling until after Christmas. Princess earned a solo as the Summer Fairy and Prima Donna was part of the Mazurka ensemble. Crafty joined her friends as a jester.

The girls have been rehearsing pretty much every weekend since January. At some point Princess also learned the Dance of the Hours and it's a good thing because one of the girls sprained her ankle this week and ended up on crutches unable to dance.

They had three performances and as usual, we decided to split up so they would have family to cheer them on at every show. My sweetie and the Drama Queen went last night and I heard it was a sold out show. I had to take tickets for the matinee this afternoon so I took the Dog Walker with me so he wouldn't stress about work even though we were home just after 9:00 so he would have had plenty of time to get to work before 10:00.

That left me, Bossy's family, Scout, Sport, Curly, and Baby Doll to go to tonight's performance. We got there early since the girls had to be there a half hour before the show started. The kids fidgeted in their seats and we finally staggered the adults to keep them calm. Twenty minutes of trying to sit still on those bouncy fold-up theater seats with nothing to do was hard!

Thankfully the show started right on time and the first scene included the stepsisters as they were preparing to go to the ball. Those two silly girls got the kids interested right away and other than Curly who fell asleep during the first Act, they all sat quietly except when they were giggling at the antics on stage.

Baby Doll got a little restless after the second intermission, but a package of fruit snacks kept her attention almost to the last curtain. The girls all did fabulous jobs! Princess improvised a bit on her solo, but unless you knew it well it was not noticeable. She has been struggling since Curly shut her foot in the pantry and smashed the toe nail on her big toe. It is totally black now and I'm suspecting will fall off any day.

But she doesn't let it get her down. She just tapes them all up, pastes a smile on her face and steps into the spotlight. Prima Donna's group did their dance on flat this year so she didn't have to worry about breaking in her new pointe shoes. She is always so fun to watch on stage! She is constantly pulling faces and hamming it up. Crafty was an awesome jester, although when she came home after the dress rehearsal, Baby Doll wouldn't even talk to her. She told me Crafty was "creepy!" So much for stage makeup.

We didn't have Sport to entertain us like he did during Swan Lake, but it was an awesome show anyway. Hope you like the pictures. Gamer spent the whole evening collecting them for me.

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LeAnn said...

I loved the pictures and it is awesome you have such talented children. It sounds like such a fun event.


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