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Apr 12, 2013

My Cell Phone

Not my actual phone, but close!
I hate to admit this, but I think I'm pretty much addicted to my cell phone. Not in some creepy internet sort of way, in fact, I have data blocked on my phone, I just need that comforting little rectangle in my pocket. And when I don't have a pocket, well, you can guess where I keep it.

I remember back in the day when we didn't have cell phones. (When we were first married, we didn't even have a land line, but that's another story.) We happened to get one of the first bunch of commercially produced cell phones back in the early 90s when I was selling Tupperware. It was a huge, coveted prize, and my unit (now they call them teams) earned one for me!

The thing was huge! It really looked like a regular phone with a brick-sized battery attached to the bottom of it. The whole contraption fit into a sort of handbag and I'm pretty sure it had to be plugged into a car charger to work. It was an awesome new tool for my growing business! I could call hostesses and my consultants from my car on the way home from parties. It saved me a huge amount of time...until I got the bill. That first month cost me over $400! It wasn't long before I gave the phone to someone who could afford to use it.

My current cell phone is the second or third one I have owned and it is not a smart phone but it's not a brick either. I had it for a couple of years when one of the kids dropped it down the stairs and cracked the crystal in the front. I was devastated! My sweetie, not wanting to see me go through major withdrawal, immediately got on Amazon, found the same model, and ordered me a replacement.

And now that replacement in starting to go. How could that happen? Maybe it has something to do with the hundreds of texts I send and receive every day. Or maybe it's because my phone holds hundreds of pictures of kids and special occasions and food pics for the blog.

Either way I'm afraid it might be time for a replacement.

I wonder if my sweetie can find me another one on Amazon...not that I'm picky or anything...

Just a little addicted.


Marci said...

Oh man! I remember getting my first cell phone and how exciting it was until the bill came. My boyfriend had unlimited texting and I did not... I had to pay over $150 just for the extra texts. I think my mom was nice though and never showed my dad that bill, then we went to the Verizon store and got unlimited texting to save me. Owing my parents $20/month was so much better!

I hope you can find a good replacement

Sara Hammond said...

If your phone is starting to go, it sound like time for a backup of all of those family pictures. I am always sad to lose things like that when I wait too long and miss my opportunity before my phone dies.

Cindy said...

I kept my very first cell phone. It's in a memory box in our closet. 'Brick' is a good description. :)

Hope you can find one you love!

Natalie Ockey said...

My cell phone bill is and always has been a very manageable $0.00. Not only that, no one ever bugs me with a call or text in my car, at work, or at the park! Give me a call sometime, and I'll tell you about the plan I'm on.



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