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Apr 20, 2013

The Car Wash

It's raining here in Utah tonight. Want to know why? It's because I had my car washed yesterday!

Since the Dog Walker had classes and it was Curly's day off from preschool and dance, I had to take my entourage with me to run errands. I've gotten a little spoiled, I usually have older kids home to watch the younger ones so I can just take off if I need to run to Curves or to the post office. But yesterday was a different story.

After we finally had everyone dressed, with shoes and socks and jackets in place, Curly, Baby Doll and I headed for the van. "Ooooo!" Curly admired. "A bird pooped on your window, Mom." Sure enough, there was bird poop streaked all down the driver's side. I tried to ignore it as I quickly buckled them into their car seats, but Curly was determined. "There's bird poop on Baby Doll's window too."

She and I both glanced up at the same time and her little face settled into a permanent frown as she spied the mess on her window as well. I sighed, pulled the door closed and clicked my seat belt. "Well," I responded, "there is only one thing to do." I paused for a little dramatic effect...


That brought the smiles back. My kids love the car wash! Usually in the warmer months we wash the cars out on the lawn, but every once in a while we enjoy the adventure of  the car wash tunnel. Curly could hardly sit still as we drove to the post office for our first stop. "When are we going to the car wash?" he just kept pestering me.

"Soon!" I promised and rebuckled their seat belts."We have to get gas first." They patiently waited while I pumped the gas. After all, that was another kind of adventure. Then it was off to the car wash.
Of course I had a free coupon in my purse...

As we approached the tunnel, the attendant started spraying off the van and using a big brush on the windows. Curly, who is always watching to make sure things are done right, hollered, "He got the bird poop!" And then the big brushes started to turn.

I pulled out my cell phone and snapped a few pictures for you. Sorry some are a little dark. It's not that light in the tunnel. As we approached the end, Curly shouted, "Here comes the big wind!" So glad we got a play-by-play of the most excitement we'd had in a couple of weeks.

When we were finished, we pulled into a parking stall and let the attendants dry everything the rest of the way with towels. They were very thorough! So much so that I reached into my purse and pulled out a second dollar to tip along with the first one I had in my hand for just that purpose.

As they shut all the doors, Curly announced, "Time to go!"

I smiled all the way to the school to pick up the other kids. It's amazing how such a little thing can make life so fun. I think that tonight when I get down on my knees I'll thank my Heavenly Father for that little bit of bird poop and a free coupon for the car wash.

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