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Apr 16, 2013

Kiylee's Christmas - Chapter 14

So we are finally here! The last chapter of my never-before-published children's novel...what do you think? I guess I won't ever make any money off it, but at least a few of you have read some of it. It's hard to spend so much time on something that nobody will ever read.
Cover for my Book created by Dog Walker

I'm sure by now you figured out that this is a mostly true story although my memories and Bossy's memories tend to differ some. And my sweetie's memories are something altogether different. But I think I captured the essence of the real-life drama that devastated our lives back in 1997. 

 Chapter Fourteen – Kiylee’s Christmas

    “Line up, line up!”  We crowded near the top of the stairs in our new pajamas.  Mom was first, carrying a fragile wrapped gift in her arms. Nathan was after her, then Kiyna, Kinsey, Neal, and finally me. Dad was already downstairs. He always went down first to turn on the Christmas tree lights.
    It was still dark outside and the living room was lit only by the lights from the tree. “Careful,” Mom cautioned as we made our way excitedly down the stairs. 
    I bumped into Neal somewhere near the bottom step and I grabbed his shoulders to keep him from falling. “Kira,” he complained. 
    “Oh, you’re fine,” I mumbled. “Hurry up.”
Mom sat down on the couch and cradled the precious gift on her lap. Usually, we all grab our stockings and then start ripping, but not this time. I picked up my gift for Kiy and carried it to Mom. I could see the tears shining in her eyes as she carefully unwrapped the blanket from Kiy’s arms and sat her up. She still looked so pale and small! I handed her the package.
    Kiy was too weak to tear the paper herself, so Mom helped her. Within a few seconds, the doll’s blue eyes stared up at Kiy from the torn paper. Kiy looked up at me and smiled. “Ra-ra,” she whispered and reached for me.
    I hugged her gently and carefully while the tears slid down my cheeks. I looked at Mom and she was crying too. “You know, Mom,” I said, “the best gifts aren’t wrapped in Christmas paper.”
Kiy and Nate at the zoo about a year later.
    I glanced across the room at Dad. He was trying to get Nathan to open one of his presents. I laughed, “Guess what, Dad?” 
    “What?” Dad asked.
    I gently stroked Kiy’s wispy curls. “I believe in miracles.”
    He smiled. “And in Santa Claus?” he questioned.
    I looked around at the mound of unopened gifts. “And in Santa Claus!”


Emily said...

This one made me cry too! I really can't add anything to it. Once you do the major rewrite, can you post it again? I'd love to read it again!

(If you self-publish the book you could probably donate it to your local library. It won't get worldwide attention or anything, but plenty of people could stumble upon it and have a good read!)

Becky and Steve said...

After the first 3 chapters I figured it was closely related to you and your family. At first I thought it was while you were growing up...then the chapter about Nathan (Dog Walker) and his autism. So I guess Kiylee is Princess and she is doing okay after the bath tub episode....that would of been scary to go thru. Thanks for telling this story. It made me cry too.

Marci said...

Love, love, love it! Thanks for posting the whole story. Now I need to go back and read all 14 chapters in a row!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed it very much. I am sorry to serif end. I looked forward to it every week.


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