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Apr 26, 2013

One Sweet Slice Video Contest

Remember last Saturday when I told you we went to One Sweet Slice and enjoyed their cupcakes? Well, I want to tell you the rest of the story.

While we were there, my sweetie happened to pick up a little flier that talked about a video contest they were having where the winner would receive cupcakes for a year! That really meant a dozen free each month of the year (I personally can eat way more than one cupcake a month, especially those key lime ones...).

Anyway, when we looked at the date, the contest was set to close that night at 11:00. Princess, Prma Donna, and Crafty were at a dance competition and I knew they would be the ones most interested (well, actually, I knew they would be the only ones who could possibly save their cupcakes until they got home and could pull out a video camera since they weren't with us). Everybody else snarfed down their cakes in less than 30 seconds except for Baby Doll.

So we bought Princess, Prima Donna, and Crafty each a cupcake to use for their videos and then we headed home. The girls were excited about the contest, the only problem was that Princess and Prima Donna really wanted to attend the Stake Dance and that made it difficult to produce a video, but they managed and quickly emailed them to the judging committee. Sadly, the judges never got the videos. I don't know if they messed up the emailing or the files were too big, or what, but on Monday morning when I contacted One Sweet Slice, they had not been received.

Thankfully, they agreed to still take them and with Bossy's help, we finally got the files to them. But by the time they finally got up on YouTube with the others, we lost almost a whole day of sharing. I was hoping you could help us make up for lost time!

Bossy wanted me to tell you that voting counts for "shares" comments, or likes but only on YouTube. Please, oh please let everyone know that my girls have friends and are awesome! If you get there from the One Sweet Slice Facebook page, look for entries, 16, 17, and 18. 

Crafty's ninja video 

Princess's any place video

Prima Donna's sharing video

You guys are awesome!



Emily said...

Does viewing them on YouTube count as voting?

Mom of 12 said...

I'm pretty sure you have to hit the like button while you are there. And a little comment will get them two votes! Thanks!


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