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Jun 21, 2012

Pinewood Derby at Countryfest

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So I promised to fill you in on more of last Saturday's activities. If you remember, we had finished the parade and then rushed home around 11:00 so the kids could put the finishing touches (like the wheels and graphite) on their pinewood derby cars.

It went right down the wire...the cars were supposed to be checked in at 12:30 but no later than 12:45. I was herding kids into the van and waiting for the box full of cars to arrive from the final step at 12:40. As I tapped the horn, Prima Donna hustled across the lawn and into our waiting vehicle. She had all the cars but one. Bean Dip's car was still struggling with the wheels.

We headed for the park, planning our strategy in case we couldn't find a reasonable parking space. Thankfully, we got one in the closest lot and I assigned the Dog Walker to unload the stroller and strap in the little kids while I ran the cars over to the check in point.

We made it just in time! We even managed to stall while checking in our 9 other cars until Bean Dip's showed up. All the kids from the Dog Walker to Curly were racing as were Bossy's three boys. Our family more than doubled the number of entries in the contest.

Now if you remember correctly, in our family we don't go for speed, we go for the most awesome design. And it's a good thing, because race after race had our cars coming in slowest. Keep in mind that of the 16 cars in the race, 10 of them were ours! And we couldn't even manage to place in the top three.

After being thoroughly defeated, they invited us back to race with the mayor in an hour. Since there was a car show for the guys and booths for the girls, we decided we'd return for more humiliation. So we strolled around, enjoying the day and watching the clock.

The mayor had an awesome little car shaped like a golf cart, but it was way fast. Our cars were quickly eliminated from the races for speed, but we did manage to come out on top in two categories. Sport won the best Cub Scout Design award and Prima Donna was thrilled with the Slowest Car Award.

At least it was something...


Emma Frances said...

I love that your kids don't care about speed! How fun! I want to see pictures of all of their cars! And I'm impressed with your stalling techniques!

Marci said...

Our ward had to combine with another ward for a pinewood derby because we only have one cub scout. This way we had 5. One of the cars was hilariously slow, but it looked really cool!

Diana said...

Awesome pinewood derby races. Our pack did theirs way back in Feb, districts in March. My boy won best animal theme at districts. We have rain gutter regatta on Saturday. Hopefully, the boats will be done in time. My son came in third last year (out of three). He is so short that he had a horrible time of trying to blow the sails to make it go.


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