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Jun 13, 2012

Fathers' Day Gifts

Did you see that anonymous comment on yesterday's post? The one that thanked me for the Kindle Fire? Any guesses on who wrote that?

If you guessed my sweetie, you are right! I know, it's not quite Fathers' Day, but he is headed out on a business trip and a new toy might just make the whole thing a little easier. I actually bought the Kindle Fire back in May and stashed it under my side of the bed. I don't usually spend that much, but I had a bunch of credits at Staples, so I only had to plunk down $70 and I even got a $15 gift card with it!

I was so excited about my purchase (if you remember, I'm a terrible secret keeper) I had to tell someone. So I picked Teach. Next to me, she is the second worst secret keeper in the family. It was less than 24 hours before she asked my sweetie if he would like to have a Kindle Fire. And then when his answer was pretty negative, she naturally passed that information on to me.

I was crushed!

I thought about taking it back to the store, but I had gotten such a good deal on it and I didn't know how they would deal with the credits, so I wrapped it in a grocery bag and stashed it under the bed. And it sat there for the last 5 weeks. This morning I pulled it out and wrapped it up. Then after dinner when he was worrying about what he might do for hours alone in a motel room, I presented it to him.

The kids immediately pounced on it, so I couldn't tell if he liked it or not. I gave him a regular Kindle reader for Christmas a few years ago and even though he had casually mentioned he might like one and I thought I had a winner, he never used it. Oh, he might take it to church on Sundays, but the scriptures were about the only thing on it. A paper copy would have been much cheaper!

I manage to score about every five years or so between birthdays, Christmas, and Fathers' Day.  He is always gracious and thankful, but if the gift lays on his desk, or worse yet, still in the gift bag for several weeks or even months, I know I missed the mark.

I seem to have the same problem with my dad. I don't know, maybe it's just me...

How about you? Are you the perfect gift-giver?


Anonymous said...

I just give a gift card to a favorite place and leave it at that, spoil my hubby everyday I can, one never knows when the good Lord will take that person HOME..so everyday in our home is a sweet holiday so to speak, I am frugal no wasting of anything, volunteering at a battered womens shelter for over 25 years and about 5 years at a hunger place has taught me material possessions are the very least of what makes a happy life, a spiritual loving of a God, love of a spouse, a family that to me is all one can hope for in this lifetime..Fathers day is everyday here, Mothers day too. Happy Happy week coming to the weekend, you seem to be an extraordinary WIFE, MOTHER and Human Being, if ONLY other women could be so grateful, loving and kind as you are to your hubby, children and your faith we would not have prisons full of citizens who are so unhappy, they were not loved at all, they could have only wished for a parent such as you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tracy said...

sometimes....I really vary on being the 'perfect' gift giver...what a great gift though--a Kindle Fire!

Arkansas Patti said...

I agree with Tracy. What a fabulous gift. As for me, sometimes I score lots of points, others, I get blank looks. We just do our best and hope.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I spent years buying each other gifts that we didn't like. My husband would buy me books (I love to read, but I like the library) and I would buy him practical clothes he didn't like. So now agree to not buy gifts. We give the other person permission to spend $50 instead. (Although my hubbie does by me flowers each week at the farmer's market, after I suggested it, which I love!)
Jenny in NC

Emma Frances said...

My husband is a WONDERFUL gift giver and somehow finds things I wouldn't think of but I love. I feel like I always pale in comparison though! I never know what to get him! I think this year I did a good job though. :) And usually when I can't figure out good gifts I just try to spoil him in other ways!

Anonymous said...

This past fathers day I ordered my dad some gourmet popcorn and he loved it! It's great because on the site you can get in a tin, which makes it seem more special, and it makes it easier to wrap! These things put together, not to mention my fathers craving for popcorn, made it a great gift.


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