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Jun 2, 2012

Crafty at Play

A couple of weeks ago, Crafty came home with a huge packet of papers stapled together at the corner. She was excited! Her class was going to do a play. Not a big play, just one that would be performed in the classroom in front of other 5th graders and parents. It was about the founding of our country and she had a lead role.

It was based on Survivor...called Reviver...and she had the role of the host, Sally Sassafrass. She spent the better part of an entire week learning her lines and practicing them with her siblings. She had never had such a major role in a production and she was taking the part very seriously. OK, she was pretty much driving me nuts!

Last night when I asked her to verify the time, she said, "You don't really have to come if you don't want to." I was a bit confused. She had been practicing for weeks. "Why wouldn't I want to come?" I asked. "Well, my teacher said if you had to work or something, it wasn't that big of a deal..." she trailed off. "Since I don't have a job (Tupperware doesn't really count), I'm pretty sure I can come," I said. She shrugged her shoulders in that 5th-grade sort of way. "OK," she smiled.

My sweetie stayed home since it was his Friday off and he and I headed to the school just before 10:00. I think she was surprised, but pleased to see us both. She was right, the kids were not really dressed in costumes, but they had signs around their necks to identify who they were. And since they were in the classroom, there wasn't really a stage.

But the show was upbeat and fun, full of song and dance and of course my awesome Crafty. She had every line memorized perfectly! They have one more performance on Monday...I'm sending all the kids who are now out of school...since they don't have to go to work or something...


LeAnn said...

It is way sweet to have these kind of moments with your children. Enjoy!

Arkansas Patti said...

Wow, should I ask for her autograph now? I think it is so neat that she can get up in front of people and perform. Not an easy thing. Wonderful that you could go.


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