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Jun 4, 2012

The Cookie Party

Sport and Scout bouncing.
I told you a couple of weeks ago about Scout and Teach going to the special cookie party for 1000-box sellers. Well, yesterday was the party for all the rest of the girls. We used to attend this party every year, but we haven't been there for about the last five years because the girls have normally danced at an arts festival this weekend, but for some reason, the festival is next week this year.

The party started at noon and went until three. We got there right after the gates opened, but the lines were long and the sun was hot. By the time we got in, I was starting to wish we had just stayed home. But the kids were so excited to see the giant bounce houses and we found a table with shade for those of us who were just watching, so it was OK.

Drama Queen and Sport doing Crafts.
After some bouncing and a little dancing, we got our box lunches and filled up on sloppy joes, chips, and cookies. The sun was still beating down on us, so we went inside to play carnival games. Lines were deep, with at least 10 people in each line, but the prizes were pretty good so we settled in to wait. The Drama Queen took Baby Doll and Sport to the craft lines. They were shorter and there were plenty of supplies. I was surprised how quickly the lines moved. My favorite game was the basketball shoot and I really wanted to win. Princess and Prima Donna liked that game too, but it was not the hoops they were looking at. The guy running the booth was cute!

Scout on the Tightrope
Their third time through the line, Prima Donna asked him for his phone number (for Princess, of course, he was a little too short for her). The deal was that if Princess made three baskets in a row, she could have his number. Honestly, I was totally surprised by her efforts! A couiple of time she made two baskets, but she could not sink that third one. After their turn, both girls just went to the back of the line and started over.

After about 10 times through the line, Princess was about ready to give up. She was pretty sure he was interested in her (what red-blooded teenage boy wouldn't be???) but she still had no success. At ten minutes to 3:00, I told the girls we were heading outside so Scout could have a turn on the tightrope before they shut things down. I asked them to join us when they were through.

Twenty minutes later they joined us, laughing and giggling. "What's up?" I asked. "Did you get his number?" Princess blushed and smiled. "No," she admitted. "I gave him mine!" I congratulated her for her persistence and good job flirting and we headed for the van.
Baby Doll and Prima Donna

Not sure what she was thinking, but she moped around for the rest of the afternoon. I think she was expecting to hear from him immediately. I assured her that he was probably running another carnival and she would have to be patient.

 About 6:00 she got her first text and over the last 24 hours they have shared a couple of dozen sentences. It sure is different from when we were kids. Without texting we actually had to talk to a crush on the phone or use snail mail. Of course back then I probably could have made three baskets in a row...


Happy Whimsical Hearts said...

Your post made me smile ~ sweet days. Thanks for sharing on Happy Family Times :-)

Carrie said...

What a fun day!! I love the story of Princess as well. Thanks for sharing with us at Happy Family Times!


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