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Jun 21, 2013

Swimming Lessons

I am a firm believer in swimming lessons even though they are a pain in the butt for me. I guess it's because Princess nearly drowned as a little one that I make sure my kids go through 2 weeks of lessons every summer until they are decent swimmers.

In fact, Sport passed Level 4 today and he assures me that he is done. (We'll see...)

Curly had his first lessons last year. The family we have taken lessons from for the last 18 years doesn't start the kids until they are 4 years old. So this year my only swimmers are Curly, Scout, and Sport.
Scout, waiting for her turn.

Oh, and Burrito and Taco too. Curly's lesson started at 3:00 and ended at 3:45. Then Scout and Burrito started at 3:45 and ended at 4:30..you get the idea. For the last two weeks I have been running to swimming lessons every 45 minutes for 3 hours a day!

Curly is swimming so well!
It wouldn't have been as hard if the kids weren't in a different school because they are upgrading the air conditioning in our school. Yeah. They moved to this other elementary school for the last 3 weeks of school and then they will start at this school for the first 3 weeks of next year. It's just a hassle.

But they will all be so excited to have their regular school back and not be so hot!

Sport thinks he has had enough lessons.
Burrito and Taco are not coming back to our school next year. Bossy has decided to put them in their neighborhood school and they are even on a different track from my kids, so that will be weird. She is so excited to have Burrito in a Spanish Immersion program so he can speak Spanish to his dad. But we can talk more about that later.

Anyway, here are some fun pics from the pool. Princess spent all three hours with the kids today, just taking pictures, so Bossy and I split the cost of a Slurpee as payment. That's a pretty cheap photographer! And she does a great job.


Cindy said...

That water looks so inviting!

Jillybean said...

Could you give me the info for your swim teacher? I have a child who needs to be in swimming lessons but I dont know where to take him.Thanks!


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