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Jun 30, 2013

Taylorsville Dayzz

 I love small town celebrations. We have Countryfest in our city, and it is definitely small-town, but the Taylorsville Dayzz celebration borders on the big! The first year we attended was the year Drama Queen or maybe it was Teach needed a concert report for the Music 1010 class. We loaded all the kids and watched the Utah Symphony perform with real cannons. It was awesome! We have been back several times since.

Tonight they had a group that pretended to be ABBA. That part of it was a little weird and disturbing. They wore period clothes and pretended to be the actual singers from the original group. I was OK with that part, but their fake accents just didn't work for me. They only had the accents when they weren't singing.

But it was still great fun.We ate our picnic meal and played cards until the concert started and then the kids were dancing all over. As it got dark, Bossy passed out glow sticks. After two hours, the final encore the group played was Dancing Queen after a stirring rendition of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody.

A moment or two after the group left the stage, they snuffed the lights on the baseball field. That meant it was time for the fireworks to begin! Most of the kids were very excited about that, except for Baby Doll. Remember when I told you after the Neal McCoy concert that she was a bit terrified of the fireworks? Well, nothing was different tonight.

Even though I warned her they were coming, she snuggled up in my lap and covered her eyes. "It's too loud!" she complained. I just kept whispering in her ear how pretty they were, and eventually she started peeking out between her fingers. It was long before she climbed off my lap completely and joined Princess on her seat.

One more battle won, at least for now.
And one more concert review done.

Only one more to go...
For these girls anyway.

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Gamer said...

Hmm I seem to remember that on this day my new 7-11 mug went missing. I know someone was involved with it missing but who?!?!?!


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