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Jun 26, 2013

Pinewood Derby at Countryfest

Remember a couple of weeks ago when the Dog Walker wrote a post about the Countryfest concert? I promised I would tell you about the rest of Countryfest when I found the charger for the camera so I could rescue all my pictures. Well, today is your lucky day! I found the charger yesterday when I was looking for my whistle in the junk drawer. Do you have a junk drawer? We actually call ours the "candle" drawer because we keep birthday candles in there plus hundreds of other random things. But I digress...

So one of our biggest activities for Countryfest was the Pinewood Derby race. A few of the kids wanted to build new cars (Curly, Scout, Sport, and Baby Doll) so my sweetie spent several evenings with them the week of the race until the cars were finished and the kids were excited and ready to go. Princess, Dog Walker, Prima Donna, and Crafty all opted to race their cars from our own derby last fall. Bossy and her boys also built new cars and they were all very excited to race!

Things were looking good until the race started. Once again it seemed that we had slow cars. Princess's twinkie did OK and Bossy's scorpion was pretty fast, even Baby Doll's Polly Pocket car won some races, but by the third round, they had all been eliminated. Thank goodness for the design awards!

The Dog Walker won in the Anything Goes category for his One Direction bus. Bossy won Most Creative, Crafty won the Most Outrageous with her hot dog car, and Prima Donna won Coolest Scout Car for her ice cream truck. The little kids were pretty bummed, but as we were collecting our cars, I noticed that one award had not been given, the boys vs. girls award.

Since I knew the lady in charge, I asked her about it. She said, "Oh, I forgot to watch for that one." I could tell she was kicking herself as she loaded her boxes, so I suggested, "You know, Baby Doll won quite a few  races with her Polly Pocket car...how about you give it to her?" That sparked a smile as she pulled the trophy back out of the box. "Yeah," she said. "Let's give it to her." She looked around. "Where is she?"

It only took me a minute to produce my little Baby Doll who didn't seem to like having her picture taken with the mayor but loved carrying her car around on the little pedestal that was the prize.

The kids were also each given a ticket for the prize drawing. Bossy got one for each of hers and we got 8 for our family. During the course of the race, every single ticket we had (and Bossy's too) was pulled for a prize! We got a hat and a backpack, tickets to the Blaze football game, and a fistful of other free coupons.

It was a good day.

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