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Jun 8, 2013

It Really is Decadence

A week or so ago I got this email:

My name is Cameron. I work with an Artisan Café in Orem, Utah called Decadence. I have been looking for blogs that fit the Decadence culture that we can potentially partner with. Decadence is an Artisan Café that serves drinks made from roasted cocoa beans, specialty desserts, and lunch items. We came across your blog and would love to have you come down to Decadence and try it out. Is there a day this week or next that we can have you come in and treat you to lunch?

Now I have never been much of a food critic before, but I’ve never turned down a free lunch either, so today my sweetie and I found ourselves in the car headed to Utah County for a lunch date. As we were driving along, I was trying to remember the last time the two of us had gotten away for a little time together…it’s been a while. He works long hours so when we do get a some time we spend it running errands together, not going to lunch. Suddenly our trip became a little more decadent. It sounded like we were heading for the perfect place!

As soon as we turned onto 1600 North in Orem I began looking for the storefront. After several moments I spotted it and we turned into the parking lot. When we stepped inside we found Lance waiting for us. He treated us like royalty! I have never felt so pampered in my life. He stepped to the counter and within seconds the servers started arriving with the most amazing desserts and drinks.

The first thing we tried was an iced drink (I wish I could remember all of their names), but it was smooth and refreshing with a dash of coconut. My sweetie finished that one up. I was excited to learn that none of their drinks contained coffee since I don't drink coffee, but we all know I'm pretty much addicted to chocolate. Their drinks are made from something called Crio Bru which is 100% roasted cocoa beans and they are all made right here in Utah.

They had a honey bran muffin which was to die for! My sweetie kept snitching off little bites while I was chatting with Lance. I think my favorite thing was the decalicious cookie. I have never had a chocolate chip cookie with macadamia nuts and coconut. It was amazing! My sweetie loved the (I'm guessing a little on the name now) Coco Mocho. It was almost like a chocolate shake but made with mostly ice to keep the calories down. My favorite was actually a hot drink that was darker and richer and topped with whipped cream. I could sip that at a football game anytime.

They brought us a nice sandwich and a plate with 4 mini cupcakes in various flavors. I have to confess that I only ate the key lime one and brought the rest home to my babysitters, but they were all delicious according to the masses.

We also got the opportunity to try a bunch of their ice cream flavors. They were rich and delicious with over 18% milkfat. My favorite was the lemon creme and my sweetie loved the mango, but they had all kinds of chocolate and vanilla and other fruits. I even tried the caramel bacon although I must confess it wasn't really my thing.

All in all it was a wonderfully decadent lunch and Lance even gave me a few coupons so I can go back later and bring the kids. They would love this place!

It's a good thing it's half an hour away or I might be tempted to swing through every morning and grab one of those honey bran muffins. I might even bring my sweetie...
   but next time he's getting his own muffin!


Sara Bell- The Traveling PhoBlogWriPher said...

I am so behind on blogs I doubt I'll ever catch up! I am glad to see you've been doing well, at least from my skimming of previous posts.
This place looks so great! I love a good coffee shop so I'll have to check this one out next time I'm in the Orem area!

Messy Musings said...

Oh my!! That sounds like a chocoholic's dream place to visit ;o)


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