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Jun 14, 2013

More From Teach in Texas

It's hard to believe that Teach has been on her mission for our church for nearly 3 months now. Time is just flying by! I look forward to Mondays when I don't have to worry about housework because sitting by my computer waiting for her email is way more important. I spend half an hour on Sunday night writing her a letter and then I just have to wait for her to answer. And if I stay nearby, sometimes we can email for half an hour almost like a conversation.

This week I started by telling her about all of our fun and crazy activities but that they keep the little ones up too late while they are still in school and they get ornery.

Man... life there sounds pretty crazy. Why are all the kids so grumpy all the time? Life is supposed to be awesome during the summer, right? (: It's flippin hot here. I sweat so much but I think for the most part my body is getting used to the humidity I'm just always shiny. Also... this is random and weird but something that just proves i'm not in Utah. When you pick up the shampoo bottle out of the shower (even if you haven't been in the shower for 12 hours) it is always still wet. The water is just... everywhere! It's pretty cray. Anyway. Gym Rats's cookies he sent are almost gone and Drama Queen's watch is beautiful and I named Sport's turtle Johnny and he sits on my desk while I study. We ate the chocolate bar last night and I'm going to use the cheese and breadsticks when we teach the Molina's and Gertie's family their FHE lessons. They love us when we bring treats. 
 Oh, I forgot to tell you she got the second package we shipped for her birthday.You probably figured that out already.
I was so excited when I got my birthday package... and I was reading all of the awesome pink cards. (I loved them so so much) and then... I cried when I read Dog Walkers's. I was so overcome by how much I missed him. I hope he's doing well. I love all of my siblings, but I never really fully appreciated how much I love my little autistic brother.

The Dog Walker burned her some new CDs for her birthday from our media player. She wanted some for when they were in the car. He wanted to send her his latest acquisition, but I thought probably not. He bought the 4th grade program...Utah, This is the Place CD and he was so excited about it. You know, Iron Wheels a Rollin'...

baha. That's awesome. I don't think that woulda been missionary appropriate, but Sister Gentry and I love the CDs he did send. We've been jammin' to the MOTAB As I Went Down to  the River to Pray. I think we listened to it 4 times in a row.

That sounded like typical Teach! But she is growing up in so many ways. She has finally realized something I have known all along.

As a missionary... I've learned to really truly fall in love with my family. Family is the only important thing.
Then she dropped this bombshell.

President called last night and certified me to drive. Eek! If you ask me I'll likely be staying in this area next transfer. Possibly training, but we'll see. It's cool. I like living in the ghetto.


Yeaaaaah... It's pretty ghetto around these parts. (: But it's cool. Sister Karratti left me her pepper spray can. We love the people here. There are some crazy ones, but they're awesome. We are SO protected as we are obedient and follow the Spirit. Don't worry about me. (:

How can I not worry? I'm a mom...that's my job!
But she isn't worried, she is even planning our return trip for us after she comes home.

I'm so excited for us all to come to Ft. Worth in the summer of 2015. It's not TOO far away, but you get to come see all the awesome places and hopefully you'll even get to meet awesome people. 
We are excited about that too, but mostly we are excited to see one awesome person again...one with blond hair and the most brilliant blue eyes...

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Messy Musings said...

Hearing about Teach as a missionary brings back memories for me... except I didn't serve in Texas - and the only thing I "drove" was a bicycle! Okay maybe I did drive my companions crazy, does that count?

Yes the Lord does protect the missionaries, IF like she said they are "obedient and follow the Spirit." Thanks for sharing mission tidbits!! :o)


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