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Jun 17, 2013

Fathers' Day

I wanted to share with you our activities for this weekend, including the rest of our Countryfest craziness and our Fathers' Day party with the kids today. The problem is that the battery died on the camera and we can't seem to find the charger.

And honestly, I haven't felt very well today, so I really just didn't have the energy to look for it. My sweetie even cooked his own Fathers' Day meal of his specialty spaghetti and meatballs which is my dad's favorite meal, but he didn't come up today so we had to eat it without him. We did have all the kids here except for Teach, of course. We ate dinner and then my sweetie opened his gifts.

I gave him a camping chair and some new overalls, some socks and a couple of books. He bought himself a wrist-rocket at Countryfest yesterday so I wrapped that up too. I think he was planning on giving it to Sport for his birthday next week, but honestly, I didn't want my 10-year-old to have one. My sweetie managed to do enough damage with it by himself.

For a 10-year-old...really?!!!
I caught Sport looking through the pile of just-swept stuff in the kitchen. When I asked him what he was doing, he said, "Looking for ammunition!" After that I asked the little ones to just stay out of the way when they were shooting. Those pieces of salt water taffy from Bossy's parade yesterday fly way too fast! He could put an eye out!

So hopefully tomorrow I will find the camera charger, but for tonight I'm going to try to get some rest so I can feel better. I need all my energy so I can get out of the way of any wild pieces of salt water taffy that might come my way.

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LeAnn said...

Hopefully, the taffy is eatable; because I would like that. I do hope you are feeling better today and that you find your charger. Looks like your man had a great day even though he had to cook his own dinner.
Blessings to all!


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