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Jun 3, 2013

Teach's Texas Birthday

Teach turned 22 today...in Texas...far away from family and home.

She asked us to have a party for her here and I do want to share that with you, but not today. I want to tell you what I did to try to give her a happy birthday far away. In April, our missionary taught a little girl named Katie. Her grandma was a devoted member of the church and Katie want to join too. She was baptized near the end of April.

Teach has talked much about this family in her letters and she told us she has dinner with them every Sunday. She even spent Mothers' Day there making pottery in the afternoon. That's when Katie's grandma first emailed me pictures. Since then she has sent me pictures several times and we have corresponded.

So the beginning of last week rolled around and I was still debating about trying to mail Teach some birthday cake when a new idea popped into my head. I could ask this amazing family to make Teach a cake and sing the birthday song. I was nervous about asking for such a favor, but something about it just felt right, so I sent her the following email:

You have done so much for (Teach), I hate to ask you to do one more thing, but next Sunday is her birthday. I have fretted about trying to send her a birthday cake, but I just don't think I can get one all the way from Utah without a little mold.
She loves her birthday and having a bit of a fuss. Would you mind? I would be so grateful!
I stewed for several hours, knowing that I was being pretty presumptuous, but then the answering email arrived.

Oh my I would love to. Does she have a favorite dinner and cake she especially likes? 

Suddenly we were co-conspirators in planning a party! I told her about the Hawaiian Sandwich that Teach loves to chose for her birthday meal and I even emailed her this link from the blog.

Then I proceeded to do what I could from my end. I prepared and shipped a box full of wrapped packages and gifts from Teach's siblings. Drama Queen made a personalized card for each person to write a note and mail separately. Remember my pink envelopes the Dog Walker tried to mail without postage? 

Yesterday this wonderful woman sent me a picture of the cake she had purchased for Teach, and then today she sent me a bunch of pictures that I am going to post for you. She also included this in her email:

Here are the  pictures of dinner! She was VERY surprised, and when I brought out the sandwich, she said her birthday was perfect and told us how her dad made her the sandwich, and how did I know??? She is a very sweet girl, love just being with her, Katie just loves having her here every Sunday!
  I did a little modification because I forgot and burned a couple of slices of bread!  I did have another round loaf of bread, another kind but I think it was ok. Also I added lime juice to the avocado, no miracle whip! Lime juice is what you use to bring out the flavor of avocado. Used horseradish mustard and horseradish mayo, gave it a little kick.  But it was delicious.  Gave her some to take with her and some cake too.

I'm excited to try her modified recipe next time we make Teach's sandwich! If anyone would like to leave Teach a birthday wish, I will send it to her with my letter this week.

I would be so grateful!


Bethany said...

Aww, I'm glad her birthday turned out fun. It's fun seeing pictures of her. Also, her hair looks great. (:

Messy Musings said...

What a sweet first birthday away from home - so glad she could spend it with people she loves, and who obviously love her! Please send my (belated) best birthday wishes to Teach!

Shell said...

How wonderful that Teach is around such caring people!

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

What a great story. So glad she has shared her gifts in such a way that people are willing to treat her as well.

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