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Jun 7, 2013

Still We Have Homework

Most kids got out of school last week and almost everybody else finished up this week, but not my kids. I think I've told you before that our elementary-aged kids are on year-round school and that means they are in classes until July 2! Then they are off for about 3 weeks and they start back on July 25. Yeah, it's definitely a short summer!

Not that it matters, pretty much everyone is going to be in school anyway. I already told you that the Dog Walker got a scholarship for summer so he is taking a full load of classes at the community college, but he is not the only one. Princess and Prima Donna also have 16 credit hours each at the local community college.

They are trying to earn the New Century scholarship by completing their AS degrees before they finish high school. And that, my friend, is why we are always burning the midnight oil around here. The homework just never stops.
Princess and Baby Doll doing homework.


Anonymous said...

Community college here is not inexpensive and we have had running start for about 18 years, also the state university now costs a lot where our daughter graduated on scholarships and she had already accomplished her AA degree...You should be proud of your daughters trying to snag those scholarships, Utah must have lower costs for university classes than Washington state, now students must pay for running start somewhat & books cost a lot here, only wealthy people are able to send their kids to state universities and scholarships too. Out of state and foreign studgents foot the bills for most of the state run universities, staying home with ones parents going to running start in high school and snagging scholarships is the only way most students can get thru college in 4 or 5 years without owing at least $20,000 YIKES per student debt..thereby limiting their chances on jobs, marriage and other things they might like to accomplish, $20,000 YIKES how wonderful your kids are so special and can get their educations while living with their parents!!!! You shoud be extremely happy and proud which I sense from your blog you and your husband truly are for their kids! bravo! ciao, happy weekend anyways!

Anonymous said...

I also meant to compliment your son that is going to college on scholarship with his many accomplishments, bravo, too many don't take anytime with their children and it shows, juvenile crimes in our community are vast and outreaching, the jail for juveniles is packed, if only their Mothers and Dads would act like you do towards your sweet cherished children the jails would be empty, faith and love and discipline and more love and togetherness I say and I am not of your faith but I do think your faith contributes to a wonderful family life..God's blessings to your son as he accomplishes more and more and more and to you and your husband too!XXX()()()()

LeAnn said...

Your family is amazing. I think it is so awesome that your children excel in so many ways.
What a wonderful family. I love reading about your adventures.
Blessings and hugs!


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