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Jun 9, 2013

Working With Wood

I hope you don't get forever tired of listening to me talk about my Girl Scout troop, but they are just the most awesome girls! They seem to enjoy any activity I plan. We were supposed to go on a hike this week, but because of that surgery a few weeks ago, I just didn't feel up to it, but that didn't matter to them. They were all perfectly content to show up on my doorstep for yet another project.

My sweetie did all the work this time and his ideas were just perfect! We needed another wood activity before we completed our woodworker's badge. The only things I could think of sounded lame, even to me. But he stepped in and saved the day.

When the girls arrived we gave them about six little pieces of wood and told them to get sanding. When they were finished, they took their wood to my sweetie and he helped them use the nail gun to form them into a treasure box.

After designing the top, they used the wood burning tools to make it their own. Then they showed up at my station to add a hinge and putty the holes. I was amazed at their creativity! Some girls spent half an hour burning intricate designs on their tops and others did it in three minutes and all of them look nice.

In a couple of weeks we have one more scout meeting planned where we will finish the boxes with stain and a urethane. We will also add felt and a mirror to the inside. Then I will show you some pictures of the finished projects.

I'm hoping that when we are finished these boxes will not only hold treasure, they will become treasures.

1 comment:

Saimi said...

What an amazing troop leader you are! Those kids are so blessed to have you - The most important treasure they can store in those cute boxes are the memories you're creating for them!


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