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Jun 19, 2013


I may have given you this little rant before, but since I spent yesterday complaining about yard work, I thought I'd share another of my least favorite things.

Ever since we got married, my sweetie is under the illusion that I like paperwork! I think he believes this for three reasons, first, because I got my degrees in English, I must like paper. Second, I agreed to do all the paperwork even before we were married (but that is mostly because I was afraid that if I left it up to him it would never get done!) and third, he doesn't like to do it.

And sometimes I don't mind, really I don't. But today it has finally gotten to me. I have been trying to pull together my financial report for my Girl Scout troop, and that is not quite as bad as doing taxes, but almost. I have to find all the receipts for the year, log each one and make sure everything is in order to begin the next Scout year.

I also have all these bills coming in from my surgery. You know how that is, one from the hospital, one from the anesthesiologist, one for the radiologist...the list goes on and on. Looking through all those detailed lists to make sure they didn't double charge me has me wishing I might never see another doctor's bill in my lifetime, especially if it means I have to get cut open again.

Even the fun paperwork of planning our family vacation has me a bit down today. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that it's summertime and my kids are all still in school and all I really want to do is play!

Now if someone would just sign my permission slip, I'd be out of here.


Marci said...

I totally understand about the medical bills coming in... I'm afraid to check the mail these days. Yesterday I got three bills from my trips to the hospital, and I am not looking forward to watching the money come out. Sadly I know there are many more bills still to come.

I too do a lot of the paperwork (Chris does our taxes) in our household. I hate watching it accumulate all over the house (since it never makes it to the spot it is supposed to be at for me to handle).

Also, I like these least favorite posts of yours! It's fun to hear about these things that you don't like!

Anonymous said...

What can a person do, I got an attack of kidney stones, thought I was going to pass away, we left the hospital 3 minutes before Midnight, it saved us $600.00 wow whee, I have been drinking fresh lemon juice and lime juice ever since that day in july 2011 and have never ever had kidney stones, I discontinued my calcium vitamins too..I got a discount on everything I called the people involved and offered to pay cash immediately got a 15 to 20 percent discount...I handle most of the paperwork in our family, but my husband handles a lot of our retirement stuff, he is retired and I work part time for a non profit..we do just fine..I insisted our only child save and save and save some more and never go nuts with money, telling her one never knows if one will have a job, it has served her well..yes we give to many places, food hunger and domestic violence are rampant in our county, many have no families no faith and nothing, so we give and give..we are not on this earth to have material possessions but to serve God in our ways..ciao!

Denise said...

I was doing the bills for a long time when I finally asked my husband to do it. It was very stressful for me on top of handling the kids and needed him to carry some of the stress. It has worked out great for me!

mommeeof10 said...

Paperwork. Hubby has problems determining what to save or throw, so he saves everything. I have shredded/recycled 10 32 gallon cans of paper in the last 2 months, still have many more to sort and get rid of. I am finding bills I never knew about, papers that should have been sent back to school, etc. I see no need to save printouts from prodigy in 1993 about windows 3.1. I am only saving papers about finances and geneology (spelling)? Hubby has been working on a family tree with oldest daughter. We have research back on both my parents and his mom to the 1700's and before. Unfortunately, no one knows where his dad parents immigrated from in Lithuania, correct original last name spelling or which ship/point of entry in the US. Maybe his cousin will be able to soon locate the papers of his grandparents she thinks are somewhere in her house.

LeAnn said...

I have taken care of all the bills for many years. It started out with my husband doing it; but he didn't so I took over. Mainly, my biggest stress is balancing my check book. When I do the budget and that I am usually not a happy camper.
I would much rather play.
We should try lunch sometime since we are in the same area.

Shell said...

Not a fan of paperwork here, either!


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