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Jun 11, 2013

Softball for Scout

Scout had her softball tournament on Saturday morning. It was the culmination of a very difficult season for her. We were so excited at the beginning! We loved her coach right from the get-go. Her brother is the pitching coach at the University of Utah and they all seemed so talented. They had a clinic with the girls from the softball team at the U and Scout was so excited!

Then the games started. There were clearly a couple of teams in our 8U league that were way better than everyone else. And our little ragtag team seemed to be right at the bottom of the barrel. As the season progressed the parents soon realized it would be very unlikely that we would win a single game. Even when the girls were playing extremely well (by their standards) our cute little coach would pitch poorly to them and they would all strike out.

We started having commitment issues. One girl left mid-season to go to France with her family. Several other girls decided they would rather see the Taylor Swift Concert that play softball (go figure!), and I think a few others were just tired of losing. We forfeited 2 games. But none of that mattered because every team entered the tournament.

We played the purple team at 9:00 on Saturday morning (we had to be there at 8:00 and Scout was beyond ornery!). The girls were beaten 15 to 0. It was so not fun. 

Scout's second game started at 1:00. She didn’t even want to go, but I finally convinced her. They played the teal team and they must have been one of our forfeits, because they were pretty evenly matched and I don't believe we had ever played them before.

Scout struck out her first time at bat, but got on the second time.We were tied at 3s the top of the 4th inning and then the teal team scored 3 runs.

The time hadn’t expired but the umpire called the game anyway. Our coach was not happy. I think she truly believed that our girls could still win.

Sign me up for her team again next year...


Saimi said...

How fun!! Even if things didn't work out as hoped. At least you can be proud of your girl for not dropping out and for giving it her all! It's sad when a team depends on the strength and commitment of everyone and then not follow through.

I'm proud of Scout!

Marci said...

That sounds like a pretty rough season! Glad she never gave up!


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