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Jun 1, 2013

Field Day

I'm mostly feeling better from my surgery a couple of weeks ago and I'm pretty sure I'm improving. I started going back to Curves on Wednesday, but I move really slowly around the circuit. Some of these end of the school year days nearly wipe me out and my bedtimes get later and later.

Last night I asked Drama Queen if she could help me with my scout meeting today. I had scheduled a field day at the church and there were specific requirements for the badge and I just wasn't feeling it. Thankfully, half an hour after I handed her the packet, she texted me, "Don't worry, I've got this. I can get it all pulled together in the morning." I just love having grownup children!

And she did. We had so much fun!

First we split the girls into two teams and they had to make up a team name and a cheer. Then we had our first competition. They had to throw a "discus" which was a hoola hoop, and a "javelin" which was a broom handle. The Drama Queen assigned points and ran the show, all I had to do was be there and hide the snitch, but I'll get to that later.

Her second game was science-related and the girls had to use newspaper and tape to built a structure that would hold our lightest scout at least 2 inches from the ground. Both teams accomplished that feat, but then the bonus question was who could hold the heaviest scout (I got that distinction, thank you very much!), only one group won those points.

The third activity was a rousing game of Quidditch (like from Harry Potter). I got to play with the girls and they let me be the keeper since I'm a little slow. I had already hidden the snitch when the girls weren't looking. We had to keep a broomstick between our legs and keep the girls from throwing the quaffle (soft squishy ball) through the hoop. We also had to avoid the two dodgeballs that were acting as bludgers. Our team was triumphant, and Scout found the snitch, sealing our victory! It was so fun. I wish I had pics of that one for you, but since I was playing, I got nothing.

The last and final game was a silly relay where the girls did cartwheels, carried candies on spoons in their mouths, and crawled on their hands and knees. Then we gave out awards. The first place winners got big cup Reeses and the second place winners got the regular size.

I'm thinking maybe I will make the field day an annual thing, but next Quidditch game I get to be a beater!

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