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Jun 29, 2013


About 17 years ago my sweetie was the Cubmaster for the Gym Rat's cub scout pack and I was the cub committee chair. We planned tons of fun activities, but one of the very greatest was the time we made cubmobiles. If you have never seen a cubmobile, it is kind of like a soapbox derby that the kids can ride on.

We built a ramp and let the kids ride down from the back of a truck. It was one of the activities my sweetie was most excited to recreate when he became the Cubmaster again for Sport's pack.

So several months ago he started working on the kits for the dens. He cut all the wood, procured axles and wheels and little piles of hardware to put them all together. He had originally thought that he would have the boys build the vehicles in their dens, but with all the overtime, he just kept pushing it back. Then yours truly had a brilliant beyond brilliant plan. We could build the cubmobiles in Pack Meeting!

The leaders were excited about that because then they didn't have to do it by themselves. I was excited about this because it was one less Pack Meeting to prepare.

The Dog Walker and I set up tables and presented each group with a box full of parts. An hour later they were mostly built.

This past week was the big race. Well, we didn't race them exactly.

We met at the park, cubmobiles in tow. We always invite the families to participate so we turned this one into a family picnic. We commandeered the footpath and the boys started making trial runs. I think some of them were surprised that it was a little difficult. We had a few spills and scrapes. I was wishing I had told all the boys to wear jeans rather than their skinny basketball shorts.

Crafty and Scout wanted to ride but both of them tumbled off before getting more than a few feet. Then I suggested they ride together. They were much more successful with the extra weight. After that Crafty took Curly down as well, but his favorite ride wasn't even a cubmobile. He just kept lining up on his little red scooter. The first time he went down he terrified me a little. It was so fast! But he never did manage to crash and I think he did the track more than a dozen times.

It was a fun and exciting Pack Meeting and my sweetie hasn't been released from the calling...at least not yet...so I guess we are good. I still have 2 cubmobiles at my house if anyone wants to give them a try.

And one little red scooter.


Bossy said...

We were sad to miss it, but we had fun at Space Derby. And Bean Dip receive d his Arrow of Light at his last cub scout pack meeting.

LeAnn said...

Your husband is amazing to do a project like this one. Way to go you too! Many years ago I was a cub leader for several years. My husband was busy in scouting and on the district level for a while. We loved those years but now we just like to hear fun stories like this.


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