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Jun 24, 2013

Another Party

Best Seat in the house for the birthday boy!
Did I tell you the Gym Rat moved back out last month? When he rejoined us last December I told him six months was a good target to find a new place and he did a great job pulling that off at the last minute. I love having him here but at 26 I think it is important for him to have his own life and responsibilities.

10 candles - a whole decade old!
Anyway, last week he asked if the kids could come by and see his new apartment. I thought that was a great idea except that he works all the time so the only possible nights were Saturdays and Sundays and we were pretty booked.

Opening gifts
Then I remembered that we were all planning to get together for Sport's birthday today anyway so I asked if he would like to host the party. He graciously offered to be in charge and even buy all the food! (I love having grown up children!) I did have to make the cake, of course, and Princess made a salad, but the Gym Rat bought Papa Murphy's pizza yesterday and then cooked it right before we came over.

Loved the new Broncos backpack!
Unfortunately, my little ones don't seem to know the etiquette of apartment living and we had to keep shushing them and trying to keep them from running all over the place. Finally the Drama Queen pulled Kung Fu Panda 2 out of her bag and popped it in the DVD player. That kept them all quiet for an hour and a half anyway.

Then we sang and blew out candles. Sport started on his pile of gifts while I cut and served the cake and ice cream that the Dog Walker bought (see the above comment about grownup kids!). After we finished cake and gifts we sent the Drama Queen and Grandpa out the door while we finished cleaning up the apartment.

Other than the extra noise, it was a great party! Now if I can just find someone to host Prima Donna's party next week...

Thanks, Gym Rat!

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

Yes indeed another wonderful party. I love your family activities and events. I just don't know when you have time to breathe.
If I had all of our children and grandchildren near I would not be able to attend them or I would die trying.
Blessings and hugs!


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