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Jun 2, 2013

Cookie Party

Remember way back (OK, it wasn't that far back) when my girls sold all those Girl Scout Cookies? Well, today was the big cookie party and I took Princess, Prima Donna, Crafty, Scout, and Baby Doll to celebrate.

We got there a few minutes before it started and we were able to head right in. We grabbed a sack lunch that included a turkey and provolone sandwich, a bag of chips, an apple, and a tiny bag of M&Ms. Then we headed straight for the games. All of their carnival games are run by a group called FUN Entertainment and they hire the cutest teenage boys...

Last year Princess gave her number to one and they texted for about half the year until she lost his phone number, so I wasn't surprised when she was the first in line. With all the games she had about 20 guys to choose from, so I didn't expect an answer from her right away, but I knew she was looking.

We played all the games down one side of the huge expo center room and then we started on the row in the middle. She still had not cast her eyes on any of them in particular. Baby Doll and Scout wanted to play in the giant blowups, so we started playing the games that were right by the entrance. I think they went up and around about 10 times while we played the same games over and over.

Princess finally made her selection and handed her number to the cute curly-haired boy helping us play the bowling game. We never did win, but within an hour of leaving he sent her his first text.

We spent 3 hours at the party, and we piled a bag full of prizes including t-shirts for everyone and tons of little carnival prizes. We even brought home several extra sack lunches.

There was only one sad thing.
Baby Doll's Giant Inflatable

While we were frantically trying to win that stupid bowling game (we never did win), they were cleaning up around us. It was then that I noticed Baby Doll standing with her back against the booth. She had the most devastated look on her face. They were deflating her giant inflatable and she just couldn't understand why they would do such a terrible thing.
Going over all of our loot!

That's when we decided to call it a day and I swung her up on my shoulders for the ride to the car. Not quite the same as a huge blow up obstacle course, but almost as good...

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LeAnn said...

You always post about such cute, fun and interesting activities with your family. This was a fun one! You continue to amaze me.
Blessings and hugs!


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