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Dec 14, 2013

The Snow Village

Have I ever told you about my Snow Village? I haven't had it up for a couple of years because Baby Doll was so little, but she is a big girl now, so Bossy spent a couple of hours today setting it up for me. We got the first pieces when we were selling Tupperware 25 years ago. It was our first Christmas with the company as managers and we attended the Christmas rally.

As Top New Manager in Recruiting and #4 in Sales, we were pretty excited for such a great year! They handed me a large wrapped gift which I immediately dropped on the floor. A collective gasp rose from the crowd. I picked up the box and tore open the paper. It was the first Snow Village I had ever seen. I was so grateful that they were packed so well because it did not break.

We received two that year and two small cars. That was the beginning.

Over the next few years, we earned at least one new piece every year. To build our collection, my sweetie would take me to Modern Display over the Thanksgiving weekend and buy me another house and a small piece. That tradition continued even after we were no longer selling Tupperware. Then about 7 or 8 years ago I told my sweetie that we weren't going to add any more pieces to our collection. Our village is big enough. It already takes up a huge amount of space.

But my friends, Robert and Marti, had a collection you would not believe! They had risers and ramps and pretty much a whole room dedicated to just their Snow Villages at Christmas time.

I think I would rather have wall-to-wall kids...


Katie said...

I love your village! We have one too, but still pretty small (only 8 buildings and a couple smaller things). I like to wait until after Christmas time and find them on sale :)

Marci said...

What a GREAT village! I love it!

LeAnn said...

I love these snow villages. I have always enjoyed seeing them and I should put them on a wish list.
Thanks for sharing and blessings!

Saimi said...

Such a fun traditional collection!


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