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Dec 12, 2013

Dance Recital 2013

Curly in the middle, Baby Doll just right of him.
Curly and Baby Doll
Last night was one of those payoff moments for being a dance mom. All the chasing back and forth to the studio, the costume costs, the ripped tights, all worth it! I just love watching my kids dance! And they love it so much too, that is why we spend half our lives wearing out the pavement between here and the studio.

It was the very first recital for Baby Doll. She is pretty young to be dancing. When she started in September she was only 2. I worried that when she got on stage she would be scared and just stand there, but she didn't. She smiled and she handled it like a pro. I guess she has been watching the big girls since she was born.
Prima Donna

Curly loves dancing! He told me the other day that he wanted to be a dance teacher when he grows up. He danced with three groups, two with Baby Doll and one that was his own class. As the only boy, he even got a little solo.

Scout had her first opportunity to dance with the Upper School. She had one number with the younger kids and one with the older kids. Other than losing her jazz shoe right before we left for the performance, she did an awesome job!

Scout, front and center
Crafty and Prima Donna are on the same performing team and in the same Jazz Company. They had several dances, most of which we had seen at the Festival of Trees. I love that they can do this together. They are so good at knowing just what each other will do, they always come off looking like professionals.
Prima Donna and Crafty

Curly on one end Baby Doll on the other
And then there is my beautiful Princess. She is in all the top companies and she always does an amazing job. I can't believe she only has one more Christmas recital with this studio! She has been dancing there since she was 3. That's 14 Christmas recitals if you are counting.

This was also Fajita's first recital. If she sticks with it, she will be a fine dancer! They already have her front and center.

And totally off subject...the Dog Walker passed his math final this morning! We can finally focus a little on the holiday season.

Maybe I can even find time to put some ornaments on my tree!



LeAnn said...

I loved the pictures of the girls and the cute boy of yours. I am happy your son passed the math part.
Your pictures reminded me of my own years of ballet and tap. My girls took lessons when they were 3-6 years old and I loved their performances. Now I have a lovely granddaughter that is taking ballet. I plan to post her dancing to the accompaniment of her sister
Loved this one!
Blessings to you dear friend. We must meet someday.

Anonymous said...

Wow whee your kids keep busy with physical and mental activities..Good your older son passed the test he needed to do so..If more kids had Mom's & Dad's committed to many activities we would have plenty of kids happily growing up and into wonderful loving human beings....I hope you get some time to put some ornaments on your tree and enjoy the holidays..Congrats to your son and to your other son and daughters on the lovely lovely dance recitals, fajita looks amazing..she must feel so happy to be in a real loving family and get the opportunity to dance..dance and enjoy the holidays, god's blessings to you and yours, ciaoXXXXX()()()()()()()()()()

Anonymous said...

I meant to say your only son who danced looks so dagged blasted cute and baby doll is adorable..quite the dancers your familia one and all..May the Lord Bless your lives even more, praying for Teach to return soon and be so happy from her mission..ciaoXX()()()

T.Irwin said...

Very nice photos.

Marci said...

What a fun night! The recital must've been great to watch, with so many of your loved ones! Your kiddos are all super cute, I can only imagine watching them actually dancing!

And congrats to Dog Walker (and you) for the completion of the math final! It must be great to cross something that big off the list!


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