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Dec 16, 2013

The Most Incredible Weekend

Dear Teach,

I know you are on your LDS mission in Texas, far away from our home and family here in cold and snowy Utah, but I want to tell you about the incredible weekend we had! Not that you can read my blog, I know that's against the rules, but when I am finished with this letter I will copy it over to your email so you can read it first thing in the morning when the library opens.

It's happened, Teach, the thing we have been praying for all through the last 9 almost 10 years... Gamer was finally baptized into our church!!! I have to admit to being on pins and needles right up to the moment Grandpa ducked him into the water (twice! his elbow came up the first time). There were so many people at the church! The chapel was mostly filled. Bossy and Gamer have so many friends and other people who care about them.

Our Home Teacher, Bob, Taco, and Gamer on his Baptism Day
Gamer had many of the kids participate in the program. Fajita was the chorister, Crafty said the opening prayer. Princess and Prima Donna did talks as did Taco and Burrito. All the girls formed their own little ensemble and played Nearer My God to Thee. There was a little confusion on the closing song...the guys up on the stand got off a verse and started singing verse 4 of How Great Thou Art while the rest of the congregation was singing the third verse. I guess they figured it out when we started the 4th verse.

The Dog Walker said the closing prayer and Dad was a witness. After chowing down on lots of treats and goodies (many made by Princess), we cleaned up and left for Sport's basketball game. After that Dad took me to The Forgotten Carols. It was our own Christmas date that started with dinner at the Japanese place, then the performance, and ice cream at Culver's afterward.

Sunday was the confirmation and we attended our sacrament meeting first, then headed to Bossy and Gamer's church. Dad confirmed Gamer a member of the church and then gave him a beautiful blessing! He said it was the family history work and his ancestors in heaven. Oh Teach, I never really believed this day would come! We are all so happy for them!

Then after the sacrament, you'll never believe this one, they called Gamer up to bare his testimony! He walked right up there and I heard the most beautiful things fall from his lips, things like "I just felt so calm and peaceful," and "I have a strong testimony of Thomas S. Monson!" "I know the gospel is true!" It was so amazing. He got all choked up and Bossy was sitting next to me and her tears were flowing... I wish you could have been there.

I can see now how it feels for you when you love someone into the church. Just watching him accept baptism and embrace the concept of eternal families has changed him, Teach. He is so calm and happy.

I miss you! Be safe and work hard,



Marci said...

What a happy day! Teach will love this! I am so excited for Gamer, Bossy and their family! What a wonderful early Christmas!

Anonymous said...

What a big blessing in Gamer and Bossy's and their families life and your own...I don't know much about your church but figure that anyone who is baptized wants to be a member and to Love a Loving God and be with their family forever..It bodes well for the entire family..Now he can witness his joy and love of his faith..almost 10 years that is not tooo long in this lifetime of ours on earth..God's blessings to your son in law and his family..happy Christmas!love and ciao!XXX()()()()

LeAnn said...

Just a lovely post; I could feel the spirit on this one. Tears came on just reading about this wonderful moment of time. I am so happy for you all. Blessings and hugs for you all!


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